by Marcy Heller

What an extraordinary magic carpet ride/adventure its become on Planet Earth.  What’s more is that even though this is a time of incredible tests the great news is we have come to realize that we are going through this metamorphosis of outgrowing the old, outworn and limited stories we lived.

More and more we are realizing our soul is calling us to do something greater. There is a global transformation begging for us to dig deeper and create something bigger and better with our hearts, mind, soul. Moreover, it’s the courage and resilience we have cultivated thus far allowing ourselves to proceed fearlessly to create a brilliant loving and sustainable earth.

We are at a turning point in all of our relationships. Especially the one with our self!  And the more resilient we are enables us to embrace more and more changes in our life. We are living a new normal that it is making it possible to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. However, the one key we require to unlock that door is we have to be willing to change our perspective of who we are. There is a crisis of thinking that is unsustainable and still reflects the old ideas and keeps us living in the limited vision we created for ourselves.

Many are still unaware that we have now become the bridge between heaven and earth.  However, many are also taking baby steps learning to cross the bridge from the world of the past into the new world that is not quite here yet. It is requiring a new perception. The essential revolution must happen within ourselves. And everything depends on our attitude – our attitude toward ourselves. The ancient scriptures say, “In the beginning, there was the Word.” This is a perfect way to describe that we are living in a time of experience. Big changes are happening for all of us in magnitudes we have never seen or experienced. Therefore we have to think of it in new ways. We have to change what we tell ourselves on a daily basis.  No longer can we hold on to our preferences of what we think is right for us but instead to surrender to what is. In the creation of a new way of life, we must begin at the beginning, with our own individual transformation.  The essential revolution must happen within ourselves.  If we wish to see the world as bigger and better, a greater place, we must affirm the reality of a bigger and better being within ourselves. It is the ultimate purpose of why we are here. How we can expand into the Divine being we are. We must readjust ourselves to know we deserve everything! We are the Ones that can only make the change. And, what we tell ourselves about ourselves will make all the difference!

As we continue to surrender to a bigger picture, we begin to see our destiny playing out in the cosmos as a living expression of Source energy that’s here to fulfill an important mission. In Matt Kahn’s newest book, ‘Everything is Here to Help You’, he wrote, “What if moments of adversity are not our personal karma, but the aspect of the collective we are transforming for the well-being of all? What if the notion of personal karma were simply an unconscious tendency to identify with the layers of emotional debris our energy fields transmute in all we encounter? What if our current symptoms, illness, or patterns of conditioning are the very layers we are healing for the benefit of future generations? What if the awareness that nothing we feel has anything to do with us is how we clear the karma of humanity that has been held in our energy fields until this realization dawns? From this space of clarity, we are able to release what was never evidence of who we are or aren’t, so we may welcome the joy of liberation far before the collective reflects it back. When what we feel is not ours to control, but an ongoing opportunity to clear out global density, we become the first residents of our newly upgraded reality. As this unfolds, we freely and effortlessly shine our light in every direction to assist other innocent hearts in finding their way home.”

As I am becoming more comfortable with this new updated reality, I realize that in letting go of my attachment to the thought of what a relationship should or shouldn’t be and changing my perception, I can see it as just another way the  unfolding wisdom of the universe is helping me to grow.  The more we align with the Divine and change our thinking, the more we can let go of the pain, abandonment and victim mentality. For someone like myself, who is constantly having personal experiences which transform my perceptions and shift from ego to soul, just knowing that everything that is coming up is here to help me clear the field so something more wonderful can be manifested, the freer I have become

As the pioneers and way-showers of a new spiritual paradigm, it is up to us to be the Ones who change.  We have been re-calibrated. We are deliberate creators – generating creation each moment. While it may not always be easy the choice now rests in our actions. Each moment exists as a precious opportunity to be the change-makers. Life is difficult this is true but only through facing our challenges can we transcend them.

Here’s to the life of your dreams – Know you have a right to claim what you need to live fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous lives. Today I invite you to awaken, appreciate and accept your true awesome and authentic nature – You matter and may all that you wish for be the least you receive. Expect to be well. Know you are cherished. I love you madly. Have a gorgeous week.