Ready or not, we are all being forced to go even deeper into our own unique adventure down the rabbit hole. We are being lifted up and then depending on where we are consciously at, being set down somewhere we have never been before.

It is that time to let go even more and take that leap of faith. To have bravado and cultivate our courage as never before. To become spiritually naked and from a place of love, beauty and balance take our Light amply, illuminate and send it far and wide around the universe. The big question is What kind of Me do I want to Be? What is that expanded version that you long to be? To stay in your power not your mind. Ultimately integrating mind, body and spirit. However, that is another conversation! The universe is prompting us to disconnect from all of the stuff we have been through and come from a place of who we are, who we have been and who we have the right to be. Once we empty out the old and to begin stripping everything we create the field for all our new crafts, ventures and ideas to be manifested.

And, it is all an inside job. The entire path is being created from within our own true selves. So I ask what universe do you want to create today knowing you are the screen writer, director and producer of your creation? Moreover, once our hearts expand and open wider than ever before, our divine destiny will be revealed and our souls will simply soar. According to the astrologer, Lorna Beven, “Everything is in alignment and just stunning in their positions for all of us to download new ideas, revelations and begin to manifest our magic as never before”.

Once we claim our authentic power even In this new normal of uncertainty we can overcome the challenge of feeling disoriented, scared, hopeless and helpless by focusing on being the divine messenger of spirit.

The author and teacher, Collette Baron, explains it beautifully, “When we’re lost, we all want a map—but maps can only tell us where we’ve been. All of us, personally and collectively, are headed somewhere new, to a future that has not yet been imagined, and we’re creating it as we go. Whatever we wish to experience and manifest, if we start in the realm of Form, trying to fix our lives and think our way out of our problems, we end up living in-authentically and feeling disappointed. But if we orient ourselves in the Realm of Spirit first, a magical process of transformation begins within. From which we can manifest a new reality far better than we might ever have imagined. Following this path, we get to experience what we came to create and watch as our fear gives way to a deep sense of purpose and enthusiasm for participating in the co-creative process”.

I feel there are myriad amounts of opportunities whenever transformation occurs. A new territory, a new world is opened before us once we step beyond our habitual patterns and in the new way we view things can usher in new ways of perceiving as well as new ways of being in the world.

This is our work. It isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if we are supposed to travel this path, as we know, doing the same thing and expecting different results doesn’t work. To paraphrase what Einstein once said, “We created the mind to be a wonderful servant; however, we made it our master. Up until now we identified with whatever our minds felt or thought. Once we integrate all the parts of ourselves, body, mind and spirit we will discover what we have known all along…we are so much more…we are our own miracle workers.

When we start to integrate all of us the good, bad and the ugly and step courageously into the unknown the universe supports us in ways we could never imagine. It may seem selfish but, when we begin to want to be for ourselves first the whole playing field changes and magic just happens. We are the miracles and blessings that Love created us from. Up until now we have been in training; however, we are infinitely more powerful than we have been lead to believe.

Keep up the great work. In each moment honor who you are. Love yourself as much as you can while honoring others with the greatest respect. This is how we can create the great changes that are essential so we can give birth to this new reality all together. I send you abundant blessings and unconditional support as you travel this incredible journey of your soul. A new humanity awaits us all – we were born for this time.