There is no place to hide anytime soon as we are giving birth to this new reality. Our greatest asset is our uniqueness. From my own experience, these times have been beyond intense and daunting; surely not for the faint of heart! However, every time I make the brave decision to be aware of what I am feeling and sense the energetic vibrations of my consciousness at any given moment, I am choosing to align with a higher vibration as the evolution of this universe unfolds. What’s more, I am realizing as I stay awake and make healthier choices, the universe is so responsive to my requests, and Voila’, magic and synchronicities just appear! I am amazed at the wonderful and magical acts of generosity I have been able to receive in these last few weeks. It’s like the universe keeps rewarding me for staying the course. Moreover, the more I receive, the more I am grateful. The circle of love continues and my love for myself and others grows ever so stronger.

I continue to keep repeating that the greatest gift we can give one another is to work on ourselves. When we become more vulnerable, transparent, kind, loving and generous – others who mirror those qualities just show up. Confirming more than ever that we are and continue to be the co-creators of our new reality. Each of us has impacted this world in so many powerful ways. Therefore by continuing to be the unique expressions of love, we keep creating more of the same. That is what keeps showing up for us. My question to all of you is “Are you willing to love in a way that we have never loved before!?” Because if you keep asking that question I promise you your world will change! We are the Fixers. As Rumi says the G-d you don’t believe in doesn’t exist. God is not an vending machine. It doesn’t seem to work if we just ask for what we want; however, by being that energy, staying at that frequency we draw to us what we desire most! When we become Divine Love in action, that is evolution. That’s Amore!

As we let go of repetitive patterns and futile struggles that are now dead in the water, what do you want to create in that empty space? Knowing nature abhors a vacuum, I invite you to make choices that are aligned with your truth… your knowing…your desires.

Over the next few months, I have heard through great authority, that we can expect to experience radical shifts, broken bridges, destruction and feelings of loss and despair. Our own unique blueprint is going through radical renovations that is preparing us for the new super-humans that are emerging within us. Before becoming a butterfly, the caterpillar has to go through its own metamorphosis. That’s the best analogy to share as we let go of our old identities, stories and heritage so we can reshape not only our personal identity but the collective psyche of our ancestors. This process can be draining, overwhelming and difficult at best. However, coming out of denial and taking responsibility for our lives, as scary as it seems, can be one of the healthiest and most up-lifting things we can do for ourselves.

I am still facing my fears and as they are coming up I’m removing them one layer at a time. It is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do but one of the most liberating. I AM not only seeing what has held me hostage for so long, but in identifying with those feelings of loss and sadness I AM able to move forward feeling lighter and happier. The fog is clearing and allowing me to draw healthier boundaries so I can start to create a new and different story for myself; one that I deserve and was born to live. Not one that was created for me by others who wrote the script! I AM finally growing up!

I love what psychologist and spiritual counselor, Matt Licata wrote, “It emerges out of the here and now. While the narrative that you are “falling apart” is rich and multi-layered, look carefully and see if you were ever “together” to begin with. You are the vast space in which “together” and “apart” dance in union, and you will never be limited to either of these narratives. Rest for a moment and honor the unprecedented nature of what is moving within you. If you remain too identified with “falling apart,” you cut into the natural aliveness that is the essence of pure, immediate experience. You lose contact with the luminous within, and become miss-attuned to the wisdom of your unfolding experience, exactly as it is. You disconnect with the radiance of embodied presence, with the intelligence of the earth, and with the high-voltage realization that nothing has ever been wrong with you. You forget that the darkness, when provided sanctuary, is brighter than a thousand suns.”

I honor all of you in our elite, evolutionary community as the way-showers, pioneers and bearers of Love and Light who are helping this world expand and amplify into its greatness. We’re all being asked to show up with more courage, clarity and resilience so we can lead ourselves and others in our spiritual transformation. With our magic, magnificence and mystique at our fingertips we are tipping the scale with every prayer, meditation and intention. It’s sacred work. It’s holy. It’s why we came here to begin and end with. Reality needs us more than ever in creating this grand design. Once you begin sharing your Divine essence, the miracles will unfold right in front of you. With your creative genius contributing to the collective consciousness, every thought and intention is changing the field for All of US as we are midwifing a new era on earth.

The universe is rooting for you. As you awaken today and share the unique gifts that no one else can give but you, know that you are safe and protected. There is no one else that can write that story, draw that picture or sing that love song. You are infinite and ageless. Reality needs your service and today may you receive the Blessings of who you truly are. I love you madly. Know that your love is just a miracle! Have a gorgeous week.