f you are reading this Muse-Letter, more than likely you are on a journey of healing and transformation, ready to take the next step in your quantum leap of ascension.

Our world is expanding in so many unique and different ways and one of these new ways is to know we are creating a new paradigm of reality, a new model where we are sharing not so much of what is happening in the world at large, but what is happening in our world.

In Maureen Moss’s latest newsletter she wrote, “As an act of Love, you stepped away from planets and star systems that many of you would call Heaven to come to Planet Earth and construct, through the power of Creation through your very own hearts, Heaven, onto what many of you have felt at times was a planet of agony and misery.”

As we are still in the chrysalis stage of awakening, it is not uncommon for some of us to ponder that this life seems different that what we may of hoped for. Another question that may arise – is this all there is? At times there is a heaviness that many of us may be feeling, not knowing what to do or where to go.

However, what I have come to realize is that everything is an act of Love. We are living a dream that we have created for the all of us to give birth to a new humanity. As such we are being initiated into the highest realm we can envision – a universe where we are bringing Heaven to Earth through our hearts. However, if we keep resisting what is, we will continue to suffer. Life is going to keep doing what life does. It is the resistance to what is that keeps us prisoners of our own realities. Many of us have been programmed to believe that we can only be happy once we get our way. However, according to the great mystics, happiness is a state of consciousness that already exists within each one us.

In Deepak’s Chopra’s book ‘Power, Grace and Freedom he tells us, “When our life is an expression of the inner state of happiness, we discover an immense reservoir of power within us. This power gives us freedom from fear and limitations, and allows us to realize all the abundance that we aspire to. Even more significantly, this power nurtures all of our relationships and makes them truly fulfilling. We find ourselves becoming beacons of light and love, and our very presence nurtures the environment around us. People are drawn to support our desires, and even nature responds to our intentions. The more we live in the state of happiness, the more we experience the spontaneous fulfillment of desire in the form of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence. In many spiritual traditions, this has been called the state of grace. To experience grace is to find ourselves in the right place at the right time, to have the support of the laws of nature, or “good luck.” In the state of grace.”

Take it personally through all these series of initiations, which are not too different from the incredible initiations of the many great teachers before us, so that could we be ready for this enormous task of manifesting a new reality. This is why we were born…to Master the collective unconscious!

One of the surest ways to surrender our suffering, is to be happy no matter what distractions are happening outside of us. Once we can focus on aligning ourselves to what is we are then letting life lead us rather than manipulating getting our own way. I will only be happy if I get my own way. Discontentment and unhappiness can become a pattern, even a hobby, as can complaining. Similarly, some of us never develop the art of gratitude and appreciation not just for the big and obvious blessings of our lives, but for the small every day things that we take for granted.

Once we reverse our way of thinking and imagine that life is exactly as it should be (always conspiring for our highest good) we realize that everything, even in its disorder, has a cosmic order to it that makes sense on a level that our analytical minds cannot comprehend. Our work here is to accept this new perspective and to be in a state of non-resistance, knowing that the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of not having our way will not dismantle our life but will heal and enhance our evolution.

According to Matt Kahn, we just have to be willing to grow as a result of what comes our way. If as a result of what arises, we lash out and are not more accepting to what is arising, it might indicate a refusal to grow, showing us how we keep insisting on getting our own way.

This resistance is what keeps us prisoners of our discontent. When we surrender to what is knowing that life has a bigger plan we start harmonizing and aligning with the universe. We are aligned with Divine Will. In trusting there is a Divine plan unfolding for us we then are able to create a world of power, freedom and grace, living out our highest destiny. Non-resistance and surrendering is our willingness to grow by recognizing any circumstance as a gift of Divine Transformation.

Wishing you infinite Blessings. May You continue to be Blessed in every moment of every day…and may you love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more and then even more than that!