by Marcy Heller

Legendary Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

No matter how many people are surrounding us we still have to dare greatly with each step and with each choice we make in our wild, weird and wonderful world.

The brilliant teacher, Brene’ Brown wrote, “There will be times when standing alone feels too hard, too scary, and we’ll doubt our ability to make our way through the uncertainty. Once we belong thoroughly to ourselves and believe thoroughly in ourselves, true belonging is ours. Belonging to ourselves means being called to stand alone—to brave the wilderness of uncertainty, vulnerability, and criticism. And with the world feeling like a political and ideological combat zone, this is remarkably tough. We seem to have forgotten that even when we’re utterly alone, we’re connected to one another by something Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion.”

As star-seeds, pioneers and trail-blazers, in every moment, with every step we take, we are laying our path. More than ever we must keep dusting ourselves off and forge our own way..  Even though it takes so much fortitude and courage each of us must follow our own true-north and even though we may have the same road map, we are each choosing a different road less traveled!

For myself, there are times when standing alone has felt too hard, too scary, and definitely too uncertain! Yet, these are the times when we must go within and ask our higher self to reveal to us the courage and the strength we cultivated when through our eons of lifetimes we were courageous, strong and resilient. Somehow, somewhere when we reach deep into our selves we know we can, we will and we have done it! We have been in the wilderness of insecurity, uncertainty and fear and have survived. How do I know because if you are now reading this you are here! You have Survived!

In addition, even though we may have to stand alone more than ever, our quest for true belonging is paramount as humans as we are hard-wired to belong.  Connection is why we’re here. However, what I learned from Brene’ Brown is that true belonging is the practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world. It gives purpose and meaning to our life, and without it we suffer! However, at what price? It’s exhausting now when there is so much negativity and polarity. I am working very hard to keep belonging to myself and being authentic while trying not to alienate others!

On that note, I am so enjoying being ME, dancing as fast as I can to live a wholehearted life knowing I am worthy! With my intention every day I am choosing what I prefer. I am cultivating the courage, compassion, and communication each moment to state, ‘This is going to be the best day ever!’ After decades of playing it small I now know I am enough.  I am complete being imperfectly, perfect!  Whatever we were before, we are so much more of it now! As Michael Meade wrote, “Although many people strive to be perfect, those who become wise know that perfection is a kind of death and that our weird imperfections keep us alive. The word perfect means ‘finished or complete’, perhaps flawless, but also lifeless.  Being fully alive means become more conscious of how we are already wounded.  Becoming a whole person means learning how to live with our imperfections; for they too are ours to bear. We are most whole when we are healing ourselves—not just walking our walk, but also limping our limp! What inner gold we have can only shine through the cracks of our being. On the road of healing there is no certain way to go, unless we find the way already seeded within us.”

Whether it be the visionary, pioneer, magician, artist, healer, teacher, doctor, attorney, Indian chief or courageous warrior, we are being asked to re-enchant and re-imagine our world, and to see it with a new vision without abandoning ourselves. However, along the way we must keep course-correcting no matter what map we are following. We must know that we cannot forsake ourselves. No matter what is happening on the outside know we are not dying, we are being re-oriented! We aren’t in the field of Infinite Potential WE ARE the field of Infinite Potential!

Following our Divine plan is holy work.  It’s time for all of us to return to love in every moment so we can strengthen the experience of who you are and be the embodiment of heaven and earth. This is how we are changing the world. Becoming more coherent and compassionate, one heartbeat at a time!

Without a doubt I know that there are beings of Light on the earth plane as well as energetic beings assisting us and making an impact in dismantling that dark screen of consciousness. I have heard that the amount of power of Light that is working on our behalf would blow our minds. The unrest is going to play out and we have a choice in what we want to believe. As we are taking our power back, remember even though we can’t see it, the dark side is not going to win. It might get louder; however it is going to dissolve. The Light is going to win.  It will not dissolve without a fight so we must be as courageous as possible. The Force is always with us! Remember as we shine our Light, a critical mass of human beings are arising because of our Work! We have to Trust. We have to Choose. We have to Believe.

To all the friends, authors, guides, masters and teachers that I have been fortunate enough to learn and grow from so I may share their knowledge and wisdom from the Most High I am beyond grateful!  I humbly thank all of you as the Bearers of Love and Light having the courage and resilience to turn your tears into triumph and continue to eclipse the dark by anchoring your light. This is our new creation story. You are the Bravest Souls I AM privileged to know.  Let’s continue to hold the vision for ourselves and the world for all of our dreams becoming our realities for all of us and most importantly may health and peace reign on Planet Earth and a world that works for everyone!