There is a reason that YOU were born during this period of Humanity! From where I AM standing we are living in the most fascinating of times. It’s an extraordinary gift to be alive so we can deeply experience this amazing evolution towards becoming A Divine Human Being. What was once shrouded in mystery is now being revealed so we can ascend into this higher state. It is a brand new state in our evolutionary process where we have the power to feel more ecstasy and with more of our awareness then ever before, bringing all of this into play as we cultivate these desires in the act of cosmic creativity.

This new paradigm is not for the faint-hearted. Becoming A Divine Human requires nothing short of herculean courage and an energy concomitant with a laser beam practice that surpasses anything we have ever experienced before. According to Andrew Harvey, it is only through transcendence and breaking through into a new identity that we can illuminate our minds and open our hearts to another level of sacred passion. Allowing that very passion to saturate the life cells in us and amplify the light will expand us into becoming more ecstatic and illuminated. According to Harvey, this has to be the foundation of the new Divine Human Being. Coming from nothing less than an incredible sense of awe and reverence you can, with joy and blissitude, build a new home (a new personality) which then moves you into a new state of being and new mind-set which rewrites the circuits in your brain. Become a humble midwife for the birth of divine consciousness and be empowered by something greater than anything that you ever experienced before in order to finally liberate yourself and live your life much more beautifully and abundantly. Moreover, this new structure must have a foundation that is open to learning and diverse, not just to document and witness what it happening; but to explore and celebrate each and every new moment with grace and gratitude. Moreover, we are in the most Divine company in creating this new multi-universe as it is far too complex for any one of us to do it alone.

Imagine what it will feel like becoming a Divine Human Being – to help yourself and others make greater sense of this human experience, to help and assist yourself and others to organize and comprehend all of these claims to what is truth so that you can live your life with more freedom, clarity and purpose. To take this new pathway that leads to love beyond measure with a wild and pure intention. To know at its deepest and richest level you are reclaiming your power while expanding your faith and trust into a deeper awareness having more fun, love and compassion while living in a vibrant state of ­opening to love and into a new kind of devotion towards the movement for change.

To know that in every moment as Ken Wilber states you are capable of saying “Here I AM world, fully aware and present.” Wilber invites us all to live an integral life animated by pursuit of a deep purpose, knowledge and sophistication in every area of our being, “to know who I am and why I am here.” Wake up each day invoking and internalizing the energetic qualities of magic, grace, bliss and love with a happy heart. Know you are co-creating your day with The Divine celebrating the rise of this extraordinary new world. Live your life uniting with others, building a whole new way of living and walking the path of of Sacred Love in Action. Once you become these humble spiritual warriors and midwife with peaceful and passionate love at this level of devotion, get ready, because an entirely new world will emerge as we give birth to Divine consciousness. Now won’t that be great?


“There comes a point when you know, without doubt, without hesitation, that you cannot go back to your old life. You cannot be who you once were and also have a new life with new riches.” – Julie Mcintyre

“Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas with which you have cluttered up your mind are the thoughts that you thought with God in the beginning.” – A Course in Miracles

“The moment I heard my first love story, I went looking for you.” – Rumi