How many of you are ready to change this endless cycle of living almost the same day over and over again? Moment by moment, breath by breath you long to move beyond the stories and expectations; to change the script, discard the old lack and limitations.

It’s time to dig deeper and discover from your own inner source the wonderful and powerful you. Moreover, you don’t have to stop doing anything you’re already doing. You already are everything. You already are a magnificent spiritual being whole and complete simply because you are Spirit. I believe more than ever that within us all there’s a fire burning, urging us to move beyond the external definitions and limitations of who and what we thought and to take that leap forward as the Master Creator, Director and Producer of our life.
At the end of every seeker’s journey is the realization that what they’ve been seeking has been within them all along. Neo unplugged from the Matrix to learn he had always been The One. Dorothy traveled to Oz only to be told she’d had the power to snap her shoes and go home the whole time. What’s more when you know without a doubt you are all there to begin with is becomes self-evident you have always been the one you were searching for!

We are all on our own hero’s journey. Every thought is a choice to choose either a grievance or a miracle. To triumph over negativity, know that a miracle is just a change in perceptive. It is transforming energy. Moreover, for us to keep the flow going in our lives it is essential that we know what energies we are holding on to. In order to allow anything new to manifest we must first let go of the old relic/pattern/habit we are holding onto. In the book of Truth, a channeled text, the Guides write, “The Moment you decide that something can change, you have shifted the frequency of the thing. The moment that thing is shifted, it can be lifted in higher resonance to be manifested as changed. Once you decide to move beyond the known, to something new, change is possible. The potent nature of such ongoing transformation makes you stronger, brighter and more resilient, which in turn acts to illuminate the world.”

For most of us we cannot see our own shining brilliant Light. Our life on Planet Earth is all about the journey and not so much the details or the goal. We are here to remember who we truly are and then to share that with others. The hero’s journey is a crucial part of our becoming conscious of who we truly are. We create all the people, things and experiences to become our true selves. Thus becoming aware of our own truth is only the beginning. The real story is coming home to ourselves, embracing our truths and living authentically. How we show up moment by moment changes our world. And it changes profoundly! A true hero understands that and makes a difference.

We’ve all felt this potential for a thriving life, being in dynamic relationships that keep us moving and not stuck in the old patterns that aren’t necessarily good but are just familiar. What’s more, even though at times it is a stretch to be on this journey, when we can align with something greater than just ourselves it gives great meaning to our existing experience.

Creating new habits and new pathways through our ability to change our genes through epigenetics we get to rewrite our story in order to learn to live from the future and not from our past. Thanks to the work of brilliant teachers like Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton the new science provides individuals with the power to take back control of their lives and to change our DNA. Moreover, by living from our intentions rather than our past programming we get to bring forth our gifts into the world.

This was the expression of The Divine Intent from the beginning of time to heal our wounded Self. Now from all there is and ever was we are here to experience this shift of unconditional Love for ourselves and for others. It’s no longer just about me; it’s about everything and everyone! It is evolution itself!

Today, as you open to that Divine Love within you, notice how it is flowing through you – descending beyond you and raising your vibration to the higher mind.

Remember, you are the Universe in person, the master of two worlds eclipsing the illusion of separateness transcending the ordinary world of space and time. You are the essence of inner strength, passionate for the possible, giving birth to your creative genius – This is the world that I AM. And that all I AM seeing is in Me!

I want you to know that the deck is stacked in your favor so you can keep creating the best life ever! I Invite you to reclaim and embrace the highest vibration of just how magnificent you are. To feel how brightly you shine. In doing so, I promise you will experience more abundance, health, wealth, joy, connection, inspiration, bliss, passion and fulfillment than ever before. Know as you keep affirming that you are Divine not only will it give you the courage to follow your own heart it will illuminate your path and create a trail of beauty for those whose hearts you will touch as well as affecting the well being of all.

Take some precious time this week and reflect on your journey – where you are, where you’ve been, what Spirit is gently whispering in your ears and what is waking up in your heart so you can be the Best you can be and go all the way. There is strength in numbers and You are SO WORTH IT! Have a gorgeous week. I love you madly.