by Marcy Heller

With everything revving up now more than ever Spirit is calling us to Rise! We are all in that liminal state – the threshold of being betwixt and between one era and another era that hasn’t been born yet!  Moreover, the real work during this transformation is finding the place on the thresholds of change where our hearts can open up and allow our Souls to follow our individual blueprints and lead the way for us to follow.  While aligning with our Souls, it is essential to remain open to the infinite possibilities of all the new ways of being – less we become too complacent and sabotage ourselves by not having the courage to take the risks that are required that are being handed to us.

In moving forward on our journey ahead of Self-Mastery, it is so important now to make our sanctuary- which we have been creating for the last 18 months through all the ups and downs – our base camp. To keep grounding ourselves in these uncharted waters and finding our own boot camp to stand tall upon, letting go of the illusion that things should be different from the way they are, living in the ‘now is all there is’ energy, grateful for all we have and just Be!  There is nothing to do and nowhere to go other than ‘Be Here Now!’ Moreover, it could be the most amazing time for you to start being the new You and live more fully. Nothing is as it was. We can’t raise our children the way we were brought up simply because that world doesn’t even exist anymore.

Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on the energy of what we are putting out there. That energy is drawing to us everything we experience. Of course, our intention and worthiness to receive is also a great barometer for allowing what does come in to our lives as well. The great news is that when we change our consciousness we change our world! If we want to create heaven on earth we can’t entangle ourselves in the lower creations of consciousness any more. Everything is an extension of ourselves. When we choose lack, separation, struggle, and judgment, all exists in a lower level of consciousness. When we focus on any of the above it is always going to take us out of heaven on earth! Just allow this information to expand. Integrate whatever resonates and trust what you will create. It is simple, it just isn’t easy!

Remember to stay in your integrity with your higher self. The world is being accelerated and amplified in so many different ways and so are we. Much like downloading new software, knowing that the old software no longer works in the new world we must take that leap of Faith and Trust the process. What do you need to just stop doing? As we glance outside we realize how the old structures, bureaucracies, hierarchies and rules we have come to rely on are collapsing. It’s essential that we build from the inside out a new infrastructure that aligns with our own true selves.

Be who you truly are. It will light the way for you. And, if you don’t get a “hell yes!” know it’s a “hell no!” All of this is available only in the present moment. Our minds are only going to limit us. Moreover, by staying in your hearts and by being your beautiful selves you are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up. Remember to keep thanking yourself for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed.

Every time we are not in the moment and judging what is, we are creating more pain for ourselves. When we resist anything there is suffering. It is pushing against the tide/flow. We are not going with the flow of what is. Therein lies the rub. There’s the pain. And, pain just hurts.

As Michael Meade wrote, “As individuals we may properly feel frail and small; yet we belong to more than one dimension of life. And the dark times is also the traditional time to recall the interconnection between each of our Souls and the starry universe around us. Even as we can feel more physically separated from each other, and just when we can feel even more frail and small in the face of all the worldwide troubles we face, there may be no better time to light a candle, make a prayer, find a song to sing in the midst of the darkness, in order to help bring the light back. In facing the darkness together in a spiritual sense and in the ancient way, we can also find again and realign with the divine spark of life we each carry. And, in making more Soul in this world, we strengthen the connection to the Soul of the World and help sustain the bridge between the worlds.  For the Soul has its own inner light and each Soul is secretly connected to the song of the earth, to the Soul of the World, and to the indelible spark of life and light that can only be found in the darkest hours and the darkest times.”

Thank you for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. I believe that is one of the reasons we are always looking up at the stars. They are reminding us that we are the dreamers! We are tied to the stars. The word Destiny comes from the Latin word  ‘destinare’ to make firm, establish. The sense is of “that which has been firmly established,” as by fate. Especially “what is to befall any person or thing in the future”  from the stars!  We humans are all playing our part in the unfolding of this incredible, awesome universe. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.”