by Marcy Heller

“A human life is an experiment in planes of consciousness. Incarnation tests our ability to remember who we are, to remember that we’re also souls and that we don’t have to get so caught up in the story line we’re living out. We can be open to all of it – including growing old, suffering, death, everything. The game, as I see it, is ultimately to become one with Awareness – to just be, without any defining boundaries, without any conceptual structures. And the conceptual structure that’s hardest to shed is the ‘I’ – meaning “somebody separate from everything else.” – Ram Dass

Every now and then we are given moments of incredible Grace. Today before I go any further, take pause and know how much I appreciate You. What a privilege it is for me to share my thoughts, my life and my passion with all of you Week after week. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this sacred space with you. As never before I am becoming more aware of the present moment, knowing too that there will never be another time like now, another day like today, nor another moment like this one. Therefore, it is with great humility and infinite gratitude that I AM humbled for this rare opportunity to share my Heart. I so appreciate that you are sharing your precious time with me right now, right here so we can merge and together create a small-scale global pandemic of more Peace and Love. To do this now for ourselves, our family, and our entire lineage and all of humanity. Each of us has taken the road less traveled and for that and so much more I am so grateful to be journeying together for now and hopefully forever more!

I believe that this is the most incredible time there ever was in the history of human consciousness. It is such a privilege to be alive at this time. It is almost impossible to comprehend all that is happening to and through us. For each of us what it means to be alive at this moment is different; however, from my perspective we are becoming a different species than who our ancestors were. We are evolving and developing the capacity to perceive and manifest almost instantaneously. We are transforming in every way possible. We are living in the most extraordinary time of rebirth and transformation. It is a time that can only be compared to when people thought the world was flat. No matter how they argued or wanted to believe it – no matter how hard they tried to keep that reality alive the truth of reality was different! For those who do not want to believe or come aboard onto this new world, no matter how much we don’t want things to change or be different, they just are. At times it is almost like our bodies can’t keep up with the new world nor the synchronicities and experiences that are coming through us. It is a new paradigm where quality comes from within, not from the outside. The rules of the game have changed. It is all about cultivating the infinite possibilities within. It goes back to if you don’t go within, you go without! Just like many masters before us we are definitely being hard-wired to download newer and broader levels of awareness. We are becoming multi-dimensional Magical Beings!

None of us are the same anymore. This year’s Full Moon from two days ago was especially powerful. According to Lorna Bevan, “The dark feminine resurrection archetype Sedna is currently at 27 degrees Taurus conjunct the Sun and Caput Algol. Algol is our World 3rd Eye – a binary star, eclipsing itself every 3 days. This is a plutonic point of high intensity, volatility and deep emotional undercurrents. It brings an ability to heal through having walked through the dark of your own soul.”

I absolutely loved another astrologer, Julie Mcafee and what her take was to share. “This energy mirrors the sensation of shedding the old with a wisdom and awareness honoring the past with no attachment knowing that the old are keys of wisdom to set you on the right path. Much like the leaves that have fallen onto the mother from fall protecting the seedlings of spring to rise up with a layer of protection, we too are guided to let go of the old and to burst into new creations. Rebirth is the energy of this full moon and this full moon feels like no other May moon from the past!”

As we proceed to walk away from the dark night and away from the eye of the needle, un-tethered more and more we are beginning to answer our Soul’s calling. As we stand at the precipice of change and transformation we are all becoming the Alchemist archetype transcending base metal into Gold. The ego craves attention. It wants to be noticed so it creates to receive recognition., while our Souls have a deep desire to make a difference. The Soul wants to make the world a better place so it creates in order to significantly contribute to the evolution of humanity. There is nothing that stops the power in our Souls. It is beyond huge. It is phenomenal. Our Souls have the mystical authority, the power over everything in our life. Knowing the universe/our Soul will keep us moving toward our destiny for me, personally aligning with the Mystic archetype is indeed the greatest energy we could want to invite into our psyche. It is standing in our truth while surrendering to whatever the universe brings us for the highest and best outcome for all.

As the Buddhist monk, Pema Chodron wrote, “Even on the spiritual path we still might be seeking perfection; however, we can look back to the ancient teachings and see that there is no right, there is no wrong there is only silence and connection at the deepest level. Find that source, meditate and connect to the stillness inside. I promise you it is a magical, carpet ride where Miracles are manifested and Dreams are born.” To know the great way has no preferences. That is the winning the lottery. To surrender and allow the universe or our Souls who knows and wants more for us then we could ever imagine.

And here lies the greatest secret. You are needed. You are blessed. You are connected to all the magic that has ever come to pass. Know you are counted among the constellations. You are the electric white script the night illuminates. Ask yourself, “What if this is all – even if for only one moment – that you reach in for this love that reaches out to you everyday. You are just by blinking, by breathing, the proof that true love exists. Your joy, your misery, your love, your agony, your bliss, lie in your hands. There is a way out. And the way out is in. It is only by turning inward that we can truly create a world of love, light, and laughter. This is the doorway to that universe. Together we are making it happen.

Everything that is happening today is designed to bring you closer to your greatness. It is time to remember that you are the Blessing. As never before you are the Light. Shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light as you turn your tears and t(error) into triumph for all of humanity. Brave souls do not despair You were born for these times!

You are living in a dream of your own creation. Let it be the dream of a lifetime, for that is exactly what it is. Thank you again for showing up week after week. I have been phenomenally touched by all of You who have contributed to my precious life. For this and so much more I AM profoundly grateful.