Because you deserve more love, not less…I AM dedicating this to  those of You who have paved the way for the All of US now to create heaven on earth-just for the hell of it! There aren’t enough words for my gratitude to my family, friends, and community for having the courage and taking this amazing and magnificent journey that is awakening and bringing forth more love, light, health, peace and bliss.  Know you are amazing, magnificent and perfect – you have greatness within you just the way you are…

I wanted to let you know that for the new Humanity we are waking up to the fact that contrary to what you may of thought before, you are not the cause of anything you see!  How wonderful is that news?  Take pause and know that in each moment whatever is arising is yet another opportunity for you to expand and evolve….allow this statement to eclipse and up-level you as never before.  As you give up wanting anything to be different other than it is in any moment you have an opportunity to inspire and evolve in consciousness to become more of who you truly are. Moreover, from this state, you’ll make choices that will help you reach your highest potential and enjoy your life in each and every moment.

No longer do we have to wait to be rescued from anything outside of ourselves – waiting for that miracle that will give you what you have been longing for.  Instead, we are taking a new road less traveled, moving forward as never before knowing that the more we love ourselves through every experience we are graduating into a class of consciousness and are being transformed into a higher frequency from the inside out.

The more as you embody a new vibration at the center of your being and the more you live authentically you begin to mirror for others their highest good. Then those radio waves/higher frequencies expand to all the hearts and souls you touch. That is how we are changing the world one heart at a time. This is how you master your skills at becoming more of who you truly are. Know that every moment becomes an opportunity to further your path to becoming a teacher and and changing the well-being and paradigm for All who will follow.

Matt Kahn on his new blog writes, “As the need or tendency to compete, complain, worry, argue, negotiate, seek, judge, deny, and defend are unraveled out of your energy field, a new sense of self emerges; one that is rooted in cooperation, unity, peace, love, gratitude, abundance, radiance, health, joy, and inspiration, which are the natural characteristics of a soul in form. As always, the turmoil you see in the world represents the amount of inner change occurring in the human conditions. Through the play of polarity, or the balance of opposing forces, when someone reports fear and tension from their world of experience, that is life offering you a flashcard to practice anchoring the opposite energy. It’s as if the others you see are merely acting out the old ways of being to inspire you to respond from the new spiritual paradigm, like children using flashcards to memorize state capitals in school.

To make this flashcard process easier to understand and more practical in application, please consider the following strategy:

When someone is sad, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with happiness.”
When someone is afraid, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with courage.”
When someone is skeptical, doubtful, or insecure, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with faith.”
When someone is frustrated, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with peace.”
When someone is lost, bewildered, or lonely, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with clarity, joy, and fulfillment.”
When someone is hurting, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with love.”
When someone is in pain, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be healed.”

And, if these 3D tendencies arise in your experience, you can become your own flashcard of practice, inviting you to bless yourself with the opposite energy.”

Today I invite you to go on a blessing spree – Bless Yourself, Bless everything and everyone that comes into your Universe. Live the best day knowing you are Blessed in each and every moment. Bless it all until there is only that Divine Light shining from You.