According to many teachers, we have entered 5D consciousness. We have reached a new horizon of possibility and now we get to write a new ending for our life. How great is that?

For many of us entering this new reality what we are feeling has left us without a sense of who, what or where we are. For those who are experiencing or have experienced ‘the dark night of the soul’ and/or many spiritual deaths before entering into this new reality just know we have created the space for the gateway to open into a newer, higher and more evolved 5D dimension. As we step onto this plateau even though we may be experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness and anticipation we are laying the groundwork to now be aligned with the newest being Superhuman 5D reality. It is a gift that this shift in awareness is providing so our souls can align with a higher truth.

In this new dimension we can all now cultivate the courage to be authentic. In our willingness to give up control and knowing that there is nothing left to lose we can free ourselves. In Brene’ Brown’s newest book, Rising Strong “her pioneering work uncovered a profound truth: vulnerability—the willingness to show up and be seen with no guarantee of outcome—is the only path to more love, belonging, creativity, and joy. But living a brave life is not always easy: we are, inevitably, going to stumble and fall.” The common thread is to be willing to be comfortable in the discomfort.

Moreover, the spiritual teacher, Osho wrote, “Fear is not going to help. Fear always means the fear of the unknown. Fear always means the fear of death. Fear always means the fear of being lost, but if you really want to be alive, you have to accept the possibility of being lost. You have to accept the insecurity of the unknown, the discomfort and the inconvenience of the unfamiliar, the strange. That is the price one has to pay for the blessing that follows it, and nothing can be achieved without paying for it. You have to pay for it: otherwise you will remain fear-paralyzed. Your whole life will be lost.”

From my own experience when we become oand fearless we are opening to the possibility that regardless of our stories we are allowing the universe to reveal to us the truth of what we’re truly feeling and capable of handling. Once we get to that place we can develop a practice to become more courageous, more trusting, happier and healthier. We are cracking open the egg that will teach us the most about who we are and how resilient we truly are. Instead of feeling sadness, grief or any emotion we can come to terms what has held us hostage in our own narrative up until now. So I offer this simple practice to hold the vision to release yourself the self-imposed beliefs that have held you hostage up until now. Own your Powerful Self!

Practice releasing yourself from any vows, agreements, contracts or anything else that have keep those self-imposed beliefs of who you thought you weren’t. In other words over and over declare the Truth of who you truly are. Capable, caring, compassion, strong and powerful. Just to name a few!

I hereby declare the Truth of my infinite nature and command my reality to confirm this Truth to me now. I am infinitely healthy. I am abundantly happy. I am prosperous. I am free. I am the light. The light I am. And, May all beings be uplifted, healed, and reborn by the power of my decree. And so it is. And it is so…

We have come here to be inspired (in spirit), to dream. We come onto this physical plane temporarily to create through the flying carpet ride of the imagination. So as you turn into your creative self today find a way to keep going. Don’t give up the ship! You are indomitable. You are here to experience your greatness! Live your life as wishes fulfilled.

After the process of owning our stories, after we rise from our falls we now get to write a new ending. From our struggles and healing we now get to have the courage to transform the way we live, breath and lead. Although I don’t know you, I do know without a doubt something magical, inspirational and wonderful is waiting to be born within you. Today, cultivate the courage to bring forth those gifts. The world is waiting for You! Welcome Home!