There are still many gifts unopened from your birthday- Hafiz

Today with all these incredible numerical influences on your side find a thousand ways to make it a great day creating something wonderful!

The old adage that said we should live every day as if it were our last most likely meant that we should not wait until death is imminent to begin living the life we were born to live.

My understanding of what it means to thrive is that the future isn’t something that happens to you but something that you can create, The key is two words: intention and attention.

Everything great has been achieved because someone stepped out of their comfort zone and with extreme care created something different. They found their Genius and shared their heART in an exceptionally particular, intelligent or creative way.

The world as we know it is having a spiritual reawakening. There is a cosmic call to move into a new state of being and bring more joy, love and light into the world. What’s more is that when we are on this accelerated course there is no time or space for staying small. It just doesn’t serve who we are and still becoming any more…Everything is coming to the surface for us to grow in awareness and to be healed no matter how hard we try deny or move away from it.

Everywhere we go there are life-changing truths, techniques, therapies, lessons, energy healings, meditations, missions, programs, exercises, projects and practices for all seekers. Pick one – find a practice or spiritual principle that will assist you to up-level yourself to be all you can be. From my observation the only thing that is required are time and discipline. As Ram Dass once wrote, “The path of the heart is neither hard or easy but it takes time and intention.” What’s more is that you will feel better than ever as you develop and cultivate this new mind set into your new personal reality.

Having a practice is extremely powerful not to mention essential in the climate we are living in. And, that goes beyond the heat of South Florida. When you start to see the changes and experience this new course correction then get ready to Expect a Miracle. Miracles are just shifts in perceptions anyway. Once you change and get back on track, taking responsibility for your life, You become more resilient. You are now aligning yourself with your true self. Once you touch this joy of pure being, you will never forget it for then you are in the sweet spot of the universe that is why they call it the the present. You become expanded. You begin to transform yourself. You feel connected to something greater.

From my own experience as you continue to practice and are persistent the veils of illusion fall away and you then begin to recognize the limitation of identifying with your thoughts. The ego will try to reinforce the illusion of your separateness and attempt to keep you from merging in our spiritual heart. However, don’t allow it to block the light of your spirit. The payoff is once you are aligned with this energy it then creates a higher frequency which then eclipses and has dominion over all the lower vibrations. It is not an accident that the way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us. That is one of the primary reasons to take responsibility for our thoughts and choose love over fear. Love is the path to oneness with all things and once you choose love know in that very moment you are rewriting and rewiring your mind – creating a newer self. And then let the magic begin because this new state of being will attract a new life since energy flows where attention goes… Everything now is being created from a new perception.

To live fully present in each moment is to live in peace and love. To live in total contentment. We all have the ability right now to do and have more in life than you we ever dreamed. There have never been a time with more opportunities to assist us in achieving what ever we want…The definition for change is getting out of our comfort zone or the act of making or becoming different. Like the caterpillar…just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, he became a butterfly!

Lastly, I want to honor all of you who take time each week to communicate one way or another how much you are enjoying reading the Muse-letters. Take pause and know how precious you are to me. Writing my Muse-Letters and my collaboration with Joe Ivory is one of the many success stories of my life. And, my gratitude for Joshua Lamothe-web developer extraordinaire whose magic makes it possible for everyone to enjoy.

I send you all the Blessings that Heaven can share.