By now I am confident you have all buckled in knowing we’re all on a journey of a lifetime. It would be difficult not to see and feel that everything is accelerating and at a speed that it is difficult at times to keep up with. We are now in the midst of a global awakening that poses new potentials and more than ever it is imperative that we learn to use our collection powers for our evolution.

Welcome Pioneers, for the path we are creating is taking us to places we have never gone before. There are no elders, GPS, or road maps to guide us. Our journey is leading us to places we have never been before along with a new vision and insight to how Divine, resilient and courageous we truly are.

I Am committing myself to knowing we deserve more love and tapping into the essence of a heart-centered consciousness based on how much we can love our own heart- being the embodiment of love and hope, as never before.

Our journey is going beyond this world and beyond everything we thought we knew to be true. We are traveling to new dimensions – traveling to places up until now we thought was not possible.

We are mid-wifing a new normal, Gregg Braden in his new book Resilience of the Heart wrote,

“We’re living the emergence of a new “normal,” and the success of our transition hinges upon (1) our willingness to acknowledge the shift, and (2) our ability to embrace it in a healthy way. Our globalized culture of jobs, money, markets, and resources means that it’s now impossible to separate the extremes in the world from what they mean in our everyday lives. The crisis of climate change is a perfect example of this connection; the record-setting droughts caused by shifts in global weather patterns translate directly into scarcity of seasonal crops and the higher prices we pay for food at our local markets. The extreme debt and failing economies on the other side of the planet translate directly into higher costs at the gas pump and higher ticket prices for the buses, trains, and taxis that take us to work each day. Because of these and other extremes, bank loans have become less available, and the interest we’re being paid on our savings, checking, and retirement accounts hovers near an all-time record low zero percent. The global slowdown of industry translates directly into the loss of jobs and job security in our local communities. These are the kinds of extremes in the world that are creating big changes in our lives. Among the many uncertainties they bring, though, there’s one thing that we can be sure of: our lives are changing in ways that we’re not used to, not prepared for, at a speed that we’ve never known.”

He also goes on to say that “arguably the greatest crisis that we face in our time of extremes is a crisis in thinking. We’re talking about a way of thinking and living that gives us the flexibility to change and adapt to new conditions. This is the key to transformation in our time of extremes.” Moreover, it is also imperative to know in this new world it is not about re-acting to anything but to keep creating!

Our thinking or even more appropriate not thinking holds the key to giving birth to the “new normal”! Everywhere we turn we are being asked to shift the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. What we experience shows us how powerful we truly are. By changing our inner resilience first and loving ourselves more, all of us will be in a better position to meet the challenges of our changing world and the needs of others.

From this space of greater safety, life becomes an open-ended opportunity to embrace each aspect of your innocence. No matter what series of events life puts together you are being shown what is next in line to be loved instead of judged. Even if there are judgments active within you, perhaps it is merely a more clever invitation to embrace the one who judges, instead of withholding love until the judgments subside.

On behalf of the collective unconscious now is our time to shine brightly. To let go of the past, as well as the foreseeable future and behold only the gift of Now – that is the present! The gateways have been opened so we can think, see and be a different US! Remembering that our world changes in direct proportion to our willingness to see and choose differently for ourselves. We are our world! What you shift from inside out will create a different world transforming everything.

So the question to ask yourself as much as possible: What am I willing to do now to make today different? To create the best day ever? How can we awaken the power within us to create something phenomenal? What are we willing to let go of to create the space so something miraculous can occur. Each generation is filled with creative potential. What are you going to add to the field today so that each of us can play our role in creating the greatest adventure in human history.

The more we can align ourselves to a loving heart and use our gifts to empower and transform as never before the more we will believe, see and experience we are the miracles that continue to create miracles. Live the best day ever. Happy New Year 2016 – Know you are so loved…As never before.