Dearest Courageous Spiritual Champions,

As the brilliant author, Carolyn Myss wrote, “We are built for belief.  Belief shapes the way we see divine power and our role within it.”

Hence, in these extraordinary times it is the only time in the history of this planet when most of us if asked the question, “What do they believe in would realize how unprecedented a time this really is? It is sp incredible that we can’t even fathom what this un-kowning is doing to our psyche’s and how very vulnerable this uncertainly has made us!

So more than ever with everything we are becoming certain of the relationship with our higher self.  Consequently, when we do not know what we believe in, when we feel the carpet as been swept from under us we feel even more un-grounded, confused, uncertain and more susceptible to believing the loudest voices in the room!

Our higher self is our power. Recognizing that we hold this power by aligning with what feels true is what it means to become more conscious, to be awake! Having a direct connection to the Divine is essential in navigating life’s challenges. Yet, many of us still do not understand how this deep connection, (or lack of) influences everything in our lives! When we are in our knowing we feel safe!

In the beginning was the word!  Everything we tell ourselves now is how we are exercising and playing out our magic! This is how the Divine is communicating with us. How we can continue to course correct and stay true to our own authentic selves. This is Amore!  When we can really hear what is being communicated to us through our own Divine channel. This is how we can stay tethered to our Light!  This psychic hotline within ourselves is the greatest gift ever devised by the G-ds so we can keep moving forward according to our Soul’s Blueprint and find our True North in these very transcendental times.  This is one of our biggest responsibilities being on a spiritual journey today. To be anchored to the Light. When everyone and everything expands to its fullest potential!

We’ve been through so much over this last year and many of us are still feeling broken open.  Moreover, what is coming next is not yet known. More than ever it is essential to practice fierce grace by owning our power! It is the ground of rebirth and creativity and especially something to hold on to as we find ways to reset our nervous systems. As we go deeper not wider and reconnect with our hearts, the earth and our fierce grace we will discover a sacredness of how special it is to be Alive on this wholly ground called Earth at this time!

In closing, we are all discovering for ourselves that the dissolution and the destruction of the old outworn ideas and illusions does not have to end in hopelessness and despair.  Like all deaths it is opening up and giving us the opportunity to give birth to a new force and a wider and more illuminated presence of the divine within all of us. As Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker wrote in their majestic book, ‘Savage Grace’, “With all that we inevitably have to face and accept, we must never forget what we all somewhere know within ourselves-that joy is the ultimate nature of reality and the fuel for all authentic survival. In the spirit of this joy, we would like to celebrate the infinite wellspring of joy that resides at our core and that cannot be destroyed by the worst agony and the most devastating defeat. From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return.”