by Marcy Heller

One of the greatest discoveries of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. Especially because it isn’t what we are thinking about, it’s our attitude about what we are thinking. On that note, the great saint, Ramana Maharshi, used to ask, “Who am I?” We now know that that is a very deep question. If you continue to ask the question constantly you may notice that you’re the answer. Why? Because simply put there is no intellectual answer—You are the answer! What’s more, by becoming the answer, which is ‘you are pure consciousness’, all your perceptions of You and your life experiences change.

In Marisa Peer’s book, ‘I Am Enough’ Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life, she wrote, “There is a metaphor I love to use when it comes to training your mind to work for you, not against you. I want you to think of your subconscious mind as a wild horse. It’s running through fields, without restraint, letting its power and might overpower any impediment or barrier. Meanwhile, your conscious mind is the horse trainer. It is possible to train a wild horse like this to become obedient and docile, but you would need an extremely experienced horse trainer to do it successfully; an amateur just won’t do. The same goes for your mind. Most people go through their lives as an amateur horse trainer with a wild black stallion on their hands. For those people, the wild horse—their subconscious mind—controls them, not the other way around. They wonder why, over and over, they struggle with the same hang-ups and bad habits. The reason is that you simply can’t control your mind unless you know exactly what to do with it.”

Since time began, the human mind had one simple job which was to keep us alive as long as possible. Up until now we have lived in fight or flight. Consequently, in doing that, we have trained our minds to avoid what feels uncomfortable and to continually move in the direction of what we think we help us feel better, oftentimes neglecting the consequences of those actions. The interesting thing is that we have 70-80,000 thoughts a day and just because we are thinking those thoughts doesn’t make them true. Everything is energy. We believe we use our thinking to solve problems, but we are just recycling the old ones with old solutions. Moreover, every word we say becomes imprinted causing that energy to turn into our reality.

This is all new territory, as we stand with one foot in the old consciousness and the other in the new consciousness becoming multi-sensory, not only are we are expanding our awareness, but we know we are the only humans in the history of man or women kind who have ever stood in this enormous period of transition. We are now at the precipice to alter our lives from reacting from our smaller selves which is more about our egos; to respond and step into the new consciousness which is authentic, aligned with our personality and soul.

However, it takes a huge leap of faith to have the courage to change. The Spiritual path is about wanting to go somewhere different and not having the slightest idea how to get there. We have to pay attention to when we are veering off course. Your focus is paramount. We have to manifest new thoughts/ideas to create new groves in our thought patterns to affirm the truth of our being.  You have to have dominion over your thinking.

Basically up until now, our thoughts have controlled us. It is up to You now to be the consciousness! We are the awareness/consciousness behind the thoughts. Once we realize we are the One who is witnessing the thought, we then realize we are not what we are thinking, we are the ones watching the one who is thinking!  Moreover, it is not the thought that troubles us, it is usually our attitude about the thought! Every time we choose harmony, love and peace to take the higher road, we create new, more responsible, healthier energies for ourselves and others. Our intention is the energy/vibrations that is fueling our experiences.

Fighting the old world will only keep it here longer. What’s more, the deeper you go within, the more you face your fear with love, the more “space” you create for the new energies bathing the planet right now. So let yourself fall into the magic and the magnificence of your inner world, so that we can create a different world on the outside.

The law of attraction says that anything is possible. It will also keep reminding us that we are always manifesting the sum of our virtues, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Therefore, it is essential to keep reminding ourselves of what we want to focus on, since all of our judgments will most likely come back to haunt us.

The teacher and author Richard Gordon, from his newest book, ‘Hacking the Law of Attraction’, wrote, “Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on the energy of what we are putting out there. That energy is drawing to us everything we experience. Of course, our intention and worthiness to receive is also a great barometer for allowing what does come in to our lives as well. The great news is that when we change our consciousness we change our world! If we want to create heaven on earth we can’t entangle ourselves in the lower creations of consciousness any more. Everything is an extension of ourselves. When we choose lack, separation, struggle, and judgment, all exists in a lower level of consciousness. When we focus on any of the above it is always going to take us into more of a feeling of heaven on earth.”

So many of us are feeling this tremendous upheaval that is happening on this planet on all levels—physical, emotional, and energetic—as we are shifting into quantum psychics. This shift is not going to happen overnight. We are not going to wake up one morning in a world of bliss and beauty and look out for each other with love and respect. Not yet! What’s happening is that we first have to go through the alchemical process of transformation. Our work is for all of us to take that quantum leap within our own selves instead of waiting for others to create the miracles to happen! It is not enough for us to just wake-up. We have to now grow up and clean up! We want to become that person who despite chaos and crisis continues to seek the shining light of the stars and seeks opportunity to dream a new destiny for humanity. This is what it means to be a Shaman and a Sha-Women!