“THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WILD FORCES WITHIN US.” Author and spiritual teacher, Gregg Bradens, wrote in his new book, ‘The Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer’. With these words, St. Francis of Assisi described the mystery and power that lives within every man, woman, and child born into this world. The Sufi poet Rumi further described the magnitude of that power by comparing it to a great oar that propels us through life. “If you put your soul against this oar with me,” he begins, “the power that made the universe will enter your sinew from a source not outside your limbs, but from a Holy realm that lives in us. Moreover, the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran reminds us that we can’t be taught things we already know. “No man can reveal to you,” he states, “that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. There’s almost a universal sense that we have ancient and magical powers within us. From the time we’re children, we fantasize about our ability to do things that are beyond the realm of reason and logic. And why not? While we’re children, the rules that say miracles can’t happen in our lives have not yet been ingrained in us to the point that they become limits in our beliefs.”

For myself, it is illuminating to hear the truth of these words in the midst of these incredible, chaotic and changing times we are all witnessing. What’s more, while we are seeing much chaos on the planet, there is also an accelerated universal up-leveling of consciousness taking place. We are now standing at this powerful junction in humanity’s transformation, and the intentions, decisions and choices we make will have a profound impact on our experiences. Our choice to dwell in the dark or expand the light within us, to stay in separation or to empower our unity, will not only affect us personally, it will change the direction of our collective evolution. The ascension is about anchoring our divine qualities into the physical. To anchor ourselves in the core of who we are (spirit), and not dwell in our minds. To know we are more than just the body. We are more than just our minds. It is mastering our true selves and learning all we can about who we are and how to manifest the intangible into tangible form. This is the work. It is an art form that lies within each and everyone of us.

We have the power to illuminate the world when we, as an interconnected humanity, shine our light…and this collective light is not possible without each of us shining our inner light. This power/light is holding everything together and uniting us with the cosmos. It is opening our hearts and illuminated our presence in the most exquisite, stunning and magnificent ways as never before.

Braden also goes on to say, “Remembering our power in the classic tale The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it’s only when Dorothy clicks her heels three times and says the words, “Take me home to Aunt Em!” that she’s transported back to her family and loved ones. We all know that there’s no “magic” per se in simply clicking our heels. If there were, we would see people appearing and disappearing from Starbucks lines and corporate boardrooms every time they did the same thing. Dorothy’s words were not in the form of a request; they were a command.”

We are learning that we have the power to communicate and command this force/energy that’s responsible for our existence. With our intentions, the truth that you live with, the beauty that you live by, is commanding the actions in your life. This is the power of truth and beauty. The beauty, truth and feelings that we experience in our lives is the blueprint for what is reflected back into our world.

Even though we may all know that there’s no “magic” per se in simply clicking our heels more and more of us are discovering and experiencing that magic with the synchronicities we are experiencing in our daily lives.

We are also discovering for the first time ever that aligning with consciousness will mirror back to us whatever we are aligning with in all of our relationships. If we want abundance, we must feel gratitude for the abundance that already exists in our lives. If we desire more love, we must be thankful for the love we are already have. The same with health. By Acting and Blessing those parts of us with the feelings we would experience once we were already healed, by Commanding and bringing those characteristics into our thoughts/feelings, we manifest them outwardly.

We were born for these times so we would be challenged by what was so that we could create a new “what if”! And, we are all doing it! We are all showing up and creating by default, new paradigms that supports, loves and assists the healing the all of us.

Whatever that pain/discomfort showed up with as a symptom: loss, betrayal, abandonment, change, shame, etc., they were all gifts from the Divine so we can clear, heal and change the way we have experienced ourselves up to now. What is being revealed is being shown to us so we can heal.

By surrendering to what is and not resisting anything that comes our way, we are saying “Yes” to the “Yes” in us. We are acknowledging those parts of ourselves that we have abandoned, judged and resisted up until now.

“At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow conspire to set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.” wrote, Michael Meade.

We knew we could do it better. And we are. And the results are much more magical and that is why so many more miracles are being manifested. Why? Because we are learning to love ourselves through it all. We have been tested and have been initiated. We are only here to love. Anything else is just rearranging the pain!

And if it all sounds too abstract, the Nobel Prize for Physics this month was given to scientists who discovered:” Super-weird forms of matter” – new dark materials which “open the door on an unknown world to quantum computing”.

Yes, even science is aligning with this truth. We are pure consciousness creating our worlds with our thoughts and feelings.

In last week’s astrology update Lorna Bevan wrote, “We are all being challenged now with this brain resonance of the collective consciousness. If we are not living consciously, we get sucked in. It is our privilege and honor…and duty…to remain strong in what we know: we are creating it all. Right now. Right this moment. This is our great opportunity right now: realize what is plugging you in, accept there are still frequencies of prior lifetime/this lifetime that you do not want within you, ACCEPT them without judgment, decide what you want, feel into the love and joy, and then stay focused. This is our destiny being played out right now. Embrace it.”

Today I invite you all to use your higher awareness to guide and connect you to the energy and experiences you need. I am so grateful to all of you who have the opportunity to see the extraordinary growth, the expansion of who you are becoming and the miracles that you are manifesting. Know you are deeply loved and guided in every moment. And, may you remember in each and every moment that you are the gift, the blessing and the love that we have all been waiting for. Know that life begins and ends with you.