by Marcy Heller

News Flash: You did not come to planet Earth to just live a mediocre version of life! You did not come here to simply ‘do’ life like everyone else either! Sometimes just a bit better than your neighbor, affording the Tesla instead of a Prius. Getting a home with that special zip code! In other words you came here to dare to be different. That’s why no one ever made a huge difference in this world by being the same as everybody else! According to the teacher Kerri Hummingbird, so many people ask ‘Why is my life so challenging? Why have I experienced so many obstacles and challenges since I arrived here? Why was I placed in the family I was? The answer goes back to the reason you came. You volunteered to help Earth ascend into a higher consciousness that is being ushered in with the Age of Aquarius.” We have come to not make things better. We have come now to make things new! To create and grow into a more conscious evolved being. To birth a new humanity! And we needed the darkness/shadow challenges to show up so we can and would blaze our illuminated Light!

Fast forward. That’s why now that we are in this two week period between eclipses, also known as the Eclipse Gateway, one of the most profound times of the year when there is a bridge between one state of consciousness and the next. According, to brilliant astrologer Lorna Bevan, “Eclipses aka cosmic wild cards are always huge points of growth, awakening and change, so this space in between is a moment of Chairos-time out of time- a flow of transformation and renewal.”

Not only aren’t we in Kansas anymore, at times it seems we aren’t even in the same world where we once felt so comfortably living and breathing. We are not making things better, we are in the Quantum field making things New!

Between the old and the new world, crossing the threshold, not able to go back to the old while awaiting the new to show up, we come to find ourselves at zero point!, a place somewhere over the rainbow where hopefully we’ve released all that no longer serves us, making room for the new world we are in the midst of creating moment-to-moment…treading lightly ready to take the next step forward with more ease and grace.

With all the movements coming from the heavens, astrology is pointing us in a new direction clearly making it possible to set a new intention for the now, now, now future. However, since we never came here to be the same or normal, maybe now things can begin to make a little more sense! Following our creative genius and intuition, we need to keep course-correcting step-by-step to move forward with much more certainty, clarity, authenticity and self-belief then ever before. The very opposite of what normal may have ever meant!

It’s a time to just breathe, go within, and reflect on our own inner guidance, our own innate wisdom and intuitive insight. Now is the time to remember, to thy own self be true. Self-honesty is always essential, but with the influence of Mercury in retrograde, which started last Thursday, (and ends around May 14), we need to be extra careful as everything we broadcast, the things we say and the information we receive affects all of our relationships, decisions, and well-being. It is also interesting the throat chakra is closely linked to Mercury, which is a planet of communication and self-expression!

In Fairy Tales, often a golden ball appeared as a symbol of the inner unity and wholeness we felt at least for a moment as children. The old rule was that everyone had the experience of their deep self, typically felt as something golden within us! We are all being called to reawaken, discover that golden ball, and remember that dream that we had as children. We must go back to our roots and find a common story individually and collectively so we can give birth to a world that we want to live in! To remember what Joy, fun and peace felt and looked like.

In the last year we have never been so challenged, some more than others, and now we are at a crossroad where we have a unique opportunity more than ever to awaken to our deeper self so that we can create a more meaningful and beautiful world. Part of the separation, the division we are all feeling from the world at large is mirroring the split we are feeling inside! (The division between the ego/little self and the deeper/higher self within us!) Consequently, to protect ourselves we have created our own stories. Without feeling the unity, love and compassion that we had all once felt for ourselves and our world!

Now more than ever it is essential to know at this auspicious time that there are infinite possibilities. We are writing new stories…Anything and Everything is possible on this sacred and holy ground we are blessed to walk on. Through health, wealth or relationships everything we encounter, through all our opportunities, sometimes and very often through obstacles, we remember that each aspect of our self is being called into a higher way of being. As these transitions occur and even through the times we descended into the darkness, we come to realize not only the truth of who and what we are, but we also come to love and respect ourselves even more as we ascend back up into the Light. In other words, we have to feel the pain, the shadow/the descent so that we can then celebrate our light as we ascend and find our way back up! What’s more, we realize that as we align with our Divine Self we begin to trust that we are calling from within ourselves whatever we require to live from our sacred and authentic self so that we can better serve ourselves and humanity!

And here is what I know to be most true. No matter what has happened, is happening or will happen, the deck is stacked in our favor so you can keep moving forward creating the best life ever! We were Created so as deliberate creators we could Create!

I Invite you to reclaim and embrace the highest vibration of just how magnificent you are. Know that as you keep affirming that you are Divine not only will it give you the courage to follow your own heart, it will illuminate your path and create a trail of beauty for those whose hearts and souls you will touch as well as affecting the well being of all.

Remember, we are always dreaming our World into Being. The world is the mirror of what we are broadcasting. It reflects back our love and our intention. Align your intention with a higher purpose. See yourself and others as Golden Buddhas. You are a precious gift. Each moment create the most wonderful You. Know you are part of the solution and once you do the universe will always support you. You are here to bring the highest manifestation of all of Humanity. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. You are a living Miracle! Expressing Love and Creation in all you do.

Here’s to the life of your dreams – Know you have a right to claim what you need to live fully functioning, healthy, prosperous and joyous lives. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.”