“This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming.”

~ Tanya Lee Markul

Get ready sky gazers, the largest, closest supermoon of the century will be taking over the sky mid-November on the 14th. In fact, the Nov. 14 supermoon will not only be the brightest of the year, but it’s the closest one we’ve seen since 1948. The perfect storm is upon us and all the emotions are running the gamut as we are all on reset claiming our gifts and aligning ourselves with Source energy. And, won’t it be great!

As Lorna Beven points out, “It’s obvious by now that the 3D ways of striving, struggling, micromanaging and trying to control what isn’t yours to control are totally futile. No matter how many times you fall back into the familiar old ways, it just doesn’t work any more. The power has been cut off at Source. This is what it is to still have one foot in the 3D world and the other in the higher frequency 5D .The gift and grace of the transition to 2017 is anchoring yourself into your new state of being by making a conscious switch between one timeline and another and one way of life and another.” How cool is that?

Many of us who have already taken the plunge and have stopped looking outside ourselves for someone or something to save us have become our own meaning makers in our lives, knowing there is no thing outside that is waiting to make us happy. The great news about being the creators of our universe is that the is we are always creating our own experiences. It is almost immediate that whatever we are vibrating with is coming true in each moment. Once we stop seeking outside ourselves and begin to surrender to faith and trust, our world expands. Since we are not supposed to know how to do all this, we can’t make a mistake. Moreover, as we listen more and more to our hearts (our psychic heart line), and follow our intuition, more magic will appear. We become responsive, not reactive. The syncroncities and manifestations are abundant. You just know what to do in that next moment. I love how Martha Beck refers to it, ‘continue creative response’ to whatever is present. Just trust you have your back!

As we are expanding into our superhuman selves, the psychic Andrew Martin points out. “Not to move backwards to a previous version of ourselves. Yes, healing is important when it comes to old wounds and the “human” stuff, but the Divine Self doesn’t require healing. It is always in a state of expanding perfection. Where we are right now is all about upgrading the small, limited, human self. Our Divine Self has raised the bar and the journey that we’ve been on has been all about letting go of the stuff that simply isn’t compatible in the higher frequencies. So, at some point we must surrender the idea that things can be healed and accept the truth that we are being called to transform. Healing moves us backwards. Transformation moves us forward. We’ve gone through the past (memories, experiences, relationships, wounds of this life and previous ones) and now we are being called forward and upward. So it’s time to let go of trying to heal what cannot be healed and allow it to be transformed. We are expanding! We are growing! We are evolving! We are being asked to transform into the Divine Human. Not to move backwards to a previous version of ourselves. Yes, healing is important when it comes to old wounds and the “human” stuff, but the Divine Self doesn’t require healing. It is always in a state of expanding perfection”.

Even with all these amazing, incredible and intense experiences happening, by continuing to have the courage to show up for ourselves, a crazy thing happens right in the center of these energies – like every storm you can find that eye, the part that is silent and still. Thus enabling us to have more clarity and a vision that is not clouded by the judgment or chatter of our minds. From that still place we can know how we can push that reset button, gain more clarity and fulfill our deeper destiny. Instead of everything coming from fear we realize that everything that is happening is happening for our good. No matter what!

And right then we know what one of the famous yogis Nisargadatta Maharaj meant when he said, “Don’t you see? God is doing this all for me. Not to me”.

As we are approaching the home stretch for 2016, remember to show up as who you are. Take the reins, it is your story. We have come here to learn and it is all about the things you choose to become the lens of your experience. Spirit is responding to how we feel. What we keep feeling and choosing is going to keep manifesting in our experiences all the time. Moreover, when we investigate and expand the present, spirit is going to show up. You can have as much as you want in every moment. The divine doesn’t need permission to be who she is. You begin to see every lesson, every thing was happening for us to build upon what we consciously know – We are the ones navigating the ship.

The Buddha’s last words were, “Make of yourself a light.” As a tribe, it’s my wish that we may all be lights for ourselves and each other in times that feel the darkest. My wish is that we all find our north stars and begin to unravel our small selves to create the container to hold the vibration, ‘I am that which I seek’. Only You know you are the keeper of who you truly are and you are the only one that can give yourself permission to live it!

May you be Blessed in every moment. May the sun keep shining upon you all the days of your life. Give yourself the best gift ever – the courage to follow your own heart! I love you.