by Marcy Heller

This is one of the most exciting times because a great portal is opening up for us to live new experiences at a higher level of abundance and prosperity than ever before. That being said, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive!

As we dive forth, aligning with the new beginnings inherent in the summer solstice while keeping our vibration high and letting go of what doesn’t serve us, we can give birth to a new personal reality.  The more we stay in the present, whatever we are focusing on will expand and amplify higher and higher, bigger and bigger. In surrendering to life, allowing it to unfold and mingling in that higher vibrational frequency, the more life can give us what we truly desire. The I AM(ness) in us gets to play in the realm of infinite possibilities where we can create more and more magic from the space of infinity.  The time has come – we have worked hard up until now to build the sandbox; now we get to play in it.

As we are discovering happiness is not ready made, it comes from our own choices. It stems from our feelings of self-worth.  Each one of us now has the opportunity to become an Instrument for the Divine to discover the happiness and Divine power inside of us all.  We are creating a new heart-centered consciousness knowing we are worthy of deserving everything!

There is a door waiting for all of us, a true passage of emotional opportunity that we are perfectly capable of sailing through. It is here now.  We must reclaim our goodness as well as our mystical power that many of us up until now had given away. While cultivating the courage and resilience to keep moving forward and mastering our lives.

For myself, mastering my emotions was the key to living a life that I myself can direct. The capacity to have absolute direct power over what I was choosing to feel in each moment—no matter what is or was happening. This one of the most important skill sets I have learned on this journey.

From my work with the Divine I have learned that Creation would be incomplete without each and every one of you.  How do I know that because otherwise, you would not be here. When you begin to embrace this truth, your resistance, your judgements, your fear will vanish like the wounds you created to survive being a human being. We are not here to fear-the fear was planted so we could wake-up to ourselves. Just like worrying, when experienced can be deeply painful physically and mentally it is the energetic momentum that inspires our consciousness to awaken.  According to the Ascended Master, St. Germaine, “You are learning ‘what is’ through ‘what is not.’ This is not the easiest path to wisdom but the one you have chosen in order to effect a permanent healing, thus, achieve your ascension.  According to the Ascended Masters the purpose and intention of each lifetime is to learn to master love, since love is the foundation of all creation. Everything else is the absence of love, And we have been experiencing a lot of this. As we are becoming multidimensional, we are in the process of embracing our true divine nature and our oneness with all that is. We have been preparing for this ever since we came to this planet from other worlds.”

In 2014, Gallup poll revealed that in the United States alone, 42 percent of the people who were asked believe that there’s something more to human origins than is typically acknowledged in the mainstream.  It is so beyond Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The results of this poll reflect a growing sense that we humans are part of something great, powerful, and mysterious. Some of the greatest minds in science agree. According to the research by the renown scientist/teacher Gregg Braden, “When we ask Who are we? The short answer is that we’re not what we’ve been told and we’re more than most of us have ever imagined. To honestly acknowledge these facts opens us to a paradigm that shifts the way we feel about ourselves and view our place in the universe. With this shift, we free ourselves from a paradigm of lonely insignificance and move into one of possessing a rare heritage that we are only beginning to explore.”

Can you awaken to your True Selves and the Divine gifts you have been given for the purpose of being here now, and to use these truths in your everyday lives as we create a new world?  A world where You are the Master and Magician of your own universe. Primarily here to turn base-metal into gold while surrendering to the Miracle of life. The more you become so hooked on that feeling of Love, Power and Worthiness, the more you fall in Love with yourself again and again. You are more apt to live a life worth living.  To be the authentic You. To be free. To be the Love that you are.

My wish is that May all that you are and all that you do ripple out into the world and cause great happiness, joy, love and peace in all who you touch…may all that is Buddha-ful be yours now and forever more…I bow to all of you and THANK YOU for being here.  We are the miracles workers, here to embrace and to keep expecting Miracles. We are all connected to the miraculous and always remember that we are the extension of love itself.  This is our time in history to finally get who you really are and what we are capable of.  All you have to do is direct your thinking to manifest your experience. We create our own reality, our own fate and our own luck! That is how miraculous, how powerful we truly are.  For nothing is more precious nor more profoundly powerful then for us to transform and transcend and to become the evolution of Love itself. And, even though your journey may be silent, invisible and indescribably just know at the end of the day the world is different just because of you being here now.  To know your Light shines so brilliantly simply because of the Miracle of You.  As Ramana Maharshi wrote, “Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.