One of our great teachers, Barbara Marciniak once wrote, “If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story”.

We are here to be deliberate Creators…Now is the time to be ready for anything and everything knowing we are at the precipice to begin to accept the unvarnished truth that we are destined for greatness. We are not those temporal, fragmented and limited beings that we once imagined and erroneously identified ourselves with for eons of time. Know you can be anything you want to be in any given moment.

I invite you to go within and feel the regenerating power of You as you authentically become more aligned with your Divine nature with each passing moment. Things are shifting and changing. Spirituality-lite just won’t cut it any longer. You are here to illuminate your life, sing out loud and shine brilliantly. So however uncertain tomorrow may be, I invite you to open your heart, and trust what you create to be fully alive.

No longer do we have to use any external “realities” as a barometer for the new levels and vibrations that we are destined to hit. As we become more grounded with the core of who we are (our Divine nature), and experience having a foot in both worlds (in it but not of it) we can magically create more of the life we were born to live and less of the life that was based on our ego personality, driven by our fight/flight actions. This is your disappearing Self shifting into your evolving Self. This is evolution. And evolution only goes forward not backwards.

As we go deeper within our consciousness, expanding to accelerated levels and heightening our awareness, we are going to create more peace, love, bliss and magic in our universe. All gateways are now opening up way beyond anything we could have imagined. We were made to love more and it is love and light that we are made of. Your soul are those rays of sunlight illuminating all the hearts you touch.

The transformational teacher and coach Lisa Transcendence Brown wrote, “The human aspect is unaware that it is more than one thing… it’s “just human” or it claims to be a soul, yet still holds onto separation in it’s own mindsets/body/physical reality world. The Soul, sees all aspects, it is aware of which aspect is present in every given moment. Aspects work in ratios….one moment the person in front of you may be dominantly more human, yet the next (as their heart opens), their higher selves/soul may come through. Yet, where they are still human, they will still have walls of protection up, still need fear/loss to awaken them, still hold out “things” for their own self. The human operates very different than a WALKING PURE SOUL does….The question is…. are you present in every moment, aware and truly seeing… which aspect you are and which aspects others are, and are you standing AS A MASTER and shifting realities yourself?”

Last week’s Equinox marked a point in our evolution of expanded consciousness. A marker point for all we accomplished and have yet to achieve as we independently and interdependently create the New Earth. According to the astrologer, Lorna Bevan, “Welcome every change, every shift, every revelation, every disclosure with your higher wisdom from the Witness perch.”

As we give birth to a ‘new normal’ no longer are the old programs eclipsing our greatness. They won’t continue to hold any power over us. Moreover, if and when they come up from time-to-time it is only to show us that we now have choices to shift our focus into the newer/higher consciousness.

Please know that it is an honor for me to share, inspire and assist in so many different ways…. It is a wonderful feeling to know when one is following their dharma. There is nothing greater for me than to honor who I AM and to honor each one of you for all the ways you have thrived. Never giving up. Being all you could be with elegance and grace. Between all the wonder and all the tragedies. Between all the love and all the heart-breaks. Between all the tears and all the triumphs. Know with your courage, resilience and big hearts you have achieved so very much. And, as the writer Mark Nepo wrote, “Sooner or later, life teachers us, through great love and suffering, that the diversity of the world is there to complete us.”

Collectively we have anchored a new Heaven on Earth. As you believe and align yourself with the Divine you can make anything you desire a reality through your inner connection and your expanded field of consciousness. Today, continue to be surprised. And, in the days that follow wake up and know you are love incarnate. Claim this is your day. Set yourself up to have the best and most amazing day ever knowing you matter. You were born for these times. And, may you all continue to be blessed every moment of everyday…And, how does it get any better than that?

Happy Birthday to my buddha-ful soul-sister, Krysia. Across the pond no matter how far or wide I carry you in my heart. I carry you in my heart.