Welcome to the fifth dimension where everything seems surreal. We have come so far and have done so much. We have been waiting for our ‘get out of jail’ cards to be free and now we are at the precipice and have been given the keys. I want to remind you that we have shifted the collected consciousness. Thank you All for your practice and for being the Torch Bearers and bringing this new heart-centered consciousness for the rest of world to experience.

Now more than ever is the time to know that we deserve more love, not less.  It is essential to learn to be gentle, loving and compassionate with yourself.  To know that no matter what is going on, everything you are doing is clearing out all judgments  so we can remove them from the collective consciousness. This year 2015, is the window of opportunity where the initiated soul is waking up within you.  We are at the dawn of a new awareness – taking everything we have learned up to this point and having it put it into action.

We are becoming in Real Form the Masters we have always been.

We are now bringing in the frequency that at is waking up the All of US in health, joy, love, peace, grace and ecstasy to our own true nature.  Now the light you shine is being reflected back to you.  Welcome home…this is the year that we have finally created the space for all of us to come together to ascend…  We are finishing our contracts. Everything we thought, said or did up until now was on purpose.  We couldn’t have made a mistake if we tried.  The windows of opportunities are here.  Change is going to do us good! According to the spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, “As your lifelong battle dissolves, you may begin to see how each and every moment has been masterfully designed to ensure your highest growth and expansion – no matter how confusing, hurtful, or frustrating it may seemed to have been.

It is out of respect for the incredible journey you are already on that I provide the teaching, “Whatever arises – love that.”  Knowing, it is not a matter of loving anyone else but You which begins to transform reality for the well-being of all.

Our incubation period is over.  We don’t have to live by fight or flight anymore since we have cleared it out of the collective. We are now aware that as energetic beings this our new model – the journey of 5th dimensional consciousness. To know that whatever is happening to you is the best thing that could be happening to you is the path of Trust and Faith.

Thank you to all of You who are pioneering and leading the way for all of us to learn how to hold on to this enormous power and know our true potential while we are breaking the habit of being our self!

I am here to be with you, as you gracefully wake up from the dream of limitation, and dance in the freedom of eternal love.

Today I invite you to honor the Divine Blessing Field within You. Be grateful for the glorious gifts, the grace and the greatness of who you Be. And to always remember that no matter what has ever happened up until this moment to you or through you, you always deserve more love not less! Have a spectacular day…