Tara Brach, a Buddhist meditation teacher, writes in her book ‘Radical Acceptance’, “How can we be without anxiety when dealing with our imperfections – accepting ourselves just as we are?” What do we need to learn to live in harmony without being anxious about our imperfections? To recognize and release those thoughts that on some level we’re addicted to – and more than likely can’t live without since they have become so familiar to who we think we are. And then how do we release our resistance to those fears? For if we don’t, the fuel we give them makes them more powerful.

Here we stand at a new threshold and according to Lorna Bevan, astrologer extraordinaire with her predictions for the week declaring, “The seismic New Moon window as it opened this week on Saturday May 12th as Mercury squares Mars and conjuncts Uranus – a recipe for volatile behavior, explosive threats, counter threats and an uptick in violence. The sheer unadulterated power of the elemental forces cracking Hawaii’s volcanoes wide open is mirrored somewhere inside you – there can be no separation in the unified field. The mountains are moving. (Literally!)

What in you is so restless that you can hardly bear it or contain it? What pocket of explosive energy is about to blow?

  • Frame it as expanding your possibilities, gaining fresh viewpoints and breaking your Self free from your comfort zones
  • Disentangling yourself from safe but limiting thinking, situations and relationships may feel overwhelming but the discomfort and in congruence you feel from being out of alignment will be your guide to let go
  • Make your choice to either align with the new frequency or to stay in separation moment by moment, step by step

In every moment we make a choice on what we want to create. As I am feeling the earth rattling under my feet and feeling these intense sensations vibrating through me I also have this trust thing going on knowing that whatever happens, even what feels like a setback, could be the thing that is my greatest teacher to propel me forward. So if I stay with these feelings even though they may feel like obstacles, and may cause discomfort, I know now from experience that if I stay open, resilient and trust, Spirit is going to lead me to something better. By staying open and not giving up, my obstacles have become the highest opportunities from which to learn. No matter how harsh the experiences may feel, they always lead me to another level on my healing journey.

Even though I may try everything to escape and push away those feelings of being deficient and not worthy, my psyche doesn’t let me withdraw from being present with those feelings of what is wrong and not acceptable within me. The more I push away and don’t want to recognize these parts of myself the more Spirit won’t allow my fear to reject these waves of emotions. By following those breadcrumbs ultimately they always take me back home to myself with another Ah-ha moment! So like many of us who are feeling these intense emotions, know most likely those parts of us that are needing the most love and attention are coming up to the surface to be healed. The forces are with us. And even though our psyches may want to cling to the past, our new selves know that the past has been deleted. And, by the way, my awareness of what is possible has not come easily! We can’t go back any more since that is not the direction we are going in. However, I don’t need a 4 x 4 to the head to let me know what comes next. Those feelings of helplessness and unworthiness during these accelerated times are coming up to help us realize that on this path we are traveling to be mindful and pay attention to what we are feeling as they are the necessary gateway for our awakening. For only when we choose to be vulnerable and are open to growing will we be able to heal. What’s more, it’s essential to remain conscious to whatever is happening and invite every feeling, thought and experience in, no matter how difficult, with an open mind. Then the experience becomes the foundation for our paths at that moment.

For life is always coming through us, not to us. Most of us never had great role-models growing up because no matter how much our parents loved us they never really learned to love themselves. We never really received the love and understanding we all yearned for. Spiritual re-parenting requires us to learn to cultivate in our awareness the qualities that allow us to embrace and heal our wounded parts. To be in harmony with all of our feelings. It is only then that we can be in a state of learning to love rather being in a state of trying to control the outcome and to avoid pain.

However, as I recognize my wounded self I am able to wake-up with the intention to have more love and compassion for myself, knowing that my worst fears are coming to the surface to be healed. Only then can I transform and awaken to my higher self.

We are the universe in person expressing itself. And the only thing that the universe wants in return is for us to be all we can be and go all the way with our gifts. In order to achieve that worthy goal we have to feel we deserve everything. However, when we reject, push away and are not loving to ourselves it just creates more of the same and then much to our disappointment we then create a world that mirrors those rejected and un-loving feelings back to us!

The Buddha taught that this human birth is a precious gift because it gives us the opportunity to realize that love and awareness is our true nature. A spiritual journey often starts with a single moment of awakening that rattles our understanding and knowledge. We did not come here to sit in our caves cut off from the rest of the world. We came here to evolve, connect and grow. We came here to break down the walls and to shatter the beliefs of duality, control and separation. We came here to open our hearts to love and we can’t do that sitting on the sidelines-even if we are sitting in a lotus position meditating.

We are at a new threshold where we must let go of our stories. We are not are stories any longer. We are the story makers. Which is much different. Together as spiritual gladiators we are disrupting all that is not working for us anymore and are creating a culture with unconditional Love being the existence of life itself! We are on a very fast moving train of evolution with countless bearers of Light from above and below on board to assist. However, more are needed. You are needed!

I am so grateful to all of you who have the opportunity to see the extraordinary growth, the expansion and evolution of who you are becoming and the miracles that you are manifesting. Know you are deeply loved and guided in every moment. And, may you remember that you are the gift, the blessing and the love that we have all been waiting for. Know that life begins and ends with you. Remember you don’t have to be any one else other than who you are, and then watch the strength of your passion create more magic.

Have a blessed and magnificent day. I wish you so much evolutionary love, infinite health, abundant prosperity and divine grace as we travel forward together. I love you madly. Have a gorgeous week.