This is the most amazing time to start a new You. These times have brought so many sudden changes, shocks and challenges as well as so many opportunities for doing things differently that we are beginning to believe our fate of being the Masters of our Universe and to finally accept that we are truly magnificent beings of power, intelligence and love. Everything we do as we co-create our new world is based on our intention and worthiness to receive. Change your thinking, and you change your world!

My wish for you is to know you deserve everything and to take advantage of this fertile ground by making incredible and radical changes for your pursuit of happiness knowing you are the manager of your own thoughts. Moreover, when you realize this truth, your world is transformed, your vibration will raise and rewards will come after you take that leap of faith and start to trust. Once you engage and align with that truth using that most powerful force within you, the universe and all the planets line up to support you.

The biggest question you may ask is ‘How do we develop a heart full of love and faith when all around us we see so much pain’? In the book, The Heart Notes, the author Stewart Pearce sums it up, “The answer is Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, in evidence not yet seen. It is the very inner fabric of the Soul, for Faith has the inherent means to help us surrender to Divine will. It is difficult to have faith in a world that is moving so fast. But if we see faith as the rudder that steers our ship through the times that are changing, then we move into the flow of the universe. We give ourselves permission to become the master/mistress of our destiny. We develop brave creativity and muscled spiritual expansiveness. For it is not what we ‘do’ with our faith that is significant, but what we are ‘becoming’. It is the visionary healing that allows us to see that the being we were before is no longer, because we have literally died to our former selves. In consequence we move forward healed, refreshed, made new for the next vision, and we sense our heart is alive with a new beat, beating with the pulse of the infinite holy instant.”

We are creating a new game plan for honoring ourselves in new and different ways while discovering new skills in responding emotionally, mentally and physically. Most importantly to change the habit of not reacting to what our mental body is doing in reaction to any thought, feeling or sensation we are not comfortable with.

One of the greatest secrets to staying in balance in these emotionally challenging times is something you’ve done hundreds of times and never realized its power. Sheva Carr of HeartMath shared this wonderful exercise. How many times have you answered the phone to only find a solicitor trying to sell you something? And, possibly like myself you have in your more patient times thanked them for calling after telling them you just weren’t interested. Well, we can apply that same principal when you find you are judging, criticizing or just plain bullying yourself. “Thank you; but, I AM just not that interested!” Try it – it works! And you can keep repeating that to yourself with any thought that is not bringing more love or more light into that moment.

So how would any emotion less than love like fear clear out of our cells without us experiencing it on its way out? Just like a glass being cleaned in the sink it doesn’t know that the cleaning process isn’t raising its vibration for the next use. We too do not know what gifts await us on the other end once we embrace the thought instead of resisting or judging it. It is up to us to not keep interrupting what is going on with judgments of good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. It is up to us to not project into the future or pass any assignment of blame. The healthiest response is to meet with whatever comes up with curiosity rather than an indictment of what we think is wrong.

In these incredible times our bodies are going through complete rewiring as we ascend to a newer dimension and anything goes! When we stop the process with our judgments, criticisms and projections we change the whole energy field into something less than love. It’s the equivalent to having the signal lights on our dashboard taken out. Those emotions, however how uncomfortable the sensation, are only trying to tell us to take a deeper look and see what the message is trying to tell us so we can discover the Divine Love that wants to come to the surface to be loved.

To all of you who are traveling this path and taking the road less traveled, I believe we have walked this path together before only to return now to ascend to a higher vibration. Looking around and seeing the depth of spirit uplifting humanity and sharing their brilliant light with the planet, I feel so privileged to be part of this evolution.

By staying in your hearts and by being your beautiful selves you are making it easier for all of us to ascend and be lifted up. Thank you for being a catalyst and container for peace, love and beauty. Each of you is part of the whole and so needed. As Archangel Michael decrees, “Beloveds, shine your light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way! You are Loved.” I love you madly. Have a gorgeous week.