Most of us who are on this path are experiencing deep emotional, physical, mental and spiritual chaos. However, in all the systems that are breaking down we must experience this chaos to finally dismantle the old selves so we can step in our power and live with new connections and personal alignments to source.

Often times this chaos feels so uncomfortable, as if we are not doing something correctly or something just isn’t right. All experiences are created by ourselves to evoke and evolve the new consciousness. Our senses are never going to understand nor will we ever be comforted by the ceaseless waves of our mind & thoughts. This knowledge is where the rubber meets the road and we must navigate this new terrain on true grit and a Trust we have never had to experience up until now.

Personally, I have undergone incredible breakthroughs and breakouts. From my experience there are no words that could better describe what we are experiencing at this crossroads then those in the newest newsletter from Maureen Moss. In my opinion, she has perfectly described and gave great comfort to me with what I AM experiencing. Below in its entirety are Maureen’s words. It is my hope that you too will resonate and understand as we are mid-wifing and creating a new consciousness, ascending, evolving and expanding, becoming and remembering that we are the Gods of our Creation.

Maureen’s Newsletter:

Within a powerful month sitting amongst a powerful year we stand at an intersection of who we once were and who we shall be…realizing we cannot be who we were and become Who We Are.

With intensified activities of the experience of opposites occurring within and around us… along with life conclusions being called for, new Life choices to be made, intuitive action on behalf of our choices beckoning us, and mystical and mulch-dimensional occurrences enticing us… not a single one of us are being left unprompted to follow our freedom… as rapid realizations and revelations continue to compete with limiting thoughts and expired perceptions.

Last month I wrote at length about the numerous parallel realities vying for our attention though none, I might add, quite as compelling to the ego nor more distracting from the True Self as our own expired human realities still traipsing through our minds as current thought forms and perceptions, holding us in a state of contradiction.

There is good reason for those expired realities, enmeshed and engaged with their muddied thought forms to be highlighted now. Each is to come to Light if they are to come to pass. This Month and This Year Is Paramount To What Your Life Will Become. Many of us here now (and reading this) walked the earth when the Christ Consciousness was born unto it. As such and as agreed (prior to human consciousness) we were implanted with the seeds of God Consciousness…the Consciousness of Love… and then sent on an expedition of Life spanning tens of thousands of years…years that would defy all space and time, memory, logic and reason to be here now to deliver, from the fruits of our labor, the harvest… God in Human Form. Love in Human Form. All That Is…In Our Form Called By Our Name.

To do so… to be engaged with the One As One…to reap the fruits of our labor, collectively and personally…while in this rapid current of transformation, no longer can we stitch ourselves together from remnants and patches of thought, perspectives and beliefs born of lower consciousness, dualistic realities, memory, ‘logic’ or linear definition. Nor, can we conceptualize or gain strength for ourselves based upon who we were. Self concept must now concede to Self-Realization. To aid that occurrence, and as a matter of evolution…all former life cycles separating our human nature from our Divine one, including the one contained within this one, has effectively concluded…ensuring that our True Self with its singular nature is offered the greatest opportunity and potential to be realized and expressed.

All have perfectly served their purpose…no different than the cocoon that so perfectly served the butterfly. One could not be without the other, however one could not continue attached to the other. Key To Realization of Your True Self Essential to unveiling your True Self and engaging with the consciousness of your True Self, is freeing yourself from depleted assessments and attachments to thought forms which you believe makes you whole…to which you believe gives you purpose…to what (or whom) you believe diminishes your ability to love and be loved…to what you believe needs healing… to what you believe interferes with your happiness and capabilities, and to what circumstances you believe would best seed the field for the realization of your dreams. As an action of Love… offer your beliefs a reprieve from your thoughts and conversations.

As an action of Trust…offer Life the opportunity to inform you about your Self. Knowing one’s Self only occurs when beliefs about one’s self have been transcended. Beliefs are convictions and opinions based upon thoughts formed on the linear plane of consciousness. Once formed they create automated predictable circumstances that one then becomes ‘at the effect of.’

Knowing is consciousness informed from the vertical plane. It solidifies connection between your embodied Intelligence with Infinite Intelligence, providing evidence of Truth to your intuitive knowing. New Life Cycles are informed and inspired from the vertical plane of consciousness.

As your Higher/Divine knowing of what defines you and does not divide nor limit you is realized, integrated, stabilized and animated by your internal peace … Oneness with all that is Divine, Limitless and Inherent within your Original nature will be activated… within a new holographic reality system. In Conclusion As we continue our journey in human form, one that began tens of thousands of years ago we have an extraordinary opportunity now to move into an unparalleled cycle of permanent change…one filled with horizons never touched by our imaginations…one unconfined by space or time…one undefined by perceptions and beliefs belonging to lives and experiences, past…One that is at peace.

Beyond all time and space…you are.
Beyond all imagination…you are.
Beyond this perception of evolution…you are.”
May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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Thank you for sharing your journey with me. It is truly an honor to be in such magnificent and awesome company as we travel this journey together. Today, I invite you to take that jump and let go of the old so you can transcend and be the magicians you truly came here to be – living fulll time in Fifth Dimension where dreams do come true! And may all the seeds you continue to plant emerge in the most loving, brilliant and awesome ways throughout each day expanding and amplifying your world as never before.