At this very auspicious time in history we are the largest group awakening in every new moment. How can we be of service to ourselves and the world? How we can honor and celebrate our Soul’s Divine Plan? According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, “When you Marry a clear intention with an elevated emotion – get ready because something unusual is going to happen. Keep asking yourself What is the greatest expression of myself can I be today? When you rehearse a new way of being you change your energy and thus you change your life.”

Following our Divine plan is holy work. The world is calling out for those of us who are passionate, courageous artists who are aligned in the cosmic energy field of infinity to use their best to serve. To all of You who envision vision creating global peace and happiness, thank you. Imagine the positive impact you are having by spreading this message. Let’s all together create a small-scale global pandemic of peace and love. Let’s do it now for ourselves, our family, our entire lineage and all humanity. Please help us all to forgive ourselves, forgive each other, love ourselves and love each other now and forever more!

As we give birth to our ‘new normal’ no longer are the old programs eclipsing our greatness. They can’t and won’t continue to hold any power over us. Moreover, if and when they come up from time-to-time it is only to test us and show us that we now have choices to shift our focus into the newer/higher consciousness. “Whether you know it or not, you are on the high seas of the soul and have been so for a long time. It is time to open our instructions, set a new course, turn and tack into the wind, and sail onward, with the destination unfolding as we move, taking us deeper than ever before. Only then are we on the journey of the soul.” writes the famous psychotheripist James Hollis.

Please know what an honor it is for me to share, inspire and assist in the evolution of our world more than ever. It is a wonderful feeling to know when one is following their dharma. There is nothing greater for me than to honor who I AM and to honor each one of you for all the ways you have not just survived but have thrived. Never giving up, being all you could be with elegance and grace. Between all the wonder and all the tragedies, between all the love and all the heart-breaks. Between all the tears and all the triumphs. Know with your courage, resilience and big hearts you have achieved so very much. And, as the writer Mark Nepo wrote, “Sooner or later, life teachers us, through great love and suffering, that the diversity of the world is there to complete us.”

Know that your story matters because you matter. Moreover, know that one moment you may feel so brave and wonderful and the next moment you pray for transformation to stop. Take pause and know that all through the wild, wonder, imperfection, sadness, joy, laughter and challenges the great news is that you will feel very much alive!