by Marcy Heller

Dear Courageous Spiritual Champions,

We aren’t here to be following anyone or anything. We are here to find our own path and upon doing so, empowering ourselves with the Spirit to make our own History!

The essence of a progressive life is that each of us has to find what the meaning of life is for ourselves. It isn’t about what is the purpose of life. It’s about what makes us become fully alive.  What’s more, the first place to start looking for that is always to look at the wound. That is where the healing begins! That is the Hero’s Journey! The Beginning and the End!

We have to create our own quest. Our own path. When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, myth tells us that Adam turned to Eve and said, “This is definitely a transition!” Now we are all transitioning to create our own society. Only then can we rewrite our stories and belong to something! The world has become so polarized we don’t know where we belong anymore. Most groups now stand more against something then for something!

This is certainly what is happening. There is a yearning for each of us to express ourselves. As Mary Oliver wrote, “What do you want to do with your One and precious life?” Something that is bigger than I! And now this is coming into our lives in ways that we cannot even know or plan ahead for. We are creating a new life of Posse-I-bilities! It is not a life insurance program it is a life assurance program. To find and follow our ‘Bliss’!

We know that through our current experience, this crisis ‘the dark night of the Soul’, is igniting an evolution where we are all being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes. In order to change a person, one has to let go of something they were holding on to for the spirit of change to set in. Many of us are so thethered to our old outworn baggage that those ideas, burdens and corpses are weighting us down and not giving us the space and vitality to let the new energy in!

We are at this decisive point, personally and collectively. In this climate things can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out. Timing is so very crucial as so many of our lives depend upon the choices we are making now.  And our brain remembers everything. Every time we turn against our true nature and are not embodying, empowering and nurturing ourselves we are leaving pathways of more despair and negativity that we will have to deal with in the immediate future.

When so many things are changing and people feel burdened with uncertainty  Michael Meade says the antidote is connecting to the younger part of ourselves! To connect with those parts of ourselves that are still young enough spiritually and  to connect to the dreams of our life. In Buddhism they call it ‘Beginner’s mind’ or Shoshin.  It’s coming from the origins of our life.

Practice to be at the beginning.  Remembering when those younger parts of you were so inspired and excited from the many stories you read and heard growing up.  The way to respond to the end of things is to connect to the beginning of everything!  Finding a way to get closer to ourselves that remain young! The key is to get younger while the world and many of its inhabitants are getting older. This is not a cosmetic fix. It doesn’t come from the outside, it is deep within our Soul. We must become someone who is getting younger when we are getting older!  To be in the beginner’s mind helps us connect to creation. We must get back in contact with those parts of ourselves that we have abandoned and rejected. Originality is connected to the soul, the pattern that is woven into us before we come into the world.  After all we are the ‘Agents of Transformation’!

In a time of change and transformation we need beginner’s mind to connect these moments to eternal things. The wise old person is like a dwarf or someone who appears in fairy tales. The wise old person is someone who appears old but is actually getting younger because they are letting go of the conventional parts of themselves and letting their creativity drive the bus! There is a vibrancy and vitality, youthing instead of aging!   To survive and eclipse this chaos is to get younger while the world is getting older. It is not cosmetic!

Our Souls have the capacity to deal with whatever is happening! As a matter of fact, our Souls celebrate when we get fired from a job we never wanted in the first place!  The antidote, the counter-move is to connect with those parts of ourselves that dare to dream a new life, especially because there are a whole lot of us who are looking back. With so much regression, turn it around and write a different story other than what our minds or the collective is telling us now!

Our culture doesn’t always support our mystical and magical souls, something else is always forcing us back to the rational shape of what we’re “supposed” to be or have. Therefore as you become unrecognizable to your family or tribe, you will become the person your higher self calls you to be! Fairy tales aren’t experiences that happened in our so-called reality, nevertheless we believe in them because on a deep soul level we get it! Follow the gluten-free breadcrumbs and start rewriting your story. Get in touch with the dreams, myths that are longing to be shared by your own Soul.

Keep grounding yourself in self-mastery rather than living from your old scattered self, manipulated by your minds that are still hard-wired to run on flight or fight and imprinted with our own ancestral fears.

So as we begin this new day and new week, get ready for a reset to undo, unhook, untie and unravel yourself from whatever belongs to the old. Keep allowing and inviting your higher self to intercede, open up and allow the floodgates to open, releasing the fear, the stress, the physical knots created by the energy from what has been a truly brutal year and a half.  Yes, we are all in the dark however, that is where and when you can clearly see the Light coming through!

The dissolution, the descent and the destruction of the old outworn ideas and illusions doesn’t have to end in hopelessness and despair.  Like all deaths, letting go is giving us the opportunity to mid-wife a wider and more illuminated presence of the divine within all of us.

With all that we inevitably have to face and accept, we must never forget what we all somewhere know within ourselves-that joy is the ultimate nature of reality and the fuel for all authentic survival. In the spirit of this joy, we would like to celebrate the infinite wellspring of joy that resides at our core and that cannot be destroyed by the worst agony and the most devastating defeat. From joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return.

Have the best week ever remembering you are the Miracle Manifestors, the Trail Blazers, Star-seeds, Way-showers, the Pioneers and so much more.   May you continue to celebrate the Miracle of You while dreaming your life into Being, not only for yourselves and for all Humanity.

You are the Power that created it all! The wonder, power, magic, resilience, strength, beauty, clarity, truth, authenticity, grace and courage of You.