We are all feeling the shift as we are approaching the end of 2018, one of the most challenging and yet most magical and mystical years ever.  Even though all of us may be feeling frustrated, exhausted and on over-whelm, I also feel the synergy that we are all dreaming of together-the infinite possibilities that await us all and the miracles of what is to become as we and Planet Earth are being re-calibrated, refreshed and restructured.

A very wise teacher once said, “I come to give you life more abundant,” I don’t think he was just suggesting owning a larger portfolio. When we think about all the situations in life, the good, the bad and the ugly, what comes up is that where there is life there is hope, no matter what. We are the luckiest and most fortunate beings to have created this adventure called Life on Planet Earth! And when we walk on the sunny side of the street the chances of having a more beautiful, loving and wonderful day changes immensely.

So as a new spiral of evolution begins and our bodies continue to be re-calculated from the inside out…from the frequencies, planetary and astrology positions nothing can stop our souls from doing what they have all agreed to come here and do.  Which is to Evolve! The Life Force in our bodies is being activated to further embody our new selves which will enable us to move with more ease and grace as we keep moving forward.

While this is all happening one of the most conscious and healthiest things we can do is to be in the resonance of Gratitude!  In each moment we have a choice to be free, stay present or remain hostage to our old ways, patterns and habits. Gratitude keeps our hearts open so then Divine Love can enter.

The wonderful teacher, Martha Beck wrote, “Gratitude is the emotional sweet spot from which we can create our best lives. It takes us out of feeling like victims and reminds us how we’ve been supported, even by the smallest things, in good times and bad. In one study, people who wrote letters of gratitude to someone in their lives, and then read their letters aloud to the recipients, showed markedly increased levels of happiness for months. Doing good deeds, overcoming obstacles, and learning new skills also boosts happiness, but nothing comes close to the power of delivering a heartfelt “thank you.”

Research is showing us that the material things in life can’t give us that kind of abundance. It comes from pushing our limits with intelligent action, helping and serving others and especially expressing gratitude relentlessly.  The saying ‘whatever we focus on expands’ works! The more we feel grateful and blessed, the more we will receive and feel truly abundant. When our focus is on gratitude, we suddenly see how much we have to be grateful for. We see the abundance that surrounds and permeates us all.

Abundance is everywhere. In the air we breathe. In the water we drink. It comes from power that comes from our own hearts, from our soul’s burning fire which never ceases.  All the great teachers have taught us that there is a way of being and acting on this planet that is far more powerful and effective than anything else and that is truly loving. What’s more we all have access to that same powerful force deep inside of ourselves which is what we are all doing to create positive change on this planet. Even though at times we may feel like we have been beaten or ignored, we are truly leaving a trail for Divine Love for others to follow in our footsteps.  We can be so grateful that we are this elite community that is making huge deposits and great change through our courage in the earthly bank account for others to withdraw from in the future.  Queen said it best, “We are the Champions of the World!” We have widened the pathway for others to follow so more Divine Love can pour in.

Even though this world is filled with many horrific events, how incredibly grateful we can be that we have left a trail for others from our contributions and our resilience to carry on no matter what. So we can create positive change on this planet.  And if all else fails we can be so grateful for our cell phones— our little cell phones—those tiny machines like robot servants that put infinite opportunities in our palms of our hands.

“We can no longer consider ourselves merely onlookers who have no effect on the world that we’re observing…The very act of observation is an act of creation.” wrote the physicist John Wheeler.

We have been in a void for so long  and right now there could be no better time to finally get who you really are and what you are capable of being and doing. That being said there has never been a more exciting time to be alive!  We are creating our own reality in every moment. That is how miraculous, magnificent and powerful we truly are. There is an enormous amount of Light at this time of the year entering the earth plane and is coming to and through us to support and assist us in every way.

As we reclaim our sovereignty as the new most powerful, conscious beings on this Planet, I hereby give you permission to do the holidays differently. To do it your way! Make conscious choices to be happier, to eat healthier, to become more peaceful and to stay as grounded as possible. In other words be your own authentic self! Stay in your heart and become the authority of your wonderful and precious life.  Create more space by letting go of your old life and allowing a new one to light up. Create the best You!  Remember, when you do the work everyone around you is up-lifted.

So let’s get this party started. Begin the celebration. Life is constantly inviting us to be grateful to learn in each moment just how big, strong and powerful we are.  We are incredible super human beings. Spiritual gangsters who have come here to stir up the pot and give ourselves and others the license to change ourselves and the world we live in.  Welcome to the new quantum world where Miracles abound!

Thank you to my wonderful Tribe-my chosen family. My own loving Family. My daughter, Nicole.  Thank you to my Soul for giving me the courage to carry on my lineage. My incredible teachers, especially Sera Beak for being so brave to help us all recover our soul-full selves. And to all of you reading this now a big hug and Thank You for showing up week after week loving and supporting me. You mean the world to me. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a gorgeous week I love you madly.