Within each of us there is a sacred dream calling us to our greatness, compelling us towards something greater. That energy fills our hearts with more passion and intelligence then the greatest thought we have ever processed through our mind. That vital, vigorous voice that is born from that energy is our soul speaking volumes to us. It asks us to become focused, bold and available to embrace the larger than life passionate dream that motivates us to align with what is sacred, infinite and eternal. It is confirmation that we are co-creating with our divine spirit.

As one of the foremost leaders of the spiritual movement, Michael Beckwith writes, “When your dream is small, it’s easy to get snagged in illusion. Small dreams are inherited from the society in which you were born. They are most often dreams of survival, materialism and consumerism. This is an extremely limited form of expression. Oftentimes people have been sucked down by the undertow of the human experiential domain and are unaware that they’re living in a very small dream. “I’m just trying to make it. I’ll be happy if I can just get by. I just need a few more dollars to help me get over. I just want to make some money…

I just want to…I just want to…I just want to…There’s always something else that’s lacking, something else that you need before you can fulfill your vision. When you’re bombarded by small minds with small conversations, the dreams that you inherit from this small world are mainly about convenience and comfort. People trapped in the small dream are just taking a vacation on planet earth. They become mired in the stagnant energy of apathy and lethargy—an ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t care’ mentality. These little dreams put you under the hypnotic spell of thinking that you’re separated from your good.

As you grow in your spiritual identity you eventually become aware of something that’s pulling you forward: the commitment and challenge of bringing your sacred dream to fruition. Go ahead. Let it emerge. Become committed to expressing the evolutionary urge of your own soul. Embrace the challenge of becoming more you.”

Aligning with our dreams, our divine plan doesn’t always feel soft and cuddly or comfortable. However, once we are able to go beyond those boundaries of limitation, blissitude and ecstasy are waiting on the other side – the glorious by-products of aligning ourselves with our heart’s desire. Another name for it is Grace. If we are not evolving there is no ecstasy. If we are not growing and staying stagnant we never reap the fruits of our actions. Individually we all are must go out on a limb because as they say , ‘that is where the fruit is’. You realize that it’s up to you in every moment, to go within. You realize that if you truly are going to anchor your own dreams and desires here, that you’ve got to do it in UNISON with your Higher Selves/Universe….for the magic to happen.

We’re already One with the Divine, there’s never a moment in which we are not. However, we are being ushered into limitless vistas once we go within and new ways of being are available to help us transcend. We’re simply doing our inner work to remove the blocks that prevented us from experiencing this new reality.

The Theologian Matthew Fox was quoted as saying, “I had a dream years ago and it said to me there’s only one thing wrong with the human species today. I think that statement is quite amazing because we probably could also write 100 things that are wrong with human species today, and that is that we have forgotten the sense of the sacred. So I think that recovering the sense of the sacred and part of that is quieting down, the psalm says be still and know that I am God. Meister Eckhart says nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness. So stillness is important but also the other breakthroughs that happen in our experiences of awe and wonder and joy”.

When I was just a little girl I loved the song ‘Que Sera, Sera’, (Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see Que Sera, Sera). Since then many things have changed; Including my perception that more than ever the future is up to me! Possibly, that is why I have chosen this path. To know that we have much more say in what we can manifest and therefore experience in this life. We cannot look out to the world to know where things are we can only look within to find out where we are at individually. Moreover, as Bruce Lipton states, “Our beliefs are stronger than our biology.”
I invite everyone today to become aware that they are the divine presence of love, personified. With each breath, infuse it with this very presence of love, beauty and joy and give thanks. In each moment, hold a deep appreciation for all you are and all you have. As you expand that awareness, know that it is everywhere – fully present, never absent. As it grows in consciousness and compassion know that it will amplify and embellish the world with wholeness, health and love for the highest and best within us all. And so it is. It is done. Now so be it…Thank YOU for taking those steps to open completely up to the brilliance and magnificence of who you truly are. It is an honor to work with you and to have you in our sacred family.