by Marcy Heller

As we are going through changes in epic proportions, all of us in one way or another are having to face our own dark night of the soul! Everything, and I mean everything, that we as the collective and as individuals have held and suppressed since the beginning of time is now coming up to be reckoned with!

Not sure about you, but I’m sticking with the story that the real adventures in life begin where and when we step off the beaten path and enter unmarked territories. In Robert Frost’s famous poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’, the speaker in the poem is traveling and comes upon a crossroads or a fork-in-the-road. Here he or she must decide which way to continue traveling! The theme is about making choices.

It seems that we have the resources we need on our journey within us; yet, through our choices we have to go far out into the world before we really learn to know and trust what resides within us! Currently, for myself I am finding the patience to be in-between the comfort zone and the challenge zone and to relax with what is going on in this, wild world of impermanence! It seems one of the most difficult things in life is to learn to trust ourselves so we can make that correct choice that is best for us at that moment in time?

Now all of US ‘Old Souls’ are being called to integrate this new energy and knowledge and to keep downloading those intuitive messages that are calling out to us moment-by-moment so we can go out into the world and share these truths with others. When our mind and our hearts are in alignment, we are unstoppable.  As William Henley wrote, “I am the master of my Fate, I am the captain of my Soul”.

In Alan Cohen’s new book, ‘Soul and Destiny’, he writes “The word “permission” is formed of two words: “per” and “mission.” “Per” means “according to.” When you give yourself permission to fulfill your destiny, you are living per your mission, on track with what you came to do. If we are spiritual beings, the hardships of the world cannot daunt us. We soar high above the battle fields. Many Spiritual masters call us to rise to the consciousness they attained. We achieve that crucial leap not by action, but by grace. We do not need to earn what we already deserve. God’s love for us is unconditional and eternal. When we realize that we are the love we seek, everything unlike love disappears. Only the mini-self, a puny idea built on a faulty premise, can be turned back. Meanwhile your soul marches on to he high calling of destiny. Place your soul in charge of your life, and all of your chess pieces will snap into their perfect places. Then you will win the game of life because you understand how the playing board is constructed. A brilliant Mind orchestrates who we meet, at what moment, and what transpires at the intersection of our pathways. When we open to the richer design for our lives, extraordinary people and events show up to give us faith that we are on track with our destiny. Our highest destiny is to know ourselves as divine beings, whole, perfect, and blessed, heirs to the soul fulfillment bestowed upon us by God. We yearn to return to the great I Am from which we came. Our journey through the physical world is fleeting. The Earth is not our home. We are all just visiting this planet. Eventually we will tire of searching for answers where they cannot be found, and find answers within us, where they live. Yet we can elevate the world to a heavenly experience if we change our mind about it. When we know ourselves as souls more than bodies, our connection with ourselves, each other, and God replaces painful separation. Heaven is not a place we go. It is the discovery of what we are. In the meantime, we each follow the path before us as a parent, teacher, artist, entrepreneur, caregiver, friend, carpenter, programmer, or any other role to which your soul is guided. Your calling is no accident. There is a place and a role for you in the world. You do not need to leave the world to find enlightenment. Many enlightened beings passionately participate in life. Never discount or deny your heart’s desire to express your unique talent, passion, and vision.”

When you can sing your own song out loud you are fully authentic and become a magnet for more magic and miracles. When you can stay in the Penthouse coming from your True Self, you create a lens from which you are able to change the perception of the world that you see! The world hasn’t changed, you have, and in doing so are vibrating with a higher frequency. In Paul Selig’s new book, ‘The Kingdom’, he channels “The accountability you have in the lower octave, knowing things as they have been, how you have named them, is actually transformed, because you are in the presence of the Divine, and that is where you live and move and have your being. Beyond our physical being there lies a realm within us that is pure potential. Many of us are feeling it now especially because everything in our world seems to be so much more contracting instead of expanding! From this sacred place where there lies a vortex of infinite possibilities, especially miracles, we can expand in every way.” 

In this new wild and wonderful world, seize the day, spread your wings and fly in the moments that you have. Begin each day moving in the direction of your dreams and begin (if you haven’t already), living the life you were born to live – not somebody’s else’s, but yours! Moreover, the best part about seizing the day is the fact that we are not just doing it for ourselves, but for others, and with others. That is how we can transform ourselves and the world at large.

This is what the Awakening is all about, awakening to Who We Are as Human Angels and reflecting upon our own truth and wisdom. Moreover, as we welcome all the new energies and do our best to not get caught up in the eye of the storm as the old is being deleted and blown away, I believe no matter how harsh, challenging or uncomfortable, we will prevail!  What’s more, we may be entering this gateway feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure, but we will leave it with a clearer knowing, a stronger sense of our destiny, and more connected to our personal power!