by Marcy Heller

“The job of the Wayfinder, whether an ancient oracle or a modern scientific theorist, is to reach beyond current human knowledge into the realm of the unimagined and bring back something true and useful.” ~ Martha Beck

Dearest Courageous Spiritual Champions,

The main thing is the main thing is the main thing. So on that note, we’ll begin with what seems to be happening from above, some new (and not so new) insights for the week ahead thanks to Lorna Bevan:

“As we head for the exit from the triple eclipse tunnel on today, Monday’s Cancer New Moon, the High Heart is finally coming Online. An unintended consequence of the Covid 19 global pause and radically new bio landscape is about making the most of our lives together. Not just my life. Not just your life. Our lives. Not just my dreams. Not just your dreams. Our dreams.  It’s time to drop the psycho-spiritual tribal labels and judgments about other people’s choices and understand that there are multiple expressions of the same evolutionary path. You might be a transmitter, a mediator, a transformer, a visionary activist, a whistle blower hidden in the lower energies of the dark side, a reporter from the front lines of the future…. we are all equal in this evolutionary work and we each bring our own unique contribution.  We each have our own beautiful dangerous assignment.  The 2020 time lines are re-wiring your internal communication network to make the High Heart your new modus operandi. The “Fires together/ Wires together” neural pathway dynamic integrates the Heart/Mind separation. If the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice.  The easier you become with reality, the more your reality becomes easier with you.   Not doing. Not fixing. Not healing. Just Allowing. Paradox. Moving between polarities,  Softening the hard, resistant edges you’ve developed as protection against a relentless overwhelming world Be kind. When you’re at the lowest, see if you can still muster some grace for somebody else.  Don’t take it personally. You can only take responsibility for your own stuff and have compassion for others.  Ask for help and offer help freely. Be kind to your loneliness and to the loneliness of others Expand your tribes to move beyond the comfort zone of an echo chamber New! From August to December, the time-line is going to be remarkable. We are in the eye of the storm … passing through the eye of the needle … from what was, to what is, to what is to become. All the ghosts of the past are catching up with us.  If you are a creative, empath, solopreneur or way finder, your assignment has never been so necessary.”

What a wild and crazy time in our new ‘Now World’!  For many of us this is not a comfortable time at All.  On top of all the news circling around many of us physically have been feeling really weird, wired, heavy, stiff, tired and not able to rest, relax and at times even sleep. So if you are also feeling these energies, according to the channel and teacher, Celia Fenn, “Be aware that it is part of the process of aligning the physical to carry more of our Majesty and Divine Light as we are moving towards the new and more powerful incoming cycle of the World Dancer!”

For me, it’s feeling like I AM watching a very weird movie, and yet being very engaged in the experience. Humanity is waking up as the veils are slowly lifting so we can know who we truly are; finite and infinite, matter and spirit, human and divine. Welcome to our new world, our new civilization!  By now I feel certain that many of you realize that this is the greatest adventure we may ever experience. Moreover, in spite of all the discomfort, inconveniences and restrictions, I still know that at the end of the (sometimes very long) day,  I have received much more during these last few months then have been deleted! Through it all I have been truly blessed.

I have been so motivated to go beyond what my life was before. Because of the pandemic, many of us who are at a precipice are being generally persuaded to move beyond the known, realizing more and more that as we do we are transforming ourselves and becoming more of who we truly are!  It’s exhilarating, illuminating, and transformative.  What’s more, it is giving us the space to feel more hope, resilience, happier and certainly much more authentic.

According to the pioneer and brilliant teacher, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Maybe it is not so important that we pray rigorously every day to have our prayers answered, but that we instead get up from our meditations as if our prayers have already been answered.  If we accomplish this daily, we are at a level of mind where we’re truly living in the unknown and expecting the unexpected. And this is when the mysterious knocks on our door.  Our lives are our initiation into greatness.  Each time you learn something new, unique possibilities you were not previously aware of open up before you, and as a result you are changed. This is called knowledge, and knowledge causes you to no longer see things the way they are, but the way you are. This is the process of learning, and the more you learn, the more you make new synaptic connections in your brain.  The same research tells us that if you don’t repeat, review, or think about what you’ve learned, those circuits prune apart within hours or days. Thus, if learning is making new synaptic connections, remembering is maintaining those connections. The more you know what you’re doing and why, the easier the how gets. That’s why this is a time in history when it’s not enough to simply know—it’s a time to know how.”

I am blown away each week to the energies that are weaving their way into my life and through all our lives on Planet Earth. It is nothing short of amazing.  As we are becoming super-human and the best part is it not only empowers us, it gives us even more inspiration to continue doing what we are passionate about during these transformational times. We are all witnessing the old world going up in flames as we are moving towards resurrecting our Future Self. Behold I AM new again!

No longer can we just sit and be a bystander. We have to dive in and allow ourselves to experience what we have been born here to live. Our passion and purpose must eclipse the fear of being in pain. Remember, all fear is the anticipation of pain. Trust the process and allow the Divine to take over. The more we learn to feed ourselves from the inside, the more freestanding we become. As you invite the Divine Plan to enfold, ask Spirit to use you.

This renewed faith and optimism are now here to encourage us to believe that our action in the world is having the most positive effect. Even though you may feel alone at times, know you are being assisted with all the forces in Spirit championing your success. You are making a difference. That Divine spark is all of us is coming out to cast out the outrageous pain and despair – bringing out the spiritual warrior in each of us. Whatever you are passionate about, go out into the world and follow that impulse to share whatever you do best. Do it your way and create your own personal philosophy from which to live by.

We are crossing the river of change. We are seeing the world from our new perspective. A new lens where we can create more magic, miracles and wonder! With our intention and putting our attention in creating new possibilities we are removing the veils and experiencing infinite, unlimited possibilities. A brand new world is being presented to us from seeing the world with new eyes. We knew who we were in our limited selves and now as we mid-wife and give birth to our newer selves what glorious fun we can have as we explore the infinite possibilities in a newer world knowing that we were born for these times. In other words, change is going to do us good!

No longer do we have to recoil from fear, based on the reactions of others. Instead we are the way-showers, who are shining brightly to come out of the shadow and shout out “We know who we Are!” We are the champions. We are the spiritual gladiators. We are invincible. As Dawson Church wrote, in his book, ‘Mind to Matter’, “When you wake up every morning, simply align your consciousness with the highest possible frequency of which you are capable. Sit quietly, read the words that inspire you the most, and enter a contemplative state. Before you begin your day, before you begin to think or create, align yourself. Align yourself to the highest possible vibrational frequency that you know. Align yourself with the most elevated energy field of which you are conscious.”

Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. We were taught what we know matters; however, I have learned who we are matters more. The old style and way of thinking has been revolutionized…we do not have to see anything anymore with someone else’s eyes; and think what someone else has told us about what is true. Know that you have a right to claim what you need to live a fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous life. Today I invite you to awaken, appreciate and accept your true, awesome and authentic nature. From all that is and ever came before us, we are transcending life onto a higher plane. The Divine wants us to live our light now, to benefit ourselves and the world. We are constructing a new vision of reality, of community, of friendship and of life, as we are not just building it for the future we are creating it to live our life in it now!  It is the time to trust. From all that is and ever came before us, we are transcending life onto a higher plane. For me, nothing remains the same as I continue to wake-up each day to find myself in a brand new magical and wonderful world.