by Marcy Heller

Congratulations my friends, we have all come so far and have come to know that by changing our internal circumstances we are so much more capable of changing our attitude towards any of our external circumstances. To know that how we think and feel is going to determine our state of being,  not judging, criticizing or abandoning ourselves, we can stay present in our hearts, living in the infinite possibilities of creation, rather then letting emotions or fear dictate our thoughts.

Designing a new landscape for ourselves creates a new compass, a new GPS system to navigate our way home.  By reconstructing our minds we stay present to be a at a higher frequency and connect with a higher source of guidance to respond, rather than react, to any outside influences.  Your small self might see this as an issue. Those old outworn ideas and patterns we thought we sworn off of have somehow cropped up again. But even if your small self doesn’t have an inkling of what’s going on, by becoming so discerning in what you are allowing in, along with doing your practice every day, you’ll have less of a tendency to slip back into the old ways less often. You will awaken more quickly to what is going on and what role you are playing in your own creation.  In the book ‘A Course of Miracles made easy’, to paraphrase the author, Alan Cohen wrote that grand theft identity begins soon after we arrive here on Earth.  Everyone tells us that we are not worthy. That we are inept, insignificant and stupid. Over time we begin to believe these lies until one day when we completely forget our beauty, strength, our truth and innocence.  Eventually we adopt an identity contrary to our Divine nature and then go on to live as someone who are not!

Ultimately you don’t need to go anywhere to find your True North. You carry that space within you.  As the credit card commercial suggests, “Don’t leave home without it.” All outward journeys ultimately lead inward, where real answers live in our hearts. The fool searches in the outer world. The master goes within. The Buddha asked, “If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it?” All the authority you will ever need is planted within your own soul. Look there and nowhere else.  Our home play is to open our heart and hear the whispers of what you already know.  The ultimate guru lives within you. Guru is spelled g-u-r-u, G, You are you!

For many of us who are seeking to make ourselves happier, healthier, wiser and wealthier it has almost become a full-time job. Rather than be happy with the life we have, why then are we inundated with so many things from the outside world that are trying in every-way to seduce us into having more? Why are we continuing to create these scenarios to fill us up and complete us? And, in turn to keep wanting/feeling we are not enough. Wanting has turned into an addiction in our universe. When we come home to ourselves we can then realize that we are enough-created flawlessly and perfectly and that we have everything we need inside of us to feel complete. What’s more is that most of the time it is not what we think that will make us happy but it’s usually the happiness we gained from the wisdom going though whatever that adversity or experience was.

When we remember who we are in that moment we are so much more than any feelings, emotions or thoughts. We don’t allow life to eclipse our magnificence and have complete dominion over ourselves. We are the Miracle Makers!

So just maybe with this new Divine download we can realize that we might be creating all of this on the outside to just become more present to each moment, to learn to have more love and compassion for ourselves from within rather than looking outward. Grace is to know that whatever we are experiencing we have a choice as to how we respond to it. However, if we judge or criticize ourselves we unconsciously abandon ourselves only to project it on the outside when someone does the same thing to us. Everything that is happening today is designed to bring you closer to your greatness. It is time to remember that you are the Blessing. And, if you don’t go within you go without!  As the poet, Mark Nepo writes, “in seeking what is essential we become essential.

Colette Baron Reid in our book, Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility” writes, “You are about to journey far beyond where you have gone before and follow the dictates of your soul instead of the dictates of your fear. If the old ways aren’t working for you anymore, you’ve come to the right place. When you remember who you truly are, magic happens. You step into your role as a co-creator— and I do mean co-creator. If you take just one step toward the gods— toward Spirit— the gods will take 10 steps toward you. Life will get much easier when you take the plunge into the uncharted, unfamiliar places of self-discovery and access the magic there.”

I feel so honored to set out on this magnificent adventure with you week after week. As we join our hearts and minds, turning our collected vision to heaven, we can achieve our deepest desires…and even greater things.  Moreover, when we start to value experiencing more ease and grace it will exceed the value we perceive in feeling the pain and upset from our minds. When our spiritual eyes are wide open we only feel gratitude-we are looking through a different lens.

May you all receive the peace, joy, and well-being you seek, and may you bask in the great love that you so richly deserve now and forever more.