I am not sure about you; however, for me it is taking more and more energy to make peace with the universe before I can even leave my condo in the morning. Since my practice may include at any moment complete acceptance of what I’m thinking and feeling it is no wonder that in any given moment I can feel pain, fear or euphoria. Or perhaps on a really challenging day feeling that I am so flawed and in need of a huge amount of fixing. No matter what though it is never the same and never dull.

So even before going to bed the night before I say a little prayer so that I may wake up dreaming about being in the Amazon book store and not the jungle!

No matter what seems to be happening I believe I need to create a field out there to amplify and support my belief that beneath this undercurrent of chaos, strangeness and the spirit of change this new normal is asking all of us to imagine how great and blissful life can truly be. It is not about transcending the current energies. It is about creating new ones while not drowning from the emotional undercurrent we are all swimming in and hopefully not sinking into.

Everywhere I turn I am having to drop/let go of whatever attachment I have been holding on to from my older and more predictable life and, at the same time begin embracing the new normal. As a kid I was always afraid of roller coasters – little did I know I would be living riding on one years later! And for many of us this wild ride can be quite disorienting. However; it seems the more I share I realize that I AM not the only way feeling scared, lost and lonely.

And, from my newest favorite author/coach, Martha Beck who shared on her blog that, “Recently, though, I’ve had to update the concept “new normal.” Change has gotten so incredibly zippy and sustained that it’s pretty obvious the only “new normal” possible anymore is “no normal. Now, the word “normal” comes from the Latin “normal,” meaning a carpenter’s square. “Normal” things conform to precise measurements and angles. They’re consistent. Predictable. Just like…pretty much nothing that will ever happen to you from now on. The same thing’s happening in other aspects of our lives. All institutions are unstable, all situations fluid. In such an environment, letting go of normal is the best thing you can do for yourself. It puts you in “don’t-know mind,” the Zen ideal of being fully present, observant, and accepting of whatever happens. So what’s that you say? Pluto got fired from being a planet? Geneticists combined the DNA of spiders and goats and created goats whose milk turns to spider silk? You can now buy bacon-flavored toothpaste? Bruce Jenner felt like a woman all along? None of that surprises me. Ain’t nothing surprising up in here—not since I embraced the ‘no normal’!”

So like many of you I Am getting it. True abundance is trusting that you’ll get what you need precisely when you need it. That Trusting without evidence is faith. Let nothing else enter your heart space. Let faith be the vehicle of amazing grace that keeps you in your heart in each moment as you align with your own Divine nature. This is the key.

I have started to allow myself be happy again. Trying as much as I can and loving whatever comes up. I AM living more in the moment-where before I would be anywhere but here. I AM acknowledging and loving that little girl who is constantly needing me to love, reassure and keep her anxious-free. I know I AM the creator of my life. I have no idea where this adventure will lead; however, I am learning to enjoy the ride simply because I Am becoming – what? I am not sure of; but stay tuned, fasten your seat belts and know like you I AM finding my way in a wild new world!

Because all of us experience things differently take pause and know that the greatest secret and my hope for you is to know that you create everything. You are the creator of your world. So make it the best one ever filled with all the infinite health, amazing grace, joy-filled fun, eternal bliss, endless peace, divine love, omnipotent strength, one-pointed faith, abundant wealth, unconditional friends, eternal mastery and a quantum leap of expansion of your own authentic power. As never before know you are the God of You.