by Marcy Heller’

Hello Brave Souls! What you are experiencing now is a radically exciting contemporary evolution of enlightenment. The earth is being prepared for a higher evolutionary Species for Humanity! And, we as the Star-Seeds and Way-Showers, we are being shown the most brilliant, advanced minds of today beaming down via the powerful rays of God’s consciousness upon earth and humanity from the great central sun! Divine Will, Love, Intuition and Intelligent Action are just waiting to be integrated and molded into our vision.

It is said that Spirituality begins when you decide that you will never stop trying. For it’s the path of the Spiritual Champion to make a commitment to keep moving forward no matter what is happening. It is the path to be willing to face the pain and go beyond the edges. To be so committed while on a journey of constant transformation.

Even though feeling so challenged lately, like many of you, I am trying so very hard to feel the Divine Presence in it all. To go beyond myself.  Beyond my discomfort. Therefore, if being spiritual means never going back to your comfort zone. Well, here I AM!  It certainly doesn’t feel comfortable at times. I feel like I am at the edge and I am pushing so hard to go through it, knowing my persistence will get me through. Why? Because, I would rather be free then continue to be a victim of my mind and to have the discipline to choose to surrender and come to terms with what is happening. In the past when it got this uncomfortable, I would stop and retreat. Now I am willing and able to go beyond where I was by surrendering to what is happening, now, now, now.  Each time we reach a critical moment in our life our Soul hopes that we are about to change, to evolve, to become a bigger and better person.

As Archangel Michael has decreed. “You are gaining a whole new set of rules to live by, a wonderful plethora of exciting information, and new wisdom to assist you in functioning within this new reality that you have envisioned. Joy and bliss became the norm, and gradually, you begin to manifest your dreams and visions. Amazingly, you were also meeting interesting new friends that you recognized instantly as members of your Soul family. You began to share, teach and project this new vision, this new persona you have taken on, and the world began to look much brighter. And then, suddenly, it seems you have taken a step backward as many of you began to manifest dramatic illnesses that you do not understand. Obstacles are placed in your way, hampering your progress; what you had thought was your mission, your gift to humanity. Many of you can no longer find solace in meditation or reach upward (or inward) in order to tap into the loving feeling of Oneness with the Beings of Light. You feel you are in a void, a sense of loss or at least, a sense of unreality.   Let us reassure you, beloved ones, it is all a part of the process. These are times of great acceleration, transformation and critical, chaotic change. We are infusing you with the maximum amount of Divine substance that your physical vessel can contain. In doing so, it is accelerating your journey along the path of initiation so that it may seem as though you are in a whirlwind of change as you try to adjust to your new persona. Each time you lift your consciousness or tap into a higher frequency sub-plane and incorporate it in any part of your Being, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or etheric, it permeates the very depths of your Being as it releases any corresponding impacted or negative energies that resonate at a lower frequency.  Fate will keep nudging at our Souls and endangering our life and the world we live in our heart until we finally accept that some deeper truths are rising to the top of our life to draw attention that something needs to be healed or finally faced! Now with everything rising to the surface and with so many people being pushed to the point of despair, do not give up hope. This is certainly not the end of time but a break in the rhythm of history that also creates opening to the possibilities of the Soul of the world where more magic and miracles never cease to exist! You cannot fail! Become your own sacred witness as you glean, sort, release and refine the information and experiences that will move into your awareness. Allow yourself to ride the crest of the mighty waves of transformation. There is nothing to fear, precious ones, and so very much to be gained.”

And, here is the rub! Most of us are afraid of any meaningful changes at all. It’s that division within us that causes most of our suffering. One part of us (the smaller self), doesn’t want to grow. This is where we feel our division. Our deeper, higher self says bring it on! We are all being initiated one way or another.  As

The ego self can easily be overwhelmed from one minute to another. It is our old tapes that keep running wild. Herein lies the situation; we are caught between these two worlds!

As the uncertainty grows in this current climate and the crisis multiplies on the outside, the sense that there is a deep self or Soul within each person becomes more important than ever before! Moreover, we still need to have compassion for ourselves and at the same time we have to have a greater tolerance for the insecurities and anxieties of the little self that is trying to drive the bus!

Now when no one is certain what the future will bring, we can feel the overwhelm of uncertainty in all aspects of life; spiritually, physically, emotionally and cosmically. Through any crisis we either become a bigger soul or we become a smaller person. The Soul sees this new opportunity as another occasion to allow our Souls to create a bigger self.

Again, this is where we find ourselves, in the threshold between regression and transformation. That is our work to discover where we are trapped and allow transformation to begin.

That is why all the masters and saints urge us to die before we die. That those little deaths are deaths of the ego and every time we allow the greater self to eclipse that smaller self, the ego dies a little. It is a kind of paralysis of spirit that causes us to just stagnate instead of creating the life we were born to live!

I urge you to become yourselves in such a grand way that will only add blessings to the blessed life you have now. It is easy to forget that the real war is still inside of us and the greatest arc of healing is for us to continue to work on ourselves. It is time for us to clear all the distortions of the past. Fear will only hinder our expansion and progress of this new awareness and no longer serve us.  Please accept these truths that you are a treasured son or daughter on this mission and nothing can change that. Align within your sacred heart center in each moment – that is the key so you are able to experience these profound revelations. Remember you are the one who can create freedom, prosperity and empowerment in your life. And must continue to integrate all of these virtues in your life! So more and more inspired thoughts and experiences will come to you. The time has come for us to Ask and open to receive by letting go of the old to make space for the new!