Today Be Cause – be cause instead of effect…

Did you know that we are creating everything according to the vibration we are holding? We are generating creation in every moment.

The more we can sustain the vibration of what we want and desire the more we are going to live our life by design rather than live our life by default. The key is to begin to have a relationship with our own interior awareness. That means providing ourselves with the tools, training and support to evolve and grow in unprecedented ways while learning to harness our higher self – while eclipsing the wounded self and our ego’s destructive tendencies. In other words, to learn to be more mindful.

The greatest habit we can break is the habit of being ourselves. It is now time to create a new ‘You’. One that is aligned with your authentic power and to create it in a way that will empower everyone around us as well.

The more we can stay in a higher vibration of love aligning to our true self and filling ourselves with enough love to share we will then draw those people into our lives who will be more loving and more open to sharing their passion, aliveness, growth, bliss, joy and companionship. Consequently, when we are not loving and not taking care of ourselves we become more needy and will tend to draw other needy people into our life. Since we all connect on a common level of health or woundedness the more we can love and learn about ourselves the more we draw in others who are mirroring that by loving themselves.

What are you broadcasting-if it isn’t in alignment with your true authentic self creates a different narrative. Write a different story and and start to memorize new patterns. Begin to close the gap between what your were broadcasting before – and who you wish to show-up now.

Take pause because If you are reading this muse-letter right now, right here then know you are one of the chosen Ones. Something magical is happening here and it might not be very clear; however, I don’t know what it is all I know is that it will be great.

There is always going to be something there to remind us about the past. When you can detach from the emotional pain attached to that memory that is what is called true wisdom! Know that before now everything happened to bring us to this moment. You were created flawlessly to change everything now.

As you celebrate and create more harmony within yourself by living wholeheartedly you will continue to unlock the miraculous power that dwells within each and everyone of You. And, once you recognize the Truth that you are Pure Love, whole and complete just the way you are then for the first time ever at that deepest level you will no longer be in search of what you were seeking all along. It is standing right here and right now! You are the Miracle The Divine Beloved you have been waiting for! “Your transformation is the greatest gift you can give yourself and every one you know and love!”