by Marcy Heller

An ancient Chinese blessing wishes us, “May you live during interesting times.” That wish, for good or ill, has come true for us. To say the least the energies have been beyond the beyond in intensity as we are working diligently on many levels heading into and through the Lions Gate next week. Where we are all being asked to step up, evolve and raise our vibration-even though there seems to be quite a lot of energy trying to pull us away from that outcome!

As the wonderful teacher Celia Fenn wrote, “Everything is accelerating as we make the big shift to the next crystalline time spiral/timeline.  So much depends on us holding our balance and center as a group in this process. We are here to lift ourselves and our community into the next spiral of evolution.  Much of the exhaustion comes from working at night in the sleep state. Many people are reporting not sleeping well, and waking up, or having intense dreams that wake them up several times a night. We are working very hard on the other levels of the Earth, working with the Collective and with our Soul Families. Starseeds and Angelic families are especially part of this big shift.  Please take time to rest and care for yourself. It is so important to look after the physical. And drink lots of fluids, specifically water!  On the emotional level, try not to get caught up in anger and frustration, but try to remain balanced in the heart and inner peace and harmony. On the mental level, try not to get caught up in old ways of thinking and judging, and a need to be “right”. Remember, awakening is about becoming aware of your inner divinity and power, and about taking back your ability to be happy and creative. It does not mean that you have to sort out the problems of the Planet by yourself.  There is a greater plan. Allow it to unfold gracefully. All that is required of you right now is to enter into the flow of Grace and follow your Inner Truth.”

As spiritual beings, our attitudes, thoughts and emotions make or break our life. I am truly grateful once again and being reminded that what we have come here to do is to fulfill our soul’s plan while we walk one another back home. Basically, to let go and let G-d! As the great Yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote, “What comes of itself, let it come. What goes of itself, let it go.” Yet many of us still try to control what is uncontrollable. In Alan Cohen’s book, ‘The Tao Made Easy’,  he reminds us, “Don’t be put off by adversity. You are on the road your Soul came to travel. Yet for all the kind intention this wish bestows, it is slightly flawed. It assumes that you must either get lucky or do something to get the Force to be with you. But the Force is already within you. It breathes, speaks, and acts in you, offers guidance and grace at every turn, and expresses as you – just because you are a creation of the Force.  I have made countless efforts to harness the universe to work on my behalf.   None of those attempts got me anywhere until I realized that life was already doing everything it could to further my good.  You don’t have to tell the Force how to help you. You just have to let it find you and work for you and through you.  A more accurate benediction would be, May you be with the Force! If there is one thing in the world that we can depend on, it is change. Lao Tse calls us to not resist change, but to let it empower us.  The more you fight change, the more it overwhelms you. The more you flow with it, the more it strengthens you. The river of life takes many twists and turns. The sage does not attempt to paddle back upstream, but delights in the mystery of where the new twists and turns lead.”

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and now we are realizing just how we can use our experiences to springboard and go from adversity straight into our resilient and courageous Souls. In the book, ‘The Undefeated Mind’, Alex Lickerman wrote, “ To build strength out of adversity, we need a catalyst.”  According to Lickerman, that catalyst is wisdom. “Inner strength doesn’t come from the experience of adversity itself but from the wisdom that the experience of adversity has the potential to impart.”

We don’t have to sit high on a mountaintop in the Himalayas waiting to be initiated to become a mystic or a saint. Our ability to be so resilient and have the courage to do what we are all doing is our initiation into greatness. Covid-19 gave us all an opportunity to rise strong! It provided us with the backdrop/stage to reach much greater levels of self-awareness so that we are now able to overcome our own limitations with our newly expanded awareness of consciousness. This is how a champion views the world instead of through the eyes of being a victim!

As Joe Dispenza wrote, in ‘The Placebo’, “How many times in history have admirable individuals who struggled against outdated beliefs, living outside of their comfort zones, been considered heretics and fools, only to later emerge as geniuses, saints, or masters? In time, they became supernatural. But how do you and I become supernatural? We have to begin to do what’s unnatural—that is, to give in the midst of crisis, when everyone is feeling lack and poverty; to love when everyone is angry and judging others; to demonstrate courage and peace when everyone else is in fear; to show kindness when others are displaying hostility and aggression; to surrender to possibility when the rest of the world is aggressively pushing to be first, trying to control outcomes, and fiercely competing in an endless drive to get to the top; to knowingly smile in the face of adversity; and to cultivate the feeling of wholeness when we’re diagnosed as sick. It seems so unnatural to make these types of choices in the midst of such conditions, but if we repeatedly succeed, in time we’ll transcend the norm—and we, too, become supernatural. And most important, by your being supernatural, you give others permission to do the same. Mirror neurons fire when we observe someone else performing an action. Our neurons mirror the neurons of that other person, as though we were performing the same action.”

Congratulations to all of you for staying the course, to continue to be so fully present, aware and conscious as you continue to let your light shine. This has been no easy task, especially since this year has begun with a roar and is continuing to stay the course with so much upheaval and uncertainty. Yet you have remained stead-fast on your journey of ascension, only growing more beautiful, better than ever and not bitter!

It is my deepest desire that you continue to remember your beautiful Self and that you cultivate the courage to keep following your Soul’s blueprint that is leading the way. Remember you are the most important person in your life. And, as you continue to discover your authentic gifts, go out into the world and choose to share them with all the hearts and souls you are graced to touch. Only then will you too discover that giving and receiving are the same. The world needs you more than ever! Take great care.  Have the best week ever. Until we meet again, know I love you madly!