by Marcy Heller

In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to ascend and evolve to another level of consciousness. A point in history when just like a shake sheds their skin we are called to shed our fear and in that open and sacred space find the courage we desire to live the life we were born to live. For all of us that time is NOW! it’s a time to up-level our hope, faith and trust by living authentically.

We are all becoming more aware of what’s blazing inside ourselves. To not only know but to feel that we are more divine, trustworthy, and powerful than anything or anybody outside of us. Most of all this holy work takes time, practice, and courage to reconnect with our Divine Self. Simply because it takes time and energy to unravel everything we have eclipsed it with.

The best news is that even though it may feel daunting we are fully hard-wired for this ascension since our Souls are our most natural Way of Being. As the song from the King and I goes ‘Getting to Know You’, has become our new mantra. We are so worth getting to know who we are while uncovering and letting go of the many layers of who we are not!

Our new practice of getting to know ourselves is simple; however, it is not easy. For instance as we get up in the morning we may be torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. Simply because as we become more tethered to who we are we are more comfortable with letting everything out that doesn’t serve us. As it all unravels we can be free and it can be a new and wonderous path on which to travel. It’s also knowing that being whole does not mean perfection. What it stands for is knowing that embracing our brokenness and wounded self as an integral part of life. For without knowing and feeling that darkness/shadow nothing can be born. Carl Jung describes this paradigm shift in understanding the spiritual path, “Rather than climbing up a ladder seeking perfection, we are unfolding into wholeness. We are not trying to transcend or vanquish the difficult energies that we consider wrong—the fear, shame, jealousy, anger. This only creates a shadow that fuels our sense of deficiency. Rather, we are learning to turn around and embrace life in all its realness—broken, messy, vivid, alive.”

All of the great masters lived and loved in spite of their woundedness. As we may not always like that shadow part of us, we are here to love it, embrace it and discover ways to heal and experience the true gifts they bring to us. Moreover, we discover through our suffering, the Love we truly are.

Albert Schweitzer wrote “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” To serve is one of the greatest accomplishments we can do for our soul-filled work. Moreover, it is very difficult to be full of yourself if you’re fully yourself. By giving we receive. The invisible becomes the visible. Our work becomes transparent for the world to see.

Many of us have never really been able to grasp or down-load the real reason for our being here. Doing this holy work not only is transcending it transforms us so as we heal so is the collective consciousness thus changing the planet at large. In other words our Soul Work is our responsibility and its time for us to respond with ability. It’s time to become fully engaged with who we are and how we as empaths and way-showers can become even more active doing our work. What’s more as we become more comfortable with listening to the guidance from our Soul’s path, not only do we start to value our imperfections we honor ourselves and others more. We become more flexible with the unknown and celebrate the messiness of all that we have experienced. We become more of who we are and thus we find the courage to speak and live our truth no matter what the consequences. We are no longer willing to eclipse ourselves for the sake of being loved, appreciated or recognized. As we give birth to our authentic selves everything outside of us changes. And, just like the adage as above so below, when we change we way we look at things the way things look changes! From my own experience nothing can come close to finding our way back to ourselves again! The beautiful teacher, Sera Beak declared, “Feeling broken or like we are missing a piece of ourselves is a common human experience. In fact, Soul loss is an epidemic. But if you’re reading these words, it means you’re ready to do something about it. In other words: It’s time to recollect yourself.”

Andrew Martin also chimes in and says it beautifully, “The soul is here simply for the joy of experiencing. The soul has chosen the journey of itself as you through which to know itself. It communicates through vibration, energy, and light. The inner nudge of the soul isn’t prompting you onward for the promise of a payoff. It’s prompting you to begin showing up consciously in your journey. The prompts don’t go anywhere until you awaken. They keep showing up in unique and unexpected ways until you finally rise to the occasion. Then, once you have risen to meet your self, the level of awareness rises again as the journey continues. It is the infinite chorus that sings through us all. The journey is the whole point. It’s what puts the payoff in context. Without the journey, the payoff is just a meaningless trophy in a case that sits collecting dust. The moment the payoff has been received, the mind discards it in pursuit of the next achievement and on it goes. The discovery about who you are through your journey is what makes the payoff valuable. It’s an infinite spiral up the ladder of consciousness. The journey is the reason. The concepts of winning, losing, success, and failure are meaningless to the soul. The soul knows it has succeeded just by showing up.”

Once we get in touch with our soul all those parts of ourselves that we have forsaken come up and we begin to love ourselves. In each moment that we change our perception and forgive ourselves for even thinking that we were less than love, shift happens! It turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

We are all on a mission. Know that you are the One you are waiting for. Get excited! Know you are being lived through your passion. For many of us we feel no one has ever met us or can fully sense us. Start to feel how you can go deeper within yourself and meet who you are. Feel what your heart is yearning to express. Go deeper, become ravished with who You are and who you are becoming. Practice compassion with everyone, your own fears and those of others. Even when it is tough to do, begin letting go a little bit into the endless opening of love for yourself.

Start trusting your heart and open to all things. Feel the joy of what you want to live most as a gift to the world today and do what you can to share it with others. As we all act in new and different ways we are changing the world. True wealth doesn’t live in the wallet, it lives in the heart. Every moment waiting is a moment not living your purpose and each moment taking your clarity of purpose away dulls our Souls. You may feel there is so much more that can be showing up in your life now. You may be more loving than your relationships allow, more brilliant than your career suggests, more outgoing than those in your elite circle. Become the spiritual gangster. Discover in the deepest part of you resides the most infinite, glorious, unlimited being. In your secret heart of hearts you are endless, infinite, more loving and more brilliant then you could ever imagine. Now take that feeling and make it a memory you can never forget and share it with the world. You have been dreamed into this world. So much love to you all at this Profound time, when everything is possible. I love you madly. Have a gorgeous week.