Research tells us that the Greek philosopher, Socrates was quoted as saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Mainly because we are not choosing our life moment to moment – rather our old life continues through us from our unconscious mind and habits when we do not choose something different.

Never before have we been so Blessed and Graced with the most powerful knowledge, information and theories – enabling us to harness our own power. What’s more to know that in many cases these ideas and practices are becoming much more effective than any of the doctors, drugs, therapies and programs we were to led to believe we needed.

Each and every day I am finding something strange and also wonderful for me to witness, see and experience mentally, physically and spiritually. The revelations and the syncronicities that the new physics are showing us are beyond measure. Each day I ask the universe to be astonished and usually by noon I AM never disappointed!

One of the most startling ideas that keeps presenting itself is that most of what I and so many of us had been taught to be true is most likely wrong. And, what a great place to start to create a new life and a new personality (personal reality) than being in that space of knowing you don’t know!

There is a life force within each of us that is more powerful than we could ever have imagined. We no longer have to believe we are frail victims of circumstances and have no control over our lives – but, rather in focusing our energies can change all that and be deliberate, powerful co-creators in our universe. We are just now beginning to understand that we are artists creating our world with each new thought we choose. In his book, ‘The Spontaneous Healing of Belief’, Gregg Braden wrote, “From the healing of disease, to the length of our lives, to the success of our careers and relationships, everything that we experience as ‘life’ is directly linked to what we believe.”

Once you have the realization there is a whole new set of beliefs that we can incorporate into our daily lives, rather than looking at life from the old or conditioned patterns and paradigms, you can take the leap and jump into a new reality. To go beyond the habits of the conditioned mind all that’s required is this new realization along with practice, discipline and courage. What’s more we begin to realize that it isn’t just ourselves that will benefit from this new perspective for transformation but the planet as well—changing the playing field for the All of Us and contributing to the evolution of humanity. How does it get any better than that?