by Marcy Heller

Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

As author, Carolyn Myss wrote, “We are built for belief.  Belief shapes the way we see divine power and our role within it.”

With the intense energies becoming even stronger in these extraordinary and evolutionary times, it is the only time in the history of this planet when most of us have asked the question, ‘What do we truly believe in?” It is so incredible that we can’t even fathom what this un-knowing is doing to our psyche’s and how very vulnerable this uncertainly has made us! For certain we are all healing in the most mysterious ways.

More than ever it is essential that we become certain of the relationship we have with our higher self, as each of us is going through our own personal metamorphoses. Consequently, when we do not know what and who we are and what we believe in, we can feel like the carpet as been swept from under us, feeling even more un-grounded, confused, uncertain and more susceptible to believing the loudest voices in the room! As mentioned below in this week’s astrology, “Isn’t it amazing how you keep on doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? Break the pattern – close the door permanently behind you on what is not working, has never worked or isn’t worth the struggle.”

This is the most wonderful time to know ourselves, to raise our vibrations and to lift our consciousness and understand like never before the expansive nature of our Being. I know from my own personal experience I am feeling a greater appreciation of my self-worth and certainly so much more compassion for myself and others as we move forward creating new maps to navigate so we can flow through this terrain with more ease, grace and courage.

In the beginning was the word!  Everything we tell ourselves now is how we are exercising and playing out our magic! This is how the Divine is communicating with us through our own Divine channel. This is how we can stay tethered to our Light!  This psychic hotline within ourselves is the greatest gift ever devised by the G-ds so we can keep moving forward according to our Soul’s Blueprint and find our True North in these very transcendental times. This is one of our biggest responsibilities being on a spiritual journey today. To be anchored to the Light. When everyone and everything expands to its fullest potential!

Shaman Durek in his book, Spirit Hacking goes on to say, “INCORRECT THINKING – People have a bad habit of thinking against themselves. They wake up criticizing themselves, and cursing themselves, and thinking all these negative thoughts about themselves, and then they allow this to continue throughout the day, all the way up until they go to sleep at night. I messed up. I’m doing it wrong. I’m such a loser. I hate my thighs. You name it. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, people say these things out loud. Things like: I’m an idiot. I can’t. I don’t know. I’m broke. I was bad today because I ate a cupcake. I mean, people actually say things like this about themselves all the time. These kinds of aspersions are regular, all day/every day thoughts and statements that accompany most people’s lives, and the people who are casting them aren’t even thinking twice about all the ways they’re defaming their own characters. When we speak about ourselves in cruel, defamatory ways, we are directing our words to that innocent child who lives inside us. There is no difference between saying those words to a small child who is sitting right in front of our faces, and saying them about ourselves. Just because you can’t see the child inside you, doesn’t mean that child isn’t there; and it certainly doesn’t mean your words are harmless. Your every word is being registered by your little child inside you. Imagine what people would think if they saw you telling a five-year-old that he was stupid, or that she was ugly, or that she ruined everything, or that you hate his guts, and imagine how those words would affect that child. That is exactly what your words are doing to your child inside you.”

Our higher self is our power. Recognizing that we hold this power by aligning with what feels true is what it means to become more conscious, to be awake! Having a direct connection to the Divine is essential in navigating life’s challenges.  Yet, many of us still do not understand how this deep connection, (or lack of) influences everything in our lives! As Maureen Moss wrote, “Once again, we are in the midst of a more ardent quantum escalation of unveiling ourselves and learning to live in flow, not certainty. Whether it has come about as a matter of illness, loss, shadow work, heart openings, drawing lines in the sand of what we will or will not put up with any longer or experiencing more of ones Higher Self and Soul merge into physicality…any one of them has led many to a conversion of the human form and its consciousness into a higher frequency.

As we are letting go, like all deaths it is opening up and giving us the opportunity to give birth to a new force and a wider and more illuminated presence of the divine within all of us. With everything we are facing it is essential that we never forget how truly powerful we are – that joy is our birthright! In the spirit of our joy, we must as a community find our way forward and celebrate the infinite wellspring of love, happiness and grace that resides in each of us at our core. Our Power and Spirit can never be destroyed even by the worst agony and the most devastating defeat. It is up to us to ask and know that we are worthy of receiving from eons of lifetimes to service to G-d and humanity to receive more love, joy, prosperity, beauty, grace, truth, fun and peace. “From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return.” Just like Gandhi had always taught  ‘Be the Change you wish to see in the world.’

In our new humanity we are to here to BE and manifest what we wish to experience in this New World and no longer cling to the old, outworn life of who we thought we had to be to receive more love, appreciation and recognition. Now would be the best time to claim the Life we were born to Live!