by Marcy Heller

When we start to see ourselves as the pure, magnificent energy beings we are, we automatically begin our journey to experiencing wholeness. It truly is that simple. When we know we are energy beings, we begin to live away from the fear-based stories our minds create and start living from the other option that is available to us—the perspective of our true, eternal nature as the Soulful Self. – Sue Morter

In these exciting, heart-throbbing and at times over-whelming energies that are now bombarding us here on Planet Earth, it’s essential to open the door to your own Heart. Repeating the mantra ‘My Love is Here to Stay.’ Welcome to the new normal allowing more Light to shine on all of the shadows, lies and false perceptions we have believed and have told ourselves. Everything that is not our truth is slowly falling away allowing our true Self to emerge; the One who we have ignored and abandoned for others. It’s time to reveal and then release all those falsehoods so that we create more openings for the Love we are. This is the time when we can come home safely and gently to the One who needs US most. The One we have ignored and abandoned up until now. It’s time to re-member ourselves again. To self-realize our Divinity and embrace our own Divine Magnificent Love that is here waiting to be loved unconditionally into our physical reality. Today, welcome home with more Love the beautiful Self that is emerging and so ready to burst herself/himself into this wonderful world.

Being deliberate creators, Spirit is asking, or rather demanding, that we wake up and bring to Light what has been invisible up until now. We can no longer try to solve problems, pain and challenges using the very forces that generated them: the mind! What is waiting to be birthed has lived dormant and perhaps never have been seen up until now. As Sue Morter wrote in her wonderful book Energy Codes, “Until any of us have had the experience of a greater reality about ourselves, we can only come at life’s challenging situations from the perception that we are inadequate, that there is something missing, wrong, or broken about us. Without knowing a version of ourselves that is indeed perfect, whole, and complete—the version I call the Soulful Self—we have no reference point outside of that old story of inadequacy. Our problem as humans isn’t that we are inadequate, wrong, or broken; our problem is that we believe we are. This fundamental misconception underlies every other problem, dysfunction, and pain we have. It can turn gifts into burdens, love into unrequited need, and a few challenging moments into lifelong dis-ease. The good news is, we don’t have to live with this untruth anymore. We don’t have to keep telling ourselves the same old stories about who we are and what is “real” in our lives. We can realize and reclaim our magnificence and embrace ourselves as the powerful energy beings we are—and create from that place.”

Recently, I came across the brilliant spiritual teachings of Kylie Williams who wrote, “Regardless of age or experience, of how long we have been on the “spiritual path” or how dramatic our “healing journey” has been, there is ancient wisdom and mastery within your core that is ready to burst through into the world. Are you ready to move past your stories that define THIS life and seek deeper into your Soul to illuminate your true essence? We are ALL old. We are indeed eternal. As a piece of the Light of Creation, we ARE pure potential and are capable of bringing forth into existence that which has never been created before. It is our PURPOSE to do this! I am honored to be here, alive and aware in my body portal on Gaia & be a part of this massive evolution of humanity. My Soul signed up to play the long game. I’ve been here 100’s of times, and everything has been leading up to this life time. This is the life where I can no long deny my Soul’s true power of Truth. This is the life I, and YOU, bring it all back together, drawing on all our lives & mastery gathered over the centuries, and over Eons, to manifest it all here on Gaia. This is my Truth.”

As we embark on a new dawn, at the precipice of change I ask you, Are you ready to find your Truth? What brings you Joy? What inspires you to create the best day ever?

We can’t sit and just be a bystander any longer. We have to dive in and allow ourselves to experience what we have been born here to live. Our passion and purpose must eclipse the fear of being in pain. Remember, all fear is the anticipation of pain. Trust the process and allow the Divine to take over. The more we learn to feed ourselves from the inside out the more freestanding we become. As you invite the Divine Plan to enfold, ask Spirit to use you.

With all that is changing I want to also add this pearls of wisdom and foresight from one of my favorite astrologers, Lorna Bevan, “In the heart of chaos, in the eye of this perfect storm, there is enormous personal freedom, liberation, power and leverage to be tapped into for the Highest Good! Knowing the Universe always wants more for you than you can ever imagine with your mind. We are in the process of evolving. Each experience brings us up another rung on the ladder. This corridor we are in is a gift. For the next year things are going to continue at this pace. The more we become comfortable being on the roller-coaster the more comfortable we are becoming with change. This tide of energy is continuing to get bigger. It’s unnerving….it’s exciting…you’ve been waiting for the new frequency and now it’s here it’s bigger than you ever imagined. Ask yourself: This month and beyond, there are hugely productive flow energies in an intuitive and creative window. As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have just turned retrograde, intensifying their collective powers of transformation, anticipate a strong activation of Gaia’s core and the unlocking of the next level of the crystalline grid and ancient Earth structures. It’s powerful, illuminating, and transformative – on your own behalf, turn away from watching the old world go up in flames towards resurrecting the Future You.

* focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not working

* recognize what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing

* notice what is opening up when so much is closing down

* look for the grace in the silver lining.”

In closing, I wanted to share what another wise spiritual teacher Maureen Moss wrote about preparing for our New Earth, “As the Pleiadians spoke to me, we come to expand you and assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with you vital vibration. Awakening of The Dove Energies-A state of union of this nature is capable of shifting the balance of the planet and further prepares the prepared to journey to 5D New Earth together through the Diamond Heart of One. Breathless in this months electric/resurrection intensity and at times in shock and awe at the lengths the Universe and our Soul is going to use everything and anyone to purge, expand, build and engage each one of us with Higher and Higher Light Frequencies, building our nervous systems to withstand more Light while magnetically pulling us toward consistent Self-Realization and the expansive Love that we are…I was informed this particular ‘purge and surge’ is also in preparation for what the Pleiadians are calling the Awakening of The Dove energy, slated to activate on April 27.. The Awakening of the Dove energies are those of a returning peaceful, unconditioned state of Love for Gaia and ourselves. Gaia has longed for our Pure Love and peace upon her…rather than many of our often strong desires to leave her when we reached points of great struggle here. I sense it will be an intense day still in spite of its symbology as many of the incoming energies are structured in ways to move us from one reality to another, swiftly. Often we think we Love and think Peace however this month of energy is dispelling more and more of what we think about Love into what we feel and then become. It is important throughout this time (now through mid-May,) to register our mental/emotional risings along with feeling into every frequency available in the moment…pausing…breathing and harmonizing then with The Highest Frequency and anchor it into the Stargate of our Hearts.”

Knowing that the old ways aren’t cutting it anymore, know that you are at a crossroads to change your life. Once you remember who you truly are, miracles just seem to happen. You step into your powerful role as a co-creator with Spirit. When you support yourself by taking just one step forward the universe takes 10 steps towards you. Your vision will become become clear when you look into your heart. Your voice, your passion, your boldness is what the world needs now. There is an awakening for all of our Souls to take the initiative and to lead with wisdom, integrity and grace. When your Soul is on fire with whatever you are passionate about, you possess the most powerful weapon on earth. The Hero’s Journey is not so much about ourselves, but what we can do for one another. Believe in your awesomeness, your infinity and know that as Gandhi said, “That the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others.” Welcome home you are invited to bring your new physicality into Being.”