by Marcy Heller

Dearest Courageous Spiritual Champions,

Welcome to a New Year and the start of the 2022-2030, the Great Transformation.

Take pause and know you have now landed in the new and improved Universe. The sky is the limit!  We have just entered a new chapter in our lives.  We have begun an entirely new book! As it was written many years ago by Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

We are moving from the past, the present and the future, into Now, which is the aim of spiritual practice. As we stay in the Now without judgment we can feel clearly about what is happening for us in each moment. This is where our power lies. When we become the observer, whatever our intention is in that moment, we can change and up-level into something or someone even greater. We are at the precipice of a huge quantum leap and since there is strength in numbers, the more of us who are awake and conscious on this journey of self-healing, the more we can elevate not only our individual vibration but the collective’s as well.  We have made the great shift and now we have become relentless and unstoppable! As the poet Hafiz quoted, “I wish I could show you…the astonishing Light of your own being.”

The past is history. Don’t look back – that is not the direction you are going in!  We have never lived a year like we are going to be starting like this one in 2022!

As much as you can, please have mercy for yourself and others.  The energies can affect us in so many different ways. It is imperative to stay in the upper room, not the basement. In other words, as much as possible stay in gratitude, love and joy. Commit to a practice that will help you stay alert, grounded, grateful and hydrated. We are being offered incredible opportunities that will not only benefit ourselves but all of humanity.

Since we are all here to learn lessons of love we are going to learn them through health, wealth or relationships. Now we are being given the opportunity, the freedom to align with our Higher Self and course correct toward the life we were born to live by cultivating partnership with our own Higher Self. (And, if you are not sure of what that blueprint is, please schedule a numerology reading with me to find out what your creative genius/blueprint holds.) When we have a sense of purpose not only can we heal emotionally but whatever else that is plaguing us can be eclipsed when we are aligned with our own Divinity, being in touch with our wholeness and grounding ourselves in self-mastery rather than living from our scattered selves, manipulated by our own minds that are still hard-wired to run on flight or fight and imprinted with our own ancestral fears.

As we take back our power we can all be so proud that we are standing up and singing out loud, showing our souls! When we anchor our Light in these shadowy times it is one of the most profound things we can do so we can keep catching the Light from one other. This is only one way we can continue to serve and one of the healthiest and best things we can do for ourselves and others.

In 2022, as you allow one year to end and another to begin, may you allow your own Being to be the source of your very deepest happiness. May you begin to Love yourself so fully that you create the most miraculous shift. May you continue to align with Divine Love no matter what happens and May you allow the Universe to catch up with your dreams. Last but not least, May you celebrate your miracles – after all you are the Power that created it all!

Moreover, ask your guides, “Let it be easy, and let it be light!” Miracles and astonishing things are happening all around us – just remember to keep open to receiving them. As Mary Oliver wrote, “ What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

When we awaken to who we truly are, our experiences give rise to a new level. We are at our best and the universe mirrors that energy completely and helps us to expand the circle to encompass all of the world and beyond.  So I invite you at the beginning of this New Year when the world celebrates the fact that a date changes. How can You celebrate the dates on which You change the world?