When I experience the source of this Divine mystery of infinite love it tends to bring me to my knees in awe and in devotion.

In the last few months many of us have undertaken a deep and at times very challenging ride and now we are finding the courage to once again fully show up even more brilliant, brighter, bigger than ever before… Each week, I continually feel I am a different Being than I was last time I wrote to you.  In fact, I believe many of us feel the same.  Life has touched us in ways that we are all being challenged to be more; to be more patient (with ourselves and others), to be more present,  to be more loving while keeping our hearts open, and to be ever more compassionate especially when we are thrown those curve balls that plummet us into darkness, pain or loss.  This is the perfect time to take the opportunity to be in deep gratitude for all that life is bringing to and through us. To embrace it all.

From the deepest crevices of my heart and from the tender space where I feel the love that I AM I want you to know how blessed I Am to have you in my life.  This last year has opened me in ways I could never have known or even imagined.  I feel so privileged and honored to be able to share my thoughts, my heart and my being.  I’m beyond grateful for your existence in my life. I’m grateful for everything you offer to me and to the people in your lives.  I’m grateful for the tapestry of human consciousness that gives us the ability to inform and be informed. I’m grateful to the web that makes it possible for us to communicate like this.  I’m grateful for the extraordinary gift of getting to live on this earth plane at this time with all of You.  Even though I may not have seen, spoken or met you recently take pause and know I carry you in my heart. You inspire me. You give me courage. You give me hope. You give me reason to be here when there are times it is really difficult to show-up and just be…

The spiritual teacher, Craig Hamilton wrote “When we discover this source of infinite love—whether it’s just a taste or a glimpse, an insight, or a profound moment of spiritual revelation—it tends to bring us to our knees in awe and in devotion for this love that is own deepest nature. We also realize this love is ever-present. When we get a taste or glimpse of this, we see that there was never a moment in our life and never a moment in all of life where this love was not already present and overflowing. When we discover the perfection of love at the heart of all of this, there’s an overwhelming recognition that this love is unconditional. It’s not something I have to earn, it’s not something I have to generate, it’s not something I have to create or become worthy of or prove I’m good for. It’s what’s always already so. The whole Cosmos is shot through with love, beginning to end and beyond. If love is the most important thing there is, and we accept that it’s never lacking, never not present, never goes away—then that means that the most important thing can never be taken away from me or you or anyone.

I know now that love is always there for us whether we feel it or not.

The great Goddess teacher, Sally Kempton wrote, “The sages of India and Tibet say that though there are countless subtle worlds in this multi-verse, this earth is the only place where actions have consequences. That means it’s the only place where we can learn what right action really is, and how to do it skillfully. It’s also, of course, the only place where spiritual activity actually transforms us. So perhaps, the greatest gift of our lives is the fact that we get to act in this world. We get to make mistakes and suffer for them. We get to do beautiful actions and feel satisfaction. We get to recognize the gorgeousness of the human spirit. We get to fall in love with people, and fall in love with the subtle divine Presence that pervades even our toughest moments. And we get to discover the Awareness and Love that is the true Self of each of us, and surrender to the divinity that lives inside us.

As we all move forward into the season of Light may you all continue to be Blessed.  May all that you ask for be the least you receive.

May all that you are and all that you do ripple out into the world and cause great happiness, joy, love and peace in all who it touches…Have the best holiday season ever and may all that is Bright and Buddha-ful be yours now and forever more…I bow to all of you and THANK YOU for being here..