I will begin with thanking you all for Showing Up! According to One of the newest and brightest Stars/Teachers, Lorrie Ladd, “These are some of the most prolific times in our evolution and its an absolute honor to be walking through this with you! Now more than ever we are being asked to come together in the midst of massive divide. To open our hearts to the beauty and magic of this human journey.

Can we Love those we do not agree with? Hold empathy for those we do not understand? Wrap compassion around those who are suffering? Can we love ourselves when we do not like who we see in the mirror? Can we hold empathy for ourselves when we criticize our behaviors, emotions and thoughts? Can we hold ourselves in compassion when we are in suffering and pain? You see, this human journey isn’t about right or wrong, succeeding or failing, better than or less than. It isn’t about good or bad, awake or asleep, 3D or 5D. This is about the evolution of an entire human collective, the most miraculous shift in consciousness and remembering that everything we experience is part of the shift. There is no right way through.his is about doing our best to love ourselves and each human within the collective as we courageously navigate this great awakening. This is about remembering how amazing you are and that there was never anything wrong with you. There isn’t anything wrong with you now. You are simply and magnificently a Being of Light in a human form courageously navigating a physical shift in a large human collective. So, thank you for Being you.Thank you for continuing to put one foot in front of the other while you remember, trust and love YOU. I see you, I honor you, I thank you and I love you!”

As we continue on our mystical and magical carpet ride, nothing is as it appears to be as made evident in the astrology report from brilliant Lorna Bevan, “Libra in the Via Combusta aka the Fiery Way as a burnt out candle extinguishing itself- an old way of life going permanently dark. The seismic window is wide open between 13-18th, bringing emotional, psychological, etheric or geo-physical disturbance such as high tides, super storms or earth movements. The Super Moon is conjunct Haumea – the bringer of epochal events – in a cardinal T-square to Mars/Eris/Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter and Mars /Eris. Falling as it does not only in a Mercury Max, but within just two days of Mercury’s retrograde station this is set to be one of the most pivotal points in 2020. Make your well-being a priority, get more rest, more hydration, more grounding outside. Be kind to yourself ,be discerning, patient and tender towards your growing edge and tattered heart .The past is withdrawing from us just as we are in the process of disabling the past. If you’re feeling – as so many of us sensitives are – down, depleted, drained, alone or in a void like floating on the Dead Sea, understand that you are not fading, falling or failing but energetically detaching from the ending of many planetary cycles. Detaching so you can witness the withdrawal of many of your previous creations – roles, labels, careers, alliances. Instead of focusing on what isn’t happening or what you’re not doing, allow yourself rest, withdrawal and space as the physical and psychic cleansing builds. Your physicality is sending bio feedback about your current operating system so be present in your body and allow outworn gestalts, debris, illusions, attachments and patterns to dissolve. A heads up! Choices, Choices, Choices…. Switch your B.S. detector on to a high setting – you’re going to need it! What a week of planetary spaghetti! With Mercury and Mars in retrograde Trickster mode, expect to be constantly double checking your thinking: “Do I take this path or that one? Is there any source I can trust? How do I find the truth in this situation? Haven’t I heard all this before?” But with both Venus and Mercury aligning with slippery Neptune in Pisces-a master of smoke and mirrors like the Wizard of Oz-neither truth nor reality will be easy to determine. The fake news, polarization and propaganda will be in full swing as Mars square Jupiter exaggerates, bends or distorts the truth just for effect.To keep your sanity now that both the Sun and Mercury are in Pluto’s sign, become an honorary Scorpio. Develop X ray vision, follow your hunches and your instincts, do your own detective work, stay under the radar and notice what’s not being said. Unplug completely from: working on yourself, trying to make things happen, suffering or being a victim, tolerating 3D energy around you, trying to change or rescue people, wishing things were different, taking things personally!”

I wrote it all down and just writing it feels exhausting. To recap, take great care, don’t be attached to any outcomes or to making anything happen or to even try understanding this energy. The new light is teaching you to align with the highest vibration and stay as much as you can in the Penthouse. We are continuing to live in a time of great extremes in the midst of the largest spiritual, physical, and emotional evolution in history – all that is familiar is now for the most part, gone.

In this brand new and ever evolving terrain, we are crossing the river of change and now more than ever we are in need of wise and loving guidance so we don’t lose our way within the tremendous influx of fear, doubt and uncertainty that continues permeating our planet. Giving birth to a new world demands we participate in the creation of new and mindful forms of spiritual practice. For me, I am creating my own Vision Quest, shifting my consciousness from fear and uncertainty to “Wow, this is the most exciting thing I can do today to change my life!”

What is your intention for today towards living the life you were born to live? When you have the intention to grow, you can use each of these new challenging moments to be totally present and open up to the infinite possibilities that you can draw from to create a new vision with a new outcome. That is how we evolve!

In the book, ‘Alchemy’, by Paul Selig, he channeled, “You came to realize—through encounter, through opportunity, perhaps through obstacle—the truth of who and what you are that exists beyond the shell, beyond the mask of personality that you have claimed as you. Now, because you are choosing to be born—and, in fact, you have chosen—you must understand that the True Self as you, who knows who he is, will always claim the opportunity for growth that is before him. Now, some of you decide when you are born that there will be a testament to the life that has been lived. You have come for a specific reason, to bring forth a specific quality, to know the self through certain encounters. And you must understand that each of you who comes, in his or her own way, is contributing to the whole by nature of your presence here. As the Divine informs each aspect of self, each aspect of self is called into being in a higher way. A transition occurs, and what you thought you were is actually released to become the truth of your expression. You think the castle is emblematic of success, but you have defined success as living in a castle and not living in accord with the Divine Self who will call to you what you require.”

Know at this auspicious time that there are infinite possibilities. For being here at this time, for coming to earth and for your great service to humanity. Anything and Everything is possible. Take pause, you are your own magical wand. You are beloved. You are needed. You are the living proof that the Divine Love exists! Please don’t give up the ship! Moreover, call upon me if you would like to have your own mystical reading and create the perfect Vision Quest according to your Soul’s Plan as we keep treading these uncharted waters. Stay safe and take good care. You are so loved. I wish you all infinite health, peace and prosperity.