We have all fallen and have suffered though the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Moreover, living in a culture that tells us to deny our grief has only added to our trauma. Consequently, because of the culture we live in there are too many of us who instead of becoming vulnerable, feeling and acknowledging their hurt are inflicting their pain onto others.

In the book ‘Rising Strong’ Brene’ Brown wrote, “If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall! However, in that falling is what teaches us the most about who we really are. Having the courage to recon with our emotions and to rumble with our stories is the path to writing our brave new ending and the path that leads to wholeheartedness. It’s also the beginning. Understanding our fall and rise, owning our story, taking responsibility for our emotions-this is there the revolution starts.”

From my own experience in acknowledging and talking about my sadness, grief, anger, disappointments or just the feeling of being lost has helped me become stronger and much, more invincible. Like many of us I grew up feeling that being too emotional was a sign of weakness. It was the culture that seemed to silently scream ‘Don’t ask and certainly don’t tell’. We simply didn’t know how to discuss how we felt. Now, in owning my experiences and taking responsibility I can fix it and move forward. Loving people stay loving because they give great love to many others and thus are open to receiving it back. In yielding a greater harvest we have more bounty to share with others. As the saying goes ‘You can only give to yourself’! So it is with great respect and love both individually and collectively we can create a new world so that everyone can be more of themselves. We can be more loving, peaceful and happy. So for whatever length of time I am here on this planet I AM going to do my best to just be with whatever I AM experiencing and from that vantage point. I will learn everything that the mystics have taught us about resting in not knowing, about staying fully present to the moment no matter what it feels like-loving whatever arises no matter what!

The wonderful teacher and mystic, Mirabai Starr through our own pain wrote, “People are really afraid to say what they are seeking. People are not seeking happiness; they are seeking the sacred, the holy. They are waiting to hear “God call them by name.” They— you— are longing to know that this life you have been given is emphasized. She believes You can’t “think” or “talk” your way into the altitude of grace”.

The actor Dee Wallace who now inspires us through her writings wrote, “We are the magic that creates the vibration which creates the focus which creates the creation. We are the creators of the illusion of our lives. When a magician lacks self-trust, the slight of hand is seen the trick revealed, and the illusion shattered. Life works much the same way. Doubt the illusion of you and watch you trick yourself with the greatest downfall in your magical career: the non-creation of the Life of You. In other words when we live in a vibration of doubt, our paranoia eclipses all of our magic and we are in the vortex of indecision where we are blocking our magic.”

All the great teachers coming before us are declaring this truth of our Big Magic! Once we can let out our feelings, forgive ourselves and others we can create the space for Big Magic to appear.

Some times it just is one courageous person who wants to pioneer change that can up-level a whole family or community. Mirabai Starr always told others, “This is not about consolation, it’s about transformation. If you want to be consoled, I’m probably not your guy. This is about people who are willing to sit in the fire because they have nothing else to do. They have nothing to lose. And so it’s not consoling at first, but ultimately what people seem to come away with is affirmation. They can know nothing, and that their loss has stripped them and that this is a beautiful thing.”

This Muse-Letter is dedicated to all of you who are Rising Strong. No matter what the challenge, hardship, diagnosis, conflict or loss you have experienced take pause and know in the process of regaining your power you have inspired and helped me to understand that no matter what your tragedy is or was it has lead you home to triumph! Thank you for polishing the mirror for all of us.