I once read, “The only way to get this wrong is to not do it at all.” So here I AM. Doing it. I am bearing my Soul and sharing my personal transformation. Maybe you too will be inspired to share your Soul. If you are inclined to share the journey of your Soul I would love to hear from you.

On April 16, 2018, my life changed. I became the author of my life. Consequently, because of my own personal transition, this is going to be more than just another Muse-Letter. It is the personal accounting of the transformation that led me on this sacred journey toward wholeness. I want to share my experience of how Divine Love has had the most profound effect on my life. What is transpiring is beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. It hopefully will be for you as it is for me, a fierce reminder of the essential and unequivocal importance of becoming whole again-of becoming who we truly are.

I have a Dream. To live a pain free life and for all of us to know and feel that it is possible to experience that level of unconditional Love. A life that experiences Divine Love in ever increasing measure. For me, I AM falling in love with my own Soul.

I have come to believe that the Soul reason why we are here is to discover our Soul-full Self.  It is not a walk in the park and it can be the most arduous and difficult journey we will ever face.  And yet from my perception it is the spiritual brass ring. It is winning the spiritual lottery.  The foundation of our Journey from what we think of Ourselves toward the Holy Grail of Awakening to our Soul.  It is the discovery of our consciousness that extends beyond our human body.

My growth is directly attributed to the work from our book ‘The Spiritual Archaeologist.’  I have been watching myself in the last nine months genuinely transform from the inside out. What’s more, I have experienced greater insight from my Soul than I could from my own human consciousness. Learning how to see with the eyes of our Soul removes from ourselves the layers of pain that block our ability see our truth. I realized I had told myself story after story, believing in what seemed real; however, even though it appeared to be real it wasn’t the deeper truth. It was a story I created to rationalize or keep in place all the false perceptions I had come to believe about myself.

When we ask and turn our eyes toward seeking Divine Love inside ourselves instead of looking on the outside, the universe begins to conspire to help us remove every layer of pain that is blocking us from seeing who we truly are.

When I began to care for my Soul I became so much more connected to the world.  I learned to live life more fully and unconditionally. I became kinder, so much more compassionate with myself and others.  I now focus on more intimate matters than the world at large. It has expanded my perception of who I AM and what is most valuable.  Now I want to be more Divine than right!  Nothing is or can be more precious for me than finding my Soul. I now know my Soul is so much deeper and more dynamic than my mind or ego could ever be.

For me there was a specific day I began to feel my Soul. It didn’t happen by reading about it, or listening to someone else share their experiences. It was experiential.  My experience of it caused me to awaken to it and discover what awakening truly means. When it first happened it felt like, “Wow, this is it.  This is my Soul.” It felt like a deeper more Divine part of me. It was familiar. It felt like I had come home!

My wish is that for those of you who are inspired that you find a way to create from your Soul the most extraordinary adventure to live the most awakened, clear and loving life from your Heart.  May all of your expressions ripple out into the world and cause great happiness, joy and love to all who you are graced to touch. I bow to your courage. Your resilience. Your pioneering Spirit. THANK YOU for being here. Know you are the miracle workers connected to and an extension of Divine Love herself. This is our time in history to finally be who we truly are.  For nothing is more precious nor more profoundly powerful than for us to amplify the evolution of Love. And, even though your journey may be silent, invisible or  indescribable just know at the end of the day the world is different just because of your Light!  As Ramana Maharshi wrote, “Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”  Have a gorgeous week.  I love you madly.