by Marcy Heller

I came across a line from the poet Theodore Roethke, who wrote, “I learn by going where I have to go!” For myself the destination is this: I want to inspire people! I don’t want to be waiting in line at the Pearly Gates to find out I can’t get in because I was afraid of following my heart! So I write. I create my art. I follow numbers. I read my beloved tarot cards. And, I log in to the psychic hotline as another way to reach out. Why? I hope with any one of the above approaches I can make a difference in someone’s life! More than anything else, I can’t keep all this to myself. It feels sinful not to share all this knowledge.

Following my new plan I AM consciously letting go of what I was. I am now becoming what I might be. Everything is changing because my desire to grow is eclipsing my desire to hold on to what was. I am moving past myself to be come more of My Self! At last, it feels good to be empowered! I am moving past the gates of not enoughness! In changing, often times we are faced with challenging oppositions. A famous Zen quote says, “Talk when you need to talk, walk when you need to walk, die when you need to die.” Growing involves dying unto ourselves!

Is there something in you that is so restless that you can hardly bear to contain it any longer? What small or large pocket of explosive energy is about to blow if it is not expressed? It is essential for all of us to keep creating and be re-created again and again. This is one of the primary reasons we incarnated in the first place. There isn’t a map to find, it is finding that map within us. We were born to explore. To grow. To evolve. By usurping our fear of change we can empower ourselves to undergo these huge transformations and experience new adventures.

We are not victims, we are creators of our own destiny. Ask yourself, the question, “what are you willing to give 100% to and under all circumstances stick with it?” When we start identifying with our truth, the love and light that we truly are, magic happens. Simply by holding that intention you start climbing the ladder to your higher self and are one step closer to being the God(dess) of your own destiny. When we lift those iron gates and stop blocking the way we begin to align with the flow of our lives. We are catapulted to a new dimension and inevitably find ourselves lifted by the energy. We expand. When we live our dharma (aligning with our soul contract), we are supported in ways that are magical and miraculous…some call it luck. I choose to call it Grace. One of the offshoots of Grace is when we walk into a room we begin to feel that everyone of us is feeling lucky simply by just showing up!

The Buddha taught that this human birth is a precious gift because it gives us the opportunity to realize that love and awareness is our true nature. A spiritual journey often starts with a single moment of awakening that rattles our understanding and knowledge. We did not come here to sit in our caves cut off from the rest of the world. We came here to evolve, connect and grow. We came here to break down the walls and to shatter the beliefs of duality, control and separation. We came here to open our hearts to love and we can’t do that sitting on the sidelines-even if we are sitting in a lotus position meditating.

Each of us has a unique purpose that we came here to fulfill. It is our divine blueprint. This is one of the reasons I love Numerology. Numerology is the spiritual measurement of our Soul’s progress. The beauty of our blueprint is that the Soul already knows what we are here to accomplish. We don’t have to create it. We just have to live by allowing it to flow through us. It’s our truth, and only we know what that feels like.

In every moment we make a choice of what we want to create. As I am feeling the earth rattling under my feet and feeling these intense sensations vibrating through me, I also have this trust thing going on knowing that whatever happens, even what feels like a setback, could be the thing that is my greatest teacher to propel me forward. So if I stay with these feelings even though they may feel like obstacles, and may cause discomfort, I know now from experience that if I stay open, resilient and trust, Spirit is going to lead me to something better. By staying open and not giving up, my obstacles have become the highest opportunities from which to learn. No matter how harsh the experiences may feel, they always lead me to another level on my healing journey.

With everything changing (for our highest good), we are all moving in and out of realities, of dimensions. Learn to distinguish between what and who holds life, hope, soul, healing and teaching and what and who is deadening and extinguishes the light. Come out into the open and prepare for accelerated clearing, full disclosure and heightened embodiment experiences. Choose to have the best day ever!

Today, I invite you to connect with knowing in your heart of hearts that the vision for your new reality will be a thousand times bigger and better than you have ever dreamed possible. And to all my mentors, teachers, friends, family, healers and authors that have inspired me, know that I am profoundly grateful for your dedication and for polishing the mirror for all of us. I am humbled by each and every one of you and for everyone who has made a conscious choice to evolve. I salute you my fellow comrades. You may not feel that what you do is not important. Take pause and know it is. It is the most important thing you can do. Your personal evolution not only inspires others but it is raising the vibration and consciousness around the world and back. It’s why we are all here – to make a difference for ourselves and others. Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.