by Marcy Heller

Would Now be a good time for All of us to embrace the truth? We are all Creators. I cannot emphasize this enough. Each one of us in every moment, with every word, thought and choice we make are constantly creating our reality. The way we think is making our world the way it is at this precise moment. So if you want the world to be different, your job is to be and dream it differently.

Take it personally, we are all ready to receive so much more because of the wonderful work we have been doing on ourselves, and those of us who are reading these Musings know exactly what the word ‘work.’ means! You did not sign up for the easy road. You chose the most difficult curriculum consisting of no less than heartache and heartbreak, betrayal, deception, trauma and all kinds of incredible challenges and experiences to awaken this time around!

Many of us are now awakening to the truth of who we really are. We are the Gift! One of my favorite sayings is, “We have our PhD in giving, now we must learn that we are the Gift and for eons of lifetimes in service to the Creator and humanity must learn and know we deserve to receive!” This is our new creation story! So much is happening on this planet now.  As one door closes, others are opening. The portals and the information that is being shared is nothing less than miraculous!

On that note, I want to share a narrative with you:

It may seem harsh at first; however, it rings true for me. Basically, we are in a prison. We are walking in a prison of darkness which is also a palace of wonderful gifts. However, even though it’s filled with the internet, Netflix, cell phones and many more incredible gifts, it is still a prison nevertheless.  Now for the rest of the story…

In the book ‘Becoming Like God: Kabbalah Our Ultimate Destiny’ by Michael Berg, he explains at this level in our bodies we are in a prison. The book begins with this short narrative. “A CRACK IN THE PRISON DOOR – There once was a prince who lived in a grand palace. It was filled with treasures from every corner of the earth: Persian rugs, French tapestries, hand-carved tables, and the finest paintings from Europe and Asia. Its rooms overflowed with silver platters of fruit, orchids, and bouquets of exotic flowers. But there was a problem: Shutters were fastened across every window. Not a single ray of sunlight penetrated, and the palace lay in darkness. The problem was that the prince was oblivious to the abundance surrounding him. One day, a servant plucked up the courage to ask the prince why he inhabited a palace as dark as the blackest night, and the prince was stunned. He had no idea there was an alternative. Joyfully, the servant opened the palace shutters for the first time, and suddenly the prince could see beauty and abundance everywhere. They had been within reach all along. He simply had been unable to see them. Like the shutters in this story, there is a crack in our prison door. We don’t know how it got there. But it changes everything. Sunlight floods the darkness and images of an immensely joyful world dance on the walls. SUDDENLY, WE REALIZE THE PRISON IS NOT REALLY THE WORLD, AS WE’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE. IT IS MERELY A PRISON. A PRISON WITH HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS, PERHAPS, BUT A PRISON NEVERTHELESS, WHOSE WALLS ARE SUFFERING AND WHOSE GATES ARE DEATH.”

Take pause and know you are created in God’s image with the same potential. Ask yourself, ‘AM I LIKE GOD YET? AM I MANIFESTING GODLY POWERS?’

We are all on the path of letting go how we thought our life was going to be. We surrender into this new life being integrated into our consciousness and we embrace all the changes happening in every area! Now that we know our Souls are immortal, we can take a breath.

More than ever we need to align with Blind Trust. As humans, it is quite difficult for us to learn to trust something new since we have been so tethered to what we were taught, even though change will do us good. The thought of accountability, pain, suffering, responsibility, and staying in integrity scares us. Moreover, we don’t know what’s on the other side. So we gravitate to what feels familiar. However, when we start to be true to ourselves we receive our own love and respect. When we stop abandoning ourselves and say ‘Yes’ to the ‘Yes’ in Us, we get to stay in joy! When we give it all up, we get it all back! Once we are outside those limitations of our mind we get to be happy!  This is called freedom!

We are evolving and developing the capacity to perceive and manifest almost instantaneously. We are transforming in every possible way. We are living in the most extraordinary time of transformation. Evolution is not a walk in the park. it seems we are facing our demons to break through so we can find that soft space inside and let go of the old so we can burst into new creations. Rebirth is the new paradigm, and we are doing it with such bravado, grace and courage. It is a time that can only be compared to when people thought the world was flat! No matter how they argued or wanted to believe it – no matter how hard they tried to keep that reality alive, the truth of reality was different!

And here lies the greatest secret. You are needed. You are the blessing. You are connected to all the magic that has ever come to pass. As never before, you are the Light. Brave souls, shine brightly and know you are the Bearers of Love and Light.