by Marcy Heller

You begin to love yourself – and your life as a result – by accepting your inherent worth exactly as you are right now, no matter what you have or haven’t done, by understanding that despite your messiness, your hurts, your imperfections, you are WORTHY OF LOVE. – Andrea Balt

Dear Courageous Spiritual Warriors,

On June 11, 1964, the movie ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’, starring Debbie Reynolds came out. It was the story of Martha Brown who by the grace of the Divine was traveling on the ill-fated voyage on the Titanic and went on to become a celebrity from that night. She rowed the boat herself to go back to help those who weren’t as fortunate to have landed in life boats to carry them to safety. She was unsinkable. Her tenacity, her resolve created an archetype that lives on today. The hit song from the movie was ‘I Ain’t Down Yet!’ It has become my theme song as well!

It has been an incredible few weeks since our last musings. And, I Am coming back stronger, happier and more optimistic than ever before. This new life is not for the faint of heart. As the song goes, ‘Change is going to do us good!’ However, from my observation, not everyone is on board with that one! I can promise you, from my own experience, if you believe with all your Heart that You deserve more love, more joy and much more life – it does seem to be coming true.

The wonderful happenstance of my life unfolding has definitely been led by a Divine Force/Grace that one cannot even begin to put language to. I feel truly blessed and beyond grateful for the wonderful outpouring of love, support and camaraderie that I have been able to receive with the angelic assistance from my wonderful community/tribe and the Universe at large. So for all those who are going through self-doubt, anxiety, incredible challenges, fear, anger (have I left anything out) and more, “Don’t Give Up the Ship!” There is a Light at the end of the tunnel. The only way out is through.

It’s our time to make a difference. For ourselves and for the collective. I just celebrated my birthday. It was the best ever and one of the most inspiring, exciting, meaningful days of my life. I allowed myself to receive more love.

In Terry Patten’s new book, ‘A New Republic of the Heart’, he writes, “Recognize that your life really does have a higher purpose, one that converges with the purposes of many other lives. In a time when everything is accelerating toward a frenzied “end of days” moment, you and I and our friends can be a presence of calm sanity—of wholeness and trust. As Einstein is quoted as saying, “We can’t solve our most pressing problems with the kind of thinking that created them.” We are being called to make a transformative leap to a whole new paradigm not only of thinking but of being human—a new consciousness and a whole new stage in the evolutionary trajectory of our species. This great transition, which requires “whole system change,” is probably necessary for sustainably resolving any of the many facets of our larger predicament. Therefore, this is what I focus on here—along with the life practices that can midwife and nourish the consciousness and culture of the human beings who will enact it.”

One of the most important things we can do to continue to make a difference without being drawn into the darker shadows and the drama is to constantly be aware of what is not working for us any longer. Letting go of who we were so we can become so mindful of who we are now wish to become. We must keep dying into our new life! To do so also requires we are passionate about who and what we are doing as we keep mid-wifing a new relationship within ourselves. If we are not passionate about whatever we are giving birth to it just doesn’t seem to manifest. It’s as if Spirit has our back and not allowing us to compromise who we are and what we are doing any longer. As Rumi wrote, “In a night full of pain and darkness, be a candle spreading light until dawn.” The cracks that have been imprinted in and on us is where the light will continue to shine through. All the world is a stage – we are producing and directing our scripts! If you don’t like your story, only you can change it!

The brilliant Lorna Beven wrote just a few days ago, “Paradoxically, at a moment in time when the world is almost literally turning upside down, when the fires and floods in Australia and the epidemic in China are epochal, when the planet’s many cries for help are deafening, many of us sensitives are feeling adrift, high and dry, marooned in a weird sort of emotional flat-lining, experiencing passages of standstill, stuckness and/or in-betweens. In the old days, pre-Evolutionary Burn and the time-line split, you would have used willpower to push the river, to make a difference, to do something, anything…you would have regarded action/momentum as good and stillness as bad. But now you’re are learning to trust your unique cycle of: Create/Manifest/Withdraw/Incubate. The entire world is at Zero Point-a state of limitation an in- between Eco Tone- and so is every single one of us. This is a time to rest and heal, taking the path of least resistance and let whatever is emerging arrive in its own time. Let creative unfolding replace goals, plans or linear thinking-whole engagement. Become indifferently engaged. Passively dynamic. These ideas, this wisdom and this knowing do not come from striving, analyzing or willpower. They come from waiting, watching, listening, being curious, making space. The quieter, more available you are, the more obvious the solution or the next step. There is nothing you can do to speed up the arrival of the insights or ideas and the harder you try the more counterproductive.

Remember- this entire week is in the seismic window of Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo and the Mercury retrograde Trickster storm as Mercury at maximum impact stations to turn backwards on February 16/17th.The Messenger is in Pisces, so just at the time we need truth not disinformation, we walk into a hall of smoke and mirrors. Sometimes not-doing is the right action, and standstill is the right place.”

Here’s to the life of your dreams! I invite you to awaken, appreciate and accept your true awesomeness and power – You matter! May all that you wish for be the least you receive. I thank you All for your existence. We are constructing a new vision of reality, of community, of friendship and of life. From all that is and ever came before us, we are transcending life onto a higher plane. For me, nothing remains the same as I continue to wake-up each day to find myself in a brand new magical and wonderful world. As you continue to dig down deep, have bravado, become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance, take your Light and illuminate it far and wide into the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. The Hero’s Journey is not so much about ourselves, but what we can do for one another. As Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.”