by Marcy Heller

Once you can let go of the illusion that things should be different from the way they are and start to fall in love with where you are, it could be the most amazing time for you to start being the new You. Nothing is as it was. Two days ago on May 4th there was a new moon in Taurus that is of great benefit to most of us as it is bringing so much new positive energies in the artistic, creative and spiritual fields. It is not only expanding our passion with what we love most, it is also bringing out our strength/courage to manifest our dreams in these pursuits using our intuition and trust. This is the best time to let go of what no longer serves us so we can create the space for all the new and upcoming energies in the sign of Taurus. (Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and associated with material pleasure. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a calm, patient, reliable, loyal, affectionate, sensuous, ambitious, and determined character.)

Astrologically, it’s a perfect storm for setting your intentions and beginning to hold the vision-then making it a memory you can’t forget! Everything we need is inside, as the author Paulo Coehlo wrote, “I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe. We were all made by the same hand, and we have the same soul.” We are made of star dust!

These times have brought so many sudden changes, shocks and challenges as well as so many opportunities for doing things differently now that we are beginning to believe our fate of being the Masters of our Universe. Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world! Remember, if you’re in your head, you’re dead! Take it to Heart, if you don’t believe in your magic you never will experience the magnificent gifts it brings!

The acclaimed Ms. Lorna Bevan wrote, “In the eye of this perfect storm, in 2019 – 2020 you are being handed the biggest get-out-of-jail free, cosmic pass of your entire life. What to do with it, that’s the question. When you surrender, when you reconcile yourself to things you cannot change, you set in motion a sequence of events in a whole new direction. Usually it takes these fixed inevitable’s to free you from what you have previously created and become identified with. There arises on the inside a grace, a blessing, a gift that could not arise in an easier light. You realize what carries you through and what stops you. You get down to a core lesson that may prove to be your springboard into an entirely different octave of existence. And at the innermost center of this drama, you may be granted a vision of your purpose and your essential path, at a level beyond anything you could dream up when you were entangled. You are seeking here to send yourself beyond all that you’ve ever known by entering physical earth existence at a very intense level and cracking through the collective and ancestral codes.”

Begin this week knowing and owning this: You deserve everything. Moreover, take advantage of this fertile ground by beginning to make incredible and radical changes for your pursuit of happiness, knowing you are the manager of your own thoughts and universe. Moreover, when you realize this truth, your world is transformed. You raise your vibration because the respect that you will feel for yourself and the rewards that accompany that comes after you take that leap of faith and start to trust. Once you engage and align with that truth using that most powerful force within you, the universe and all the planets line up to support you.

The biggest question you may ask is ‘How do we develop a heart full of love and faith when all around us we see so much pain’? In the book, The Heart Notes, the author, Stewart Pearce sums it up, “The answer is Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, in evidence not yet seen. It is the very inner fabric of the Soul, for Faith has the inherent means to help us surrender to Divine will. It is difficult to have faith in a world that is moving so fast. But if we see faith as the rudder that steers our ship through the times that are changing, then we move into the flow of the universe. We give ourselves permission to become the master/mistress of our destiny. We develop brave creativity and muscled spiritual expansiveness. For it is not what we ‘do’ with our faith that is significant, but what we are ‘becoming’. It is the visionary healing that allows us to see that the being we were before is no longer, because we have literally died to our former selves. In consequence we move forward healed, refreshed, made new for the next vision, and we sense our heart is alive with a new beat, beating with the pulse of the infinite holy instant.”

We are creating a new game plan for honoring ourselves in new and different ways while discovering new skills in responding emotionally, mentally and physically. Most importantly, to change the habit of not reacting to what our mental body is doing in reaction to any thought, feeling or sensation we are not comfortable with. We must all now stand in our own authority and mid-wife what is uniquely individual for each of us. All life benefits when we can celebrate and be grateful for whatever is happening. Nothing is more important then for this transformation to occur so that we can live our life fully from the place of our own true north.

In these incredible times, our bodies are going through complete rewiring as we ascend to a newer dimension and anything goes! When we stop the process with our judgments, criticisms and projections we change the whole energy field into something less than love. It’s equivalent to having the signal lights on our dashboard taken out. Those emotions, however uncomfortable the sensation, are only trying to tell us to take a deeper look and see what the message is trying to tell us so we can discover the Divine Love that wants to come to the surface to be loved.

I believe we have walked this path together before only to return now to ascend to a higher vibration. When I look around and see the depth of spirit uplifting humanity and sharing their brilliant light with the planet, I feel so privileged to be part of this evolution. By staying in your hearts and by being your beautiful selves you are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up. Thank you for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.” I love you madly.