by Marcy Heller

According to the brilliant teacher and author Jean Huston, “Never before have the stakes been so high for ourselves, society, and our planet. The sheer scope of breakdown and breakthrough, beauty and ugliness, the unexpected as the expected, the upside down, topsy-turvy nature of things that previously had been ordinary and unchanging—all of these elements bring us into the planet-wide life of a story that’s unique and previously unknown, always surprising, and therefore mythic. This is happening to all of us, simultaneously, around the world, regardless of culture or context, economics or ecology, science or spirit. It’s as if we’ve landed on the unknown, other side of the moon of ourselves, and we have little or no training or mentoring with which to meet the immensities of this challenge.”

Simply put, our future depends upon what you are choosing to focus your power on! We have now entered the world of quantum physics where Miracles follow Miracles and Wonders never cease. It is the physics of becoming a cosmic magnet and attracting higher levels of reality into our consciousness. It is giving a new meaning to the word empowerment, which at our core contains an immense amount of power along with the infinite possibilities within it.

Focusing on our future is now where you want to be simply because it is the higher potential inside of you that is driving the bus for your growth and evolution. Our perception of everything in our world changes when we realize we are not the small selves we once believed we were. Instead, we have come to realize our true nature is that we are indeed the Courageous Spiritual Warriors who can use their innate power to be the Miracle Manifestors – anchoring the light to transform the collective consciousness!

Moreover, one of the most important qualities to cultivate to direct our power is the quality of Equanimity. Equanimity is this remarkable ability that some people seem to have to remain centered, present and level-headed, regardless of what’s happening around them. It’s the ability to not get kicked off your center even when things are difficult and or very challenging. Especially even when we’re emotionally triggered and our circumstances are uncertain. And once we are not distracted by the outside world and can cultivate this quality we have a platform where we can begin to birth our creative genius.

It gives us freedom to BE, without being tethered to our emotional selves! Remember, the famous line by Janis Joplin, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” If you don’t have anything to lose because you’ve already let go of everything, you’re free! Free to Be whatever and whomever you want!

When we are not distracted by the illusions of our minds, we’re more balanced and can see more clearly. Whatever is going on around us, even if we don’t like it and are not sure how to proceed, we can still be present with what is. This kind of wisdom gives us equanimity because we’re no longer fooled by the distortions of our mind. We can keep course-correcting and tune into that wisdom of our higher selves. Intense things are happening in all of our lives. However, if we can cultivate a state of equanimity we can still experience difficulties on the outside, and can still see our way through with clarity to manifest the highest outcome for all. We respond without reacting by tuning into the wisdom in ourselves. This above all is what compels me to practice, to keep ascending and evolving so in awakening and transforming I can and will do even better!

Moreover, isn’t this why we do what we do? Deep down we know there is something more. There is a higher, healthier possibility for all of our lives. The wonderful meditation teacher, Craig Hamilton wrote, “We may have determined that these qualities of enlightenment are possible because we’ve encountered enlightened human beings, people who we took to be at least more enlightened than us, and we noticed some of their positive qualities. Maybe we’ve read about it in books, or we’ve had deep tastes of it ourselves. We’ve tasted spiritual awakening and enlightenment and we have experienced those qualities of awakening that we aspire to or that we are drawn to such as: kindness, generosity, compassion, sensitivity, wisdom, or profound intuition, deep presence. We might add things like the superpowers we hope we would have of creativity and strength and resilience. The power to make things happen.”

We now have at our fingertips so many new tools and techniques to upgrade and reboot ourselves as we continue breaking old habits and become our newer selves. Keep tapping into that loving wisdom, it is there waiting for you within the cave of your own heart. We don’t have to return to that old way of thinking, feeling and being. In this new dimension it simply does not work any longer. Just know that you were breathed into this universe and how much magic is in the very being of you. Our perfectionism is destroying us as well as our mind-set of our own false perceptions of lack and limitations. It’s okay to not feel perfect, peaceful and beautiful in every moment. It’s alright not to be happy all the time. So let’s make an agreement to all be imperfectly perfect together. To stop fighting the existing reality. As Buckminster Fuller and many others have said, “A Truer, Grander Vision. You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Be the best you can be and know that is good enough!

This is the most amazing time to start a new story. A new You. To finally accept that you are all truly magnificent beings of love, light and magical power. Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and our attention to our own worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world!

And, even though your journey may be silent, invisible or  indescribable, just know that at the end of the day, the world is different just because of your Light!  As Ramana Maharshi wrote, “Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” And when you align with this energy it is exhilarating, inspiring and contagious! After all, what can be more uplifting than the profound up-leveling of our humanity!