Something great is happening here for all of us…”

“Descent is not about finding Light but about going into the darkness and befriended it. If we remain there long enough, it takes on its own luminosity. It will reveal everything to us.” – Sue Monk Kidd

There is a famous interview on BBC in which the facilitator asks Carl Jung if he believed in G-d? After a moment he responded with “ Difficult to answer.” Then after the perfect pause he tells the interviewer, “I don’t need to believe. I know!”

That is Faith. To listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance all the way.

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather, ” quotes the Buddhist teacher, Pema Chodron. Even on the spiritual path we still might be seeking perfection; however, we can look back to the ancient teachings and see that there is no right, there is no wrong there is only silence and connection at the deepest level. Find that source, meditate and connect to the stillness inside. I promise you it is a magical, carpet ride where Miracles are manifested and Dreams are born.

Carpe diem! Why not start today and find something that moves you? Step into a new personality and discover a new personal reality. Entertain this fact that you are someone who is so much bigger and more than you ever thought possible and your dreams hold power. Find something that speaks to you and apply it to this auspicious, sacred, and precious moment called the present. Discover what brings you more joy than you ever thought possible and fills your soul with passion and peace. What wisdom is sparkling inside? What is bubbling over to be expressed? What gets your mo-jo working? Become the surfer. Ride the excellent energies of today and take that leap off the precipice. With your expression, intention and action it can become a reality to engage in. Your life will awaken with beauty & grace. Each of us are here to be a Divine and deliberate Creator. Know You were born for greatness!

It is that time go further. To dig down and deep. Have bravado. Become spiritually naked and from this place of love, beauty and balance take you Light and illuminate it far and wide with the world. Your heart will expand and open wider than ever before, your divine destiny will be revealed and your soul will simply soar. Become Trust — After all, the best is yet to come. And won’t that be Great!